Forced Power

Thanks to Gillian for bringing this important message from Jamye Price to my attention. Regular blog readers know I’m a huge fan of “power to, not power over.”

Jamye Price ~ Forced Power

August 2012 Newsletter | August 2 2012

We are in a phase of release, letting go. It takes a master’s careful observation, patience and courage to assess with honesty. You are responsible for the Self only, and yet part of that responsibility entails the collective, as the Self can not be fully extricated from All Life. We eat it, breathe it, imbibe it and share what we have processed within. The circle continues. When you interact with yourself, you are still emitting vibrational information into the Field of Life. When you interact with another, it seems more impactful because we have something solid in front of us, yet Lightwarriors know better. Creation begins within, in the malleable and responsive subtle waves seeking particle form. It is here, within, that control has its benefit; though that control is merely focus, and that focus is Love.

Forced Power, or control, has been the norm for millennia. If we control the actions of another, we have a sense of power. If we control the emotions of another, we have a sense of peace. If we control the environment so that temptation is abated, we have a sense of piety. With Forced Power, we are actually avoiding the real empowerment, which is a focused perspective of Love within – when all experience is at the very least tolerable, but ideally exciting new balance. When you control the circumstances outside of yourself, you are not exercising your inner muscles, therefore, you have less capability to withstand the challenges. A Lightworker’s job is to shine Light where it is most challenging, within the depths of fear, anger or abuse. You do that in many ways, but the most liberating is within, and from that space of enduring bright Love Light, you shine unto others the reflection of their inner core. Freedom and unity are the result.

As we sit to Blast Forced Power, we are releasing the need to control the world and easing into Loving the Self so deeply that Love becomes visible in All around you. We are allowing the world to find its liberating equilibrium from pain by showing the new way of Loving Life so deeply that even a challenge is a mirror of freedom. We are controlling the mind’s focus into the peace that passes all understanding, as Freedom becomes so powerful within that life becomes an exciting adventure. Blast on!

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  1. Posted by erin on August 14, 2012 at 2:01 pm

    Love it! Stunning.



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