Finding Love While the Skeletons Dance — Mark Borax

Finding Love While the Skeletons Dance by Mark Borax

Tonight’s New Moon at 5:08 Eastern Time and Total Eclipse of the Sun will only be visible from Australia and the South Pacific, but it still affects the rest of us even if we can’t see it. The 22nd degree of Scorpio, where the New Moon falls, is about life testing your truth to see what it’s made of. Those of you who have been following my monthly Cosmic Weather Reports know that this theme of rigorous testing is very much up for our species on every level possible, and that Scorpio, at bottom, carries the purest and truest love of all. To get to a love that strong you gotta wade through the bullshit of our time as well as your own delusions, until something unusual like an eclipse whams open a tunnel through the gunk and lets light in from the other side.

When the Scorpio Moon blots out the Scorpio Sun tonight, anything is likely to happen because eclipses are the Jokers in the deck, the wild cards that contradict the normal movements of the planets. They punch a hole in normalcy that lets evolutionary currents surge in, which means we have to find love while the skeletons dance. Just when so many things change, so many structures crumble, so many formerly secure relationships end, comes a moment where you stop and turn and realize that the limitations of the life you’ve been living created this inevitable outcome, where every loss gives you the chance to practice dancing and dying so that you can come back again, even while you’re still here!

Who Are You Really? What Are You Here For?

How Much Longer Are You Going To Wait?

Mark Borax is a Soul Level Astrologer and bestselling author who lives in Vermont and writes the monthly Cosmic Weather Report email newsletter. He offers personal readings over the telephone and classes that catalyze individual evolution. Link to original article.

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