You Can Heal Yourself: The Biology of Belief

Thanks, Caro!

Dr. Wayne Dyer & Dr. Bruce Lipton offer a fascinating and empowering discussion of the Biology of Belief and how perception alters environment and biology. Metaphysicians have long known this, but now science supports the claim: you can heal yourself.

“Your body has these reserve cells and … they will repair or replace anything that your attention is focused on. … You’re not limited by your genes. You’re limited, if anything, by your perception and your belief about the world that you live in because that’s the information that’s going in and affecting the genes.” ~Bruce Lipton

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    (Lucas : The remembering we have the power of manifesting and also healing ourselves is what people need to awake to also)



  2. […] with Lisa Harrison and Dr. Bruce Lipton has been making its way around the blogosphere. In light of last week’s posting of Dr. Bruce talking about how we can heal ourselves, I thought I’d share this expanded talk […]



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