Electra Jung: New Moon in Sagittarius

Today we have a guest blog post from my friend, the lovely Electra Jung. Even though we’re a couple days past the New Moon, the energies linger, and we’ve got all sorts of evolutionary steps in progress. I’ll let Electra contextualize things from an astrological perspective:

Electra Jung: New Moon in Sagittarius

A New Moon in Sagittarius is a time of optimism, adventure and the growing belief that everything is happening for a higher purpose.

This Sagittarian Moon indicates new beginnings of self-discovery with an emphasis on cultivating mental and spiritual growth.

As we get to know ourselves as souls, we begin to let go of the self-consciousness of the ego. This Sagittarian journey begins when the wandering “gypsy” becomes the “student “who then becomes the “teacher” leading the direction towards becoming the “spiritual master”.

It’s time to regain your inner faith and confidence as your home life and close relationships demand attention. Relationships right now are the backdrop of our evolutionary changes. There is an intensification in relationships which is directing people to do and create the changes they need to. This lunation provides the dynamic understanding of us through direct experience with life, our motivations, cultural interests and social and environmental connections.

Hibernation leads to self- reflection and reclusive tendencies…yet getting out, traveling, participation with social activists, and general learning and developing an identity through personal experience. This purpose is to make us face ourselves and evolve into higher levels of consciousness. Life continually evolves. We’re always moving into new experiences, which then lead to new possibilities.

The idea here is to bring expansion into every area of life…most critically into your personal sense of self-awareness…who you are, what you know and the knowledge you have gained through a lifetime of experience you now can share with others. Look closely at what you have chosen for yourself. Every experience leads to greater understanding, greater love and a greater fulfillment of destiny at hand.

“Choice is destiny’s soul mate.”
– Sarah Ban Breathnach

Observe where you are and what it took to get here. It’s time to lay the groundwork for the changes that create a turning point. Explore and discover a new belief system, a revised philosophy and world view as the way we have given meaning and purpose to our life no longer works.

Many of you been experiencing life-changing events and radical change in how you live your daily life. The coming weeks provide opportunities to create personal growth rather than disruptive change. This is a time for exploring and discovering and learning something new.

Be prepared for continuing earth-changes as we all have been informed, we have all read about the “end-times” and other apocalyptic events to come. In fact these changes have been occurring for years with increasing intensity. You already are Aware of the coming transition of your energetic frequency…as the earth shifts and transforms we know the same is occurring within our bodies…allow your mind, your heart and your integrity of truth and right-action be your guide.

Solar flares are increasing in intensity, tectonic plates are shifting, earthquakes (USGS.com) are larger are more powerful across the planet setting off volcanoes waiting to blow, and we live in our own consumer waste through addiction to fossil fuels and chemical conditions.

The true lesson is spiritual awakening and awareness that through life’s struggles you can overcome and will awaken at some point regardless of your circumstances. This Sagittarius New Moon is “the awakening” of our minds and consciousness to see our current reality and continue its “dissolution” as new ways of Being are set in motion.

Always Loving Life,
(928) 451-1809


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