Bill Ballard ~ Multiple Realities of 3D 4D and 5D All Here & Being Lived in the Now

Below I’m sharing a video of my friend, Bill Ballard, talking about something I’m seeing a lot of these days: namely, that people are concurrently inhabiting vastly different realities. Some people shift in and out of different realities; others find that people they used to relate to suddenly seem light years and quantum leaps away.

The Universe continues to sort itself as options rise to consciousness. The old paradigm of default denial no longer works. Everyone gets a choice here, and I see some clients, friends and family members rapidly discarding old beliefs and embracing an expansive New, while others choose this moment to dig their heels into the quicksand of old structures and old thinking. If we can observe this display with curious non-attachment to others’ outcomes, then we will find this time joyful, fun and freeing. If we allow ourselves to get dragged into others’ drama or judgments, we risk yanking ourselves into a reality we’d rather avoid.

Instant manifestation becomes increasingly “instant” for those who’ve allowed themselves to begin their awakening and Ascension. This activation brings with it responsibility to discipline ourselves in what we allow ourselves to imagine. During sessions and client updates, I’m seeing lots of instantaneous “cures” of previously long-term, non-budging illnesses, injuries and/or situations. I’ve also noticed that when someone calls me for a Medical Intuitive session and I sense an energy blockage, they have much less “time” to shift those energies before something major hits the physical reality. Dis-ease moves from an energetic disconnection into cancer or a life-threatening accident very, very quickly these days. I encourage everyone to surround yourself with healing emerald green light the moment you even *think* you might have some kind of illness. White light works for general protection. Your imagination and your body have both become much more powerful this year. You can use that to your great advantage or disadvantage. You decide.

As always, working with angels, faeries, Reiki, prayer and positive imagining works wonders. Watch your words; pay attention to how you program your reality. And don’t forget to have fun! As the Hopi say, “This could be a good time.”

Here’s Bill sharing his thoughts on the latest twists and turns of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride:

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  1. Posted by D.D. on August 16, 2012 at 4:21 am

    I used to read his blog, but he lost me with the videos…a little manic and angry with the comments that challenged him……who cares what other people think? Why is that always the focus?? I am weary of “enlightened” people using “us” and “them” terms. Humans are NOT that special; animals, well, that is another story, now THEY are enlightened beings…I keep reading more and more and it seems everyone is MK Ultra, including the spiritual community…I trust my own instinct at this point, and my radar is way up with many I had quoted and found solace in…too many military parents…twins….nothing is as it seems….really enjoy your blogs as always Laura..



    • Posted by laurabruno on August 16, 2012 at 1:40 pm

      I agree, the animals are really special, and we owe a lot to them. Humanity is pretty much like a parasite on Mother Earth and needs to get its act together. I also agree that the “us” and “them” paradigm is one of the things that has got to go, but in the meantime, there do seem to be different trends happening. Some people really are blossoming, awakening intuition in major ways, suddenly feeling really connected to the planet and recognizing that we do not own the Earth. Others really do seem to be clinging to Business as Usual, even if it’s clear (to some) that Business as Usual is about to fall over a cliff.

      Does that mean the blossomers are “enlightened”? Nah, not in the sense that they “get all there is to get.” We can all continue to learn. If “enlightened” just means more filled with light, then yes, but it’s a process for all of us. I have days when I “know” better, too, and where things just come up for processing — whether as an “external” person mirroring back to me, or as a launching pad for a much bigger desire than I had even thought to ask for until I saw how wretched something was.

      Having lived the hippie vagabond lifestyle for many years with my now ex-husband, I understand what Bill’s saying about releasing all attachments; however, I also know there are many ways of doing that. Because I’m not moving every 3-6 months, I now have more “stuff” than I’ve had in a long time. On the other hand, I’m still not attached to it. My garden? Love it. The Earth? Love it. My life? LOVE it. Major upgrade! There’s something TO all that Love … in whatever way it’s being played out in each person’s life. Following the heart is not the same path for everyone.

      I just posted the video because what he’s sharing is what I keep hearing from clients and friends when they are so surprised that a relationship suddenly comes to an end or they can’t communicate any longer. I keep telling them, it’s not necessarily permanent, but there are many intersecting and departing timelines, so try to roll with it. I’ve found in the past that it helps people to recognize that people can be advanced in some areas and still struggling in others, and that this is all part of the process. We are not in this alone. In terms of sessions, I have an advantage in that I talk with people from around the world, so when I see patterns in otherwise unrelated lives and circumstances, I like to share that. Most people greet it with relief that they are not the only ones processing those issues. Big blessings to you! Thanks for commenting. šŸ™‚



  2. Posted by Raven on August 16, 2012 at 4:34 pm

    A little OT but not too much… I’ve been following Laura’s various essays about faeries. I live in the wilderness and I’ve never seen a faery (not that I ever actually looked) until yesterday. There was a hummingbird sitting on the branch of a tree outside my window. Every few seconds it would rise up and flutter its wings and go up and down, and its wings were backlit by the most beautiful light I can imagine. Yet there was no light because the sun had already set. I called my husband over to look and he said, “It’s a faery,” like this was the most common thing in the world. I think it soon will be. I have been caring for hummers most of my life and this was the most wonderful moment.



  3. […] Laura Bruno Below Iā€™m sharing a video of my friend, Bill Ballard, talking about something Iā€™m seeing a lot of these days: namely, that people are concurrently inhabiting vastly different realities. Some people shift in and out of different realities; others find that people they used to relate to suddenly seem light years and quantum leaps away. […]



  4. Posted by Gina LaVerde on August 16, 2012 at 8:20 pm

    It’s amazing how so many of us who live these parallel paths have come together! Doug and I read and watch Bill’s stuff and enjoy his message. These days everything is significant.



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