Making Peace

Have you noticed that as life gets better and better, sometimes those improved conditions highlight just how bad things used to be? Once we feel strong enough and joyful enough to look at the dark and dirty, sometimes we discover that the old dysfunction, oppression and control had grown systemic.

We realize: “Wait a minute! That wasn’t my ‘stuff,’ no matter how much the other person/society projected, manipulated and insisted it was. The dynamic was FUBAR and my recognizing that fact didn’t make me ‘negative,’ ‘crazy’ or ‘selfish.’ It made me honest. Walking away took strength and courage. Walking away allowed me to build what I always suspected could be had for the asking — with love.”

Sometimes such realizations produce outrage and a desire to explode. And sometimes those explosions turn into giggles as we remember just how amazing life continues to become. As we watch toxic personal relationships and collective illusions crumble, do we get stuck on what was? Or can we use that contrast to recognize with gratitude even the little things that most people take for granted? Can we thank the contrast for its ultimate effect of revealing what spectacular and loving lives we now live?

Good reminders today from Abraham — on a personal and collective level:

“We encourage you to make peace with everyone who opposes you and with everyone whom you oppose, not only because you cannot insist on their yielding to your perspective but because their opposing perspective is of tremendous benefit to you.

“You see, because of your exposure to what you perceive as their wrong or bad or unwanted behavior or perspective — you have given birth to an improved situation. And just as they helped the problem side of the equation to come into focus, they helped the solution side of the equation to come into focus, also; and that solution waits for you in your Vortex of Creation.

“Through our daily meditation process, you will come into alignment with those solutions and creations that are in your Vortex, and from inside your Vortex, you will feel appreciation for everyone who contributed to its becoming.

“When you make peace with those who differ in desire and belief and behavior from your ideas of what is appropriate, you do not perpetuate what you consider to be wrong. Instead, you align with the solution side of the equation that has been waiting for you in your Vortex of Creation.”

— Abraham

Excerpted from the Getting into the Vortex Guided Meditation CD and User Guide # 560

Our Love,
Esther (and Abraham and Jerry)

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