More from Dr. Bruce Lipton

The following interview with Lisa Harrison and Dr. Bruce Lipton has been making its way around the blogosphere. In light of last week’s posting of Dr. Bruce talking about how we can heal ourselves, I thought I’d share this expanded talk that covers DNA activation, the placebo and “no-cebo” effects, how and why people’s health historically has improved whenever they lost access to traditional medical care and BigPharma drugs, Human Evolution, 2012 and lots more.

He does make some very strong points regarding the profit-ization of medical care and how it will “never” work as long as we have that model. My own sense is that we’ve lost our way by placing profits above care and giving incentives to treat but not heal. (Chronically ill customers are repeat customers.) In a world that values healing then an appropriate energy exchange makes sense. The exchange for healing would be higher than the exchange for tolerable states of disability. It’s just that in our current world, doctors get bribed by BigPharma to prescribe, prescribe, prescribe willy nilly without regard to destructive side effects, and medical research about the mind’s involvement in the healing process is either barely taught or suppressed. Medical schools can lose their funding if they don’t teach the BigPharma profit agenda, and doctors risk losing their license if they deviate from the standards prescribed by BigPharma and the bought off medical boards.

IMHO, it remains more a question of who profits rather than profits as the main issue. In a world in which everyone feels well and able to thrive, we all profit. That fact may show itself as more money, more time, more energy, better inventions, a more involved society, and a return to nature and personal health sovereignty. We can be that change now, and simply sidestep the profit question. If demand goes away, then the business model will change, too. “They” can try all they want to keep people sick and dependent, but it simply will not work any longer. Entities like BigPharma and BigAg can evolve or die, too.

In any case, I hope you enjoy this interview! He raises some fascinating points and underscores so many of the concepts I’ve intuitively taught people for 11 years as a Medical Intuitive.

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  1. Neat-o



  2. Amaaaaazing! He put words to the amorphous hope I have been feeling. TY Laura-ji. xox



  3. You are a community of 50 trillion cells. What a great reminder!



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