September Specials: Five Days Left

Only five days left for these specials:


Faeries’ Oracle Card Readings
$55.55/half hour or $111/hour

Using Brian Froud’s The Faeries’ Oracle Cards as a springboard, we will delve into the wilder, freer, whimsical and mysterious elements wanting to reveal themselves in your life right now and in the near future. I love this deck, and, contrary to Disney and the sanitized Grimm tales, the Faery Realm encompasses far more than Tinker Bell. Faery Wisdom helps us laugh at ourselves so that we can discard old limitations and worn out beliefs. It also encourages us “get real, real fast.” A quiet, yet powerful knowing arises from interactions with the fae, and these readings will involve not only the oracle cards and their interpretations, but also whatever wisdom wants to come through me in response to the selected cards and presenting energies.

45- Minute Couple’s Past Life Readings

I offered a similar special awhile back, and it feels like a good time to offer support for couples trying to navigate the intense and sometimes surprising energies of the third Third of 2012. Karmic balancing has ramped up on this planet as things in need of clearing rear their heads for attention. Finding a bigger context for bizarre outbursts, sudden longings or separations, or even just support for a strong couple on their joint journey, can ensure maximum growth, clarity and harmony during this key time.

September Specials valid if paid on or before 9/30/12. Phone or IM sessions can be scheduled afterwards, but in person sessions must be completed by September 30 due to our move.

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