Edible City

This video is excellent! It articulates and demonstrates very clearly how and why sustainable, organic, community gardening and activism can (and must) combine in order to solve our biggest challenges today. Like the Greening the Bronx videos I posted awhile back, “Edible City” gets up close and personal with real people making real changes. The film also profiles cities like Oakland and San Francisco where access to healthy and affordable real food has become a social justice issue. In the US and around the world today, with the media fear-mongering about an imminent food crisis, little pockets of positive change are already bubbling to the surface. Cuba provides another model of possibility and hope, as this country re-learned how to garden without oil and industrial farming.

We can do this! We are doing this. One person and another person and another community … it’s happening! This video made me cry, but in a good way. 🙂

One word of warning to any vegans and/or big rabbit lovers, you might want to look somewhere other than the screen from minutes 47:00 to 48:30. Although the sentiment he shares asks the right questions, the visuals are appropriately disturbing. (Actually, I only know this second hand, as I personally opted not to watch that part either. He asks sensitive and soul searching questions, but for vegans or bunny lovers, you’ll want to skip that part.) I debated not posting the video due to that segment, but it’s real, relevant, and the rest of the film is too important not to post.

Edible City is a 60 minute documentary film about the growing Good Food Movement.

More at www.ediblecity.net

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