Some Thoughts About the Supposedly “Imminent Food Crisis”

There’s been a fair amount of talk regarding the Midwest drought, loss of corn crops and the effect that will likely have on future food prices. Although much of that corn is GMO, to which I say, “good riddance,” I do realize that GM corn and soy feed much of the factory farmed animals and fill up a large portion of all the fake “foods,” shelf stable or frozen items, as well as that ever present staple, High Fructose Corn Syrup — which the Corn Refiners Industry would love to rename “corn sugar.” Again, I just can’t force myself to view these reduced corn crops as a tragedy.

Food prices will likely rise, but not for the things I typically eat. Perhaps the higher cost of prepackaged and fast foods will encourage people to source their foods fresher, more locally, and more diversely — ultimately improving their health! Just for the record, corn is a grain, not a vegetable. Also for the record, Walmart recently decided to sell GM corn without labeling it, even in the face of massive petitions to the contrary. Corn that contains its own pesticide can and does have negative effects on the human body. Monsanto, the makers of genetically engineered corn also brought us Agent Orange, and are trying to bring a closely related herbicide into the US. “The mutant strength of GMO corn” also destroys tractor tires, causing farmers to use kevlar (aka bullet proof vest material) for their tractor tires. If it destroys tires, what does the GM corn do to the body?

Sorry, but I just can’t weep for the loss of corn. Humanity has been warned about GMO’s, petitioned Walmart and the FDA to stop selling unlabeled, untested Frankenfoods, and has attempted various lawsuits to that effect — all with little to no success. Is the Midwest drought Mother Nature’s Ace in the Hole? When scientists indicated that GM crops were killing bees, Monsanto bought the bee studiers. As far back as 1923, Rudolf Steiner began predicting the disappearance of honey bees and what that would mean for the planet’s survival. Mother Nature always bats last.

In fact, I have found that when we honor Mother Nature, she, and her elementals will often cooperate, as they did when I begged for an end to the drought in Madison. The elementals promised me rain within 24 hours, and sure enough it started raining after I heard them doing an early morning rain dance. Since that date, we have had rain many nights, as well as a few days. Madison has re-greened, and my organic garden continues to flourish. I recounted that story to Dr. Ann at Exopermaculture, and she had a similar experience — rain for the asking. (Read the comments on the linked post for that story.)

Elementals — faeries, nature spirits, devas, elves, gnomes — those who love and honor the Earth, are particularly willing right now to work with humans who wish to give back to the Earth. Anyone creating sustainable, organic, and local food options can ask for and receive help from the elementals. This includes small organic farmers, CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture), home gardeners, wild food foragers, people who visit farmers markets, and even tree-huggers and litter-picker-uppers. If you give back to the Earth and honor her, then the Faery Realm will gladly return their own methods of support. Such methods may include enhanced manifestation and synchronicity in procuring foods, extra abundant produce yields, timely rainstorms and creative ideas for food trades. Perhaps you have a bumper crop of cucumbers but no lettuce or peaches, and you just “happen to run into someone” with lettuce or peaches who has been wishing for cukes. Insert faery wink and giggle here. Or, maybe you just walked in your local woods and picked up trash, only to run into someone wanting to rid themselves of loads of a delicious edible “weed” like purslane or nettles. Nature continues to offer abundance in any conditions for those in tune and in love with her ways.

But what about this Fall and Winter? Will food prices skyrocket? Yeah, they could. Companies actually have stored (read “hoarded”) plenty of staples that could be tapped into to feed millions. They hoard such things for price manipulation, so I don’t know whether they will release their backlog in the face of a food “emergency.” Eating organic and mostly fresh, raw foods, though, I wouldn’t ever rely on corporations or the government to feed me something I’d consider edible. I don’t like to stagnate in worry, but do have some dehydrated and freeze-dried foods on hand, just in case. So much “survival food” is filled with preservatives, pesticides and other chemicals that just eating a survival packet might push me over the edge. Knowing that, I’ve sourced my stash in other ways. I thought I’d share a few of my ideas, conclusions and purchases here, in case anyone else wants to prepare for the potentially unknown:

1) If food is scarce, you’ll want some of the most nutrient dense items available. Spirulina, for example, contains high protein, tons of chlorophyll, vitamins, and just happens to help combat the effects of radiation. Powdered wheat grass or barley grass juice and chlorella offer similar bang for caloric buck. In addition to these green foods, powdered meal replacements like VEGA, BOKU superfoods or Sun Warrior offer relatively lightweight, nutrient rich options. Chia seeds, dried mung beans, alfalfa seeds and various other sprouting seeds offer lots of potent nutrients in a small storage space. With just a little bit of water, you can activate their super fresh life force enzymes to supplement “dead” canned or prepackaged foods.

2) Speaking of water, you’ll want that. I have about 10 gallons of bottled water as well as a Berkey Travel Water Filter. We use distilled water at home because Madison has extremely lime-y water, but the distiller takes 6 hours of electricity to create one gallon of pure water. We then add a touch of sea salt to restructure the “dead” water. This results in water free of all chemicals, including flouride, but recognizable to the body as water due to the trace minerals from the sea salt. I ordered a Travel Berkey for when I host classes or multiple clients at home and want to offer lots of water or tea. The Berkey uses no electricity and takes much less time to filter. The Travel Berkey can also filter lake, stream or water barrel collections, and with the optional fluoride and arsenic filters, it rivals the distiller for cleanliness. I love that it requires no electricity and can be transported to nearby lakes in the event of no tap water. In the case of an on-going emergency, fresh, clean water could also become a useful barter item. All in all, I feel happy with this choice.

3) In terms of long term food storage, I did recently order an Heirloom Organics Seed Vault. I had noticed that normal saved seeds only last one or two years, but the seed vault packages them in such a way that they can last much longer. Everything fits into a small, easily transportable and storable bucket. The seeds are specially selected for growing in the widest variety of conditions — shady, sunny, rich or poor soil, etc. Obviously, the better the conditions, the better the yield, but I like that someone in the know has selected hardy strains. The Seed Vault also includes a diverse set of seeds, designed to feed two people for a year. Saving seeds from that growth will allow continuance of the “survival garden,” should one ever need it. As with the fresh water, excess seeds could become an important barter option in a poor economy or ongoing “emergency.”

I also looked into dehydrated vs. freeze dried foods and learned that freeze drying tends to preserve even more nutrients. Shelf Reliance offers freeze dried foods, and I have heard that they are at least mostly GMO free. In any case, if you order freeze dried bananas, for example, the only ingredient in the can would be … bananas. Mike Adams of Natural News has created an organic line of long term storage foods at bulk pricing. His online store is currently being redesigned, but if you’re interested, you can see what you find in a little while. Trader Joe’s also offers cheap freeze dried fruits, and you can find organic peanut butter there for cheap as well. Peanut butter isn’t something I normally consume, but in a pinch, it’s calorie rich and easily eaten right out of the jar.

4) In a sunny window sill, you can easily grow fresh herbs and some greens all year long. I do this for taste as much as for a backup and free food supply. There’s nothing quite like fresh cut basil, parsley, sage and rosemary for winter salads and stews! If something happens to the food supply line and you end up eating canned beans or cooked rice and beans for awhile, you can punctuate these dishes with fresh herbs and to feel nourished on all levels. The aromatic oils in these herbs also support immune function, helping to strengthen your resistance to any flu bugs or “epidemics” the media always threatens will soon hit the masses. You can instruct your body only to let in good food, water and air, but I like to work on multi-levels … providing good physical support as well as emotional, mental and spiritual energy towards what I want.

5) For an emergency health kit, I also find myself deconstructing the typical first aid or medical supply storage. I have a homemade meadowsweet tincture for painkiller, oil of oregano and Thieves for antibiotics/antivirals, homeopathic arnica for bruising or trauma, yarrow tincture and powder for bleeding, and I’ll be ordering cayenne tincture for fevers and circulation. Activated charcoal helps with food poisoning, lavender oil for relaxation and a mild antibiotic, Rescue Remedy for calm, potassium iodide for nuclear acccidents, homemade salve for scrapes or burns, MSM for inflammation or allergies, and dried nettles, because of the herbal maxim, “When in doubt, use nettles.” I’m also getting some superglue, which sounds random, but it can serve in place of stitches, and I know people who have used it for both stitches and to glue back a cracked tooth. We have a more standard first aid packet of bandaids, sterile bandages, etc. that came with David’s car, but given my natural proclivities, I like my add-ons.

6) For long term food, you’ll also want to ensure proper fat intake. Things like grains, beans and homegrown herbs don’t contain enough fats for long term nutrition. Hemp seeds provide one easy remedy. They can be eaten right out of a bag, sprinkled on other foods, or added to smoothies for a good Omega-3/6 ratio and lots of easily digested protein with chlorophyll. Another good oil to have on hand is coconut oil, which can be eaten, used for cooking, or used on the body. In addition to important fatty acids, coconut provides antifungal properties both inside and out.

Because I have a history of dental issues, I have on hand a long term supply of Green Pasture’s raw, fermented fish oil, plus Active X butter. This combo provides both Omega-3’s for brain and body health, plus vitamins A and D in a form easily absorbed for strong teeth and bones. I’ve also got some organic, grassfed, fermented ghee, which is shelf stable and another source of A and D. Living in Wisconsin, I can’t always count on enough sunshine to provide all my needs. Although most of my foods are raw and/or vegan, I know how painful cavities can get, especially near the roots. I feel good having nutrients on hand to keep those teeth optimal under any circumstances. Vitamin D also helps with immunity.

7) Despite such preparations, which really just give my left brain peace of mind, my primary preparations for an “imminent food crisis” or other “emergency,” really include mindset, vibration and collecting positive stories and memories. As Jesus said, “Man does not live by bread alone.” We live in a vibrational Universe, so finding ways to feel positive, abundant and provided for, makes those feelings more likely to turn into facts. I consider the sacred chants I know, love and sing, just as important sources of nourishment as Omega 3’s and greens. Remembering to surround myself and my loved ones with white light helps to ensure protection and thriving in the face of any and all events. Green light helps heal, and golden light helps to purify. Knowing how to connect with faeries, the Earth, angels, calling in the elements and remembering that I am both stardust and earthdust reminds me that I am always connected and never alone. “I am always in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing” is a mantra that can work for anyone, encouraging intuitive nudges and synchronicities that turn “emergencies” into magical moments.

We live in an abundant, benevolent world. The more we realize and acknowledge that fact, the more it will continue to reveal itself in our reality. I hope this article provides some extra ideas and unexpected resources. Many blessings and much love to all of you.

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  1. Excellent post! The Powers That Were are implementing a “food” crisis for the Matrix Units who are programmed to regard Slow Kill Poison as nourishment. The rest of us can say things like “How interesting…how weird…and now, back to the Co-Creation of Heaven on Earth.”



    • Posted by laurabruno on August 10, 2012 at 5:19 pm

      Exactly! And some people will find themselves healthier than they ever thought possible just by a shortage of poison masquerading as “phood.”



  2. Posted by Gina LaVerde on August 10, 2012 at 7:01 pm

    Mama Earth is doing as she promised us, cleansing us of what we dont need… What hhurts us all, like the gm foods. I am thrilled about it. I’ve prayed for it and have been assured that she will continue to cleanse. Also, I’m happy for the reminders to ask for help from the fairies and elementals. While living on the road we did lots of composting, reusing, and barely using any artificial energy at all. Now, we are back in Chicago staying with friends who don’t recycle, and who don’t compost. This is a reminder to do it anyway. It’s not difficult. And everyone benefits.

    Your practical list is also very helpful and is a left brain reminder of why it is all going to be okay, we will have plenty. Thank you so much!



  3. Posted by Gina LaVerde on August 10, 2012 at 8:33 pm

    May I repost? I think my readers would love these practical tips!



  4. Posted by erin~PinkOwl on August 10, 2012 at 8:40 pm

    Lovely article, Laura! I support so fully your choice to offer such a beautifully broad range of ways to look at this thing that the media wants us to worry about in a positive & different way, allowing us to take it back into our own hands. I have been quite curious about Green Pasture’s products for a long time, but I am on a fixed income due to my Fibromyalgia. If you have anything specific to say about it, like how you use it, and if you find it helpful or notice anything different about your health with it vs. without it in your diet I’d love to know your feelings.

    I especially like article 7. If you feel so inclined I’d love to know what all of the other colors or rays of light do. I truly appreciate you mentioning that green light is healing. I thank you for bringing my attention to the chants as well.

    So much Love, erin



    • Posted by laurabruno on August 10, 2012 at 9:07 pm

      The Green Pastures was among the things I used to remineralize my teeth. The book Cure Tooth Decay by Rami Nagel is a great resource. His website also has free info. Doreen Virtue’s book Angel Medicine has lots of info on colored lights. You can probably get it at your library for free. 🙂



  5. Posted by Lonnie J. Johnson on August 11, 2012 at 12:42 pm

    thank you for this wonderful wise article yours in Love and Light—-Lonnie (*_*)



  6. Posted by Gina LaVerde on August 13, 2012 at 6:32 pm

    Reblogged this on B l i s s e d L i f e and commented:
    My friend and Reiki Master Tracher Laura Bruno helps keep my many selves aligned these days with Blog posts that offer logical, scientific fifth dimensional, spiritual and abundantly conscious tips for enjoying this life at this time. If you’ve experienced the false flag scare tactics of the elite-energied big gov ( and can recignize what you are being offered there), you know you have the option to surrender your gifts and go home crying. But, there’s something sommagically delicious about living in a time when the TRUTH comes to LIGHT more each day,

    This post from Laura Bruno talks about the potential opportunity for our own growth and health that comes from losing GM crops to drought I have to share because I got so excited to hear that we could be losing all of this poisonous corn. I literally felt my vibration raise as the news came to me. I couldn’t help but smile,
    But, certainly these crops are now a part of our food chain and there is a potential for some adjustment and pain to come to those of us who buy into the food system.
    Hopefully, this post will help put to ease your logical side who wants to know what tangible things you can do to ensure your health and safety.

    Thanks Laura xooxo



  7. Thank you — I found this article very useful and am happy that I have some of the things that you have mentioned already on hand. Many blessings.



  8. […] Laura Bruno talks about how working with faeries helped her manifest rain during a drought and how they influenced her lush garden. Her post reminded me to stay in -tune with my own Earth -Loving purpose. After leaving the faerie cottage, I was a bit challenged in the realm of composting, wild-food eating and taking special care. I became a bit more focussed on work after returning to the US. I’m back in the groove now. And Faeries have stepped in on many levels to make my life more magickal and flowy. They’ve even done the dishes, although my Facebook friends probably think I’m kidding or referring to my loving hubby. […]



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