Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives

From now until September 22, you can watch the full length movie, Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of our Lives, for free on their website. Click here to find out what the top research and FDA scientists are saying about genetically modified foods and why Prop 37 to label GMO’s is so important to human evolution. Most people have no idea what they’re eating these days, but, according to scientists and doctors, what you don’t know about your food may, in fact, be causing everything from inflammation to gut disorders, diabetes, endocrine dysfunction and a host of other newish ills.

Despite the shocking info, this movie offers tremendous hope. According to John Robbins, Best-selling author of Diet for a New America and Food Revolution, it “shines a bright light of hope that we can reclaim our health and our food systems.” When people realize what’s happening to our food supply, more and more people will demand food sovereignty. Backyard organic gardens, local and state bans against GMO’s, supporting local organic farmers, wild food foraging: all of these things help. Please share Genetic Roulette with people who “don’t buy into that whole organic scam.” With scientists instead of tree huggers giving the info, perhaps we’ll reach critical mass for securing the real food, right now.

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  1. Hello lovely Laura,
    How are you ?
    Just tweeted this post. Sent it to friends…
    Thank You so much for sharing.
    Much Love,



    • Hi Caro,
      Thanks for the tweets. Much love to you and a very belated Happy Birthday! So sorry … just catching up with blog posts and I see that I missed yours awhile back. I hope it was a lovely one!



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