Two Days Left of July Specials

These have been fun this month. Two days left to save:


$77 Medical Intuitive Readings

Half hour session. Save $13 from the regular price. These discount sessions can also be double-booked for a full hour consultation.

So many people keep contacting me about bizarre symptoms that no doctors can figure out. Medical Intuitive readings are not meant to replace traditional or alternative medical care, but especially in these days of solar flares and karmic upsurges, a Medical Intuitive reading can put things into perspective. Your body never betrays you. As the Earth continues to become wiser, so does your body. If you’re body’s screaming for your attention, perhaps now would be a good time to listen. Price valid through 7/31, but sessions can be scheduled after that date.

$111 Sacred Geometry and Crystal Readings

One hour session. This is a special offering of services not usually on my menu, but they feel right to offer at this time. The reading will feature Francene Hart’s Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck as a springboard for discussion. We will find the most potent Sacred Geometric symbols for catalyzing your growth, right now. I will also combine my intuitive knowledge of crystals to suggest some mineral allies to assist your journey. We are hardwired to work with Sacred Geometry and crystal energies; most humans have simply forgotten their awareness. Crystals can be programmed to support healing and intentions, and Sacred Geometric forms speak to our subconscious mind and DNA programming. I have worked closely with all of these elements for many years, but I’ve never offered a double whammy reading of the Sacred Geometry Oracle Cards with crystal recommendations. In a rapidly changing world, these are tools we can reclaim for the Highest Good of All. Special available through 7/31, but can be scheduled afterwards.

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