Curious Non-Attachment

A lot of energies and possibilities are trying to assert themselves today and in the very near future. Some of those energies and possibilities may appear quite shocking if you have not prepared yourself to redirect your focus and elevate your vibration. There are so many agendas jostling for control right now that your best security remains — as always — affirming and knowing that you are always in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.

I pulled three tarot cards and a Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Card today, specifically asking about the apparent disconnect between my own fabulously optimistic feelings and some of the news seeping through my various (3D and intuitive) pipelines. Those cards also confirmed what I’ve been feeling: life as we know it may get very strange very soon, and how that affects us depends on how we respond. We can use these opportunities — and I don’t know which ones will play out — in order to strengthen our own commitment to the glorious unfolding our of own lives and vision for a more positive world. Not all is as it appears. Not all “destruction” is “bad.” The energies are so potent right now that our individual response and interpretations hold much more influence over programming what comes next. The exact same scenarios can release freedom or oppression, depending on how we choose to expand or limit ourselves.

The tarot cards I pulled about the world’s energies and how these affect me were: Ace of Swords, Queen of Pentacles and Five of Wands. I did this as a personal reading, but the answer applies to all of us.

In the Robin Wood deck, the Five of Wands shows five men jousting wands with each other in the rough form of a five-pointed star. Although this card looks intense, no one actually makes contact with another human being, so the card shows conflicting energies but no physical harm. Traditionally, the five-pointed star stands for excellence, so this lopsided, battling star offers a chance and the challenge to rise above mediocrity. It doesn’t guarantee success, but it reminds us to let others have their own drama without needing to jump into the melee. Sending harmonizing energy to the apparent chaos may well result in a higher order and perfection.

The Queen of Pentacles sits serene and surrounded by natural abundance. Rabbits, flowers, fruit: this stately queen dressed in a green gown has it all. She holds a pentacle in her lap, representing security, survival, prosperity and all positive aspects of the Earth element. In my reading, this card juxtaposes the battling Five of Wands, but the Queen of Pentacles has turned her back to the fighting. Instead of fixating on the drama, she ponders the pentacle in her lap and faces the Ace of Swords.

In tarot, the Swords suit represents Air and the mental realm — our thoughts. The Aces of tarot hold the essence of their suits, so the Ace of Swords embodies the essence of thoughts and mental focus. In the Robin Wood deck, the Ace of Swords has victory garlands and slices triumphantly through the clouds. In this reading, the Ace of Swords offers the Queen of Pentacles a more positive and integrated focus than the Five of Wands. She could choose either, but she faces the Ace of Swords. In the same way, each of us can choose to focus on the chaos, fighting and drama that may or may not continue to erupt around us. Or … we can remind ourselves of our own, inner security (Pentacles) and hone our mental vision of what we’d love to manifest.

The combination of the essence of thought (Ace of Swords) with the sovereign woman of manifested form (Queen of Pentacles) brings potent reminders of how we imagine our individual realities into being. The best hope for that Five of Wands to turn into a symbol of excellence comes not from worrying about and engaging the drama, but from using the energy of that card as fuel for Ace of Swords-like focus. Wands are passion (Fire) and the spiritual realm, and 5’s indicate change. Harness your passion for a shift towards excellence, focus your mind and know that all the security you’ll ever need rests in the palm of your hand or surrounds you in Nature. From this place of serene balance and positive focus, those jousting passions can more easily settle into the form of harmonious excellence.

From the Wisdom of Avalon Oracle deck, today I drew the Dragon card, symbolizing “power, strength.” Deck creator, Colette Baron-Reid provides this interpretation in her accompanying book:

“The dragon comes to offer you its power and strength, to protect and fortify you on this leg of your journey. The Dragon symbolizes true power and reminds you that this infinite source is not found in your personality or ego.

“True power resides deep within your soul. So call on the Dragon’s spiritual power and strength, and you will find a vast resource to strengthen your resolve…through morality, integrity and purpose. If you’re struggling with these issues, the Dragon will restore them to you. Remember that the power of the spiritual world can never be broken, and true strength is found within — not in the outside world. Never mistake a gentle man for a weak one.

“Watch for a signal — the dragon always makes the next step clear, and it gives you the power to take it.”

In summary, use your intuition, focus and imagination to pay attention to and create those things you’d like. If the outside world erupts into chaos, remember your connection to unseen support and inner strength. Re-affirm, “I am always in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.” Observe so-called “facts” with curious non-attachment. Security is a state of mind, not a bank account balance or political stability. Your potential for magic is high right now. Find ways to enhance your inner sovereignty so that you can create from a positive and loving place.

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  2. Posted by Barbara on August 19, 2012 at 11:07 pm

    Hi Laura:

    Excellent take on the energies out there, thanks. I’m thinking that the timelines are bleeding through each other now and as Sun’s energy affects them all, whether there are two or more timelines, and I’m only sure of two, they become stronger each in their own way. Seems to be that one is positive, the other not so much. So, what to do? Yes, responding by affirming that we are always in the right place at the right time is good, but how about no response at all? My feeling is that in the next few weeks, the timelines (frequencies) are going to snap apart and in it will become very obvious just what being in the right place at the right time is all about. So for now I’m cocooned and to be really up-front here, I have absolutely no idea whether I’ll be a butterfly or not, but I’m tuned for the signal, that final huge push of love/light that sets us free. Birthing this baby has been one long haul of labouring in love for sure! Love to you, and thanks for all you do, B.

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  3. Well, if you have already made your decision and you’re feeling positive about your choice, then no response is certainly a valid response. 😉 This post was more for people who find themselves doubting their positive feelings because of all the news or aggressive negatives jostling around there. For some people, just reaffirming their intention helps to ensure they don’t get knocked off path. Love and Blessings! Laura


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