The Great Clearing

Just a quick acknowledgment from a personal, professional and intuitive perspective: Saturn the taskmaster in Scorpio is clearing house. Anything deep, dark, hidden, karmic and/or rejected is returning amplified and highlighted for re-evaluation. Long murky situations are becoming clear for people; long-overdue decisions are being made and actions taken; and life appears to be moving along a much stronger, clearer trajectory for those people committed to their own awakening and truth. “Power to, not power over” pushes behind the scenes, strengthening those many people who have, until now, felt too afraid to leave familiar patterns of denial.

With denial rapidly leaving the table of options, some ugly realizations have shown themselves. For some of us intuitives, who’ve sensed or seen the ugliness for years, such confirmations arrive as a bittersweet relief. No one wants to know that their worst impressions or suspicions have merit — whether personally or collectively — but The Great Clearing demands this initial spotlight in order to remove any traces of that which no longer serves. As a species, humanity has begun to reclaim both its inherent goodness and its power. For anyone experiencing the sometimes rocky road of reclamation: you’re in transition. Things are getting better and will continue to improve the more you allow yourself to receive help and support for the tasks at hand. The Universe and all of heaven support your quest for deep healing and unconditional love.

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” ~Buddha

You carry the spark and imprint of the Divine within you.


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  2. read this on “shift”….resonates perfectly with me Laura.



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