Feel Inside (And Stuff Like That)

After yesterday’s scientific videos, today’s selection is more for fun. Flight of the Conchords interviewed school children for ideas about how to write a song to raise money for sick kids. They then combined exact quotes and ideas from the children into this exuberantly goofy song that tugs on your heartstrings and really makes a lot more sense than most of ye olde 3Dality. 😉

David and I have been having so much fun with this song all day that I thought I’d share. Guaranteed to make you smile at least once and have your heart giggling by the end!

Interviews followed by the song:

Feel Inside (And Stuff Like That) — Song Only:

“Please help to raise money for CureKids by purchasing this song from:


Jemaine and Bret were asked to write a charity song for Red Nose Day NZ 2012 in aid of CureKids – a charity that funds medical research into life-threatening childhood illnesses.
The lyrics incorporate interviews with school kids that were recorded before they wrote the track.
The song, produced by the legendary Printz Board, was recorded at Roundhead Studios in Auckland, New Zealand and features numerous New Zealand artists.”

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  1. :)! love and stuff !



  2. 🙂 yay!!!



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