August Specials, Events, and a Faery Workshop


Half-Hour Rune Readings for $77

Most people think of Runes as a form of divination, and yes, this is true. But Runes are also building blocks of creation, potent packets of energy and light that can be used to amplify intentions or deepen healing. This half-hour Rune Reading will draw upon my personal study and use of Runes, looking at various Runic, energy healing and manifestation traditions to help you find greater clarity and support for the challenges you face right now. This special can be doubled for the full hour.

The 45-Minute Raph Session is back by popular request. Most local Madison and Milwaukee area clients know I offer private “Raph” (pronounced “Rawf”), aka Archangel Raphael Sessions, but people from further away have been asking if I can do these over the phone as well. Yes, yes, yes! I have worked closely with Archangel Raphael since researching my honors thesis in 1994. Although AA Raphael always advises me in Medical Intuitive and other sessions, I had never thought to try channeling until it happened spontaneously in January 2011.

Raph has an accent, a gentle and wry sense of humor, and strongly healing, loving and supportive presence. Since January 2011, I’ve offered many private channeled sessions as well as public events. As a healer, Raph’s primary intent is to connect with individuals who wish to embrace their own healing and freedom on all levels. As individuals seek, find, love, and move beyond their own blocks and blinders, they free others to do so, too. Raph welcomes questions about your personal life or global issues.

$133 for 45-Minutes, in-person in Madison or by phone. (Yahoo Instant Messenger sessions are not available for channeled sessions.)

August Specials are valid if prepaid by 8/31/2012, but they can be scheduled after this date.


Oconomowoc/Dousman Area Raph Channeling: Sunday, August 26
2:00-5:00 p.m., $30/person
Hosted by Erik Swenson of A Spirited Place

For directions, email:

Please join Raph (pronounced “Rawf”) and Laura Bruno for a channeled message and Q&A session with Raph, aka Archangel Raphael. Author and intuitive Laura Bruno has worked closely with AA Raphael since 1994 and now offers channeled Raph events and private sessions. Raph welcomes questions about your personal life or global issues.

Please note, we will also be having a potluck dinner immediately following this event. If you’d like to participate, bring a dish you’d love to share. David and I will be bringing some raw food treats!

Madison Area Raph Channeling: Wednesday, August 22, 2012
7-9:30 p.m., $25/person

RSVP required on this one, because I’m hosting it at our home. Yes, you can see the portal doors in person, and enjoy a cup of herbal tea! This promises to be a cozy evening, but I will need to limit attendees to 8 this time, hence the required RSVP.

brunoleaf @ yahoo dot com


Saturday, August 25, 2012 from noon-5 p.m. in East Madison.

I’ve been “told” to host this class at our own home, affectionately known by all visitors and occupants as “The Faery Cottage.” Class size will be limited, and I’ve already had three signups. The faeries and other elementals themselves asked me to teach this class at this time in order to help humans reconnect with other beings who love the Earth. As always, this class will be tailored to the day’s participants, but we will cover the basics of inviting faeries into your home and garden, ways to increase your receptivity and creativity, basic faery manifestation advice, dimensional shifts and portals, and a general overview of the faery rules of engagement. This promises to be a fast paced and exciting class. The faeries want to work more closely with humans interested in healing our Earth. They tell me this class is perfectly timed for all the changes happening in late August.

$133 if prepaid by August 18th; $155 after 8/18. Pre-registration required, as there are only 5 spaces left.

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