How to See Faeries

Several people have asked me how to see faeries, so I thought I’d share this short video from a New Zealand shaman raised near where Rivendell was filmed in “Lord of the Rings.” Can you see the faeries and nature spirits in this video? They’re there!

Most people find it more effective to part the veil through peripheral vision rather than a sharp focus front and center. You might find it easier to notice the beings in this video if you soften your gaze and allow lighting anomalies to register on your consciousness. Before watching, give your mind permission to report the information as it comes through, rather than carefully censoring and interpreting the data.

This is a good practice anytime you hope to see things outside of “normal” experience. Our brain discards information or reinterprets it based on earlier concepts and expectations. If you read the comments on the youtube channel, you’ll notice that some people see multiple faeries and a face in a tree, whereas others see nothing out of the ordinary. Filters! They determine what you see.

For some people, sensing faeries or seeing them with your inner eye is easier than seeing with your physical eyes. I learned that technique as a child because I grew up in a family where seeing “things that aren’t there” got you labeled as crazy and in need of counseling or medication. I do sometimes actually see faeries and other nature spirits and angels, but far more often I feel them or see them in my mind’s eye, like the Elementals’ Rain Dance I described a few days ago.

I’ve had numerous experiences like the video above, when suddenly the energy of a forest changes. In 2010, I spent three weeks in Canada, painting portal doors and hiking in pristine forests. On my last day there, I was walking with a friend and I felt the energy grow sacred. The vibration raised to such an extent that I felt giddy and “at home.” My hiking companion registered it physically too, but instead of feeling fabulous, he felt like he might throw up. He began to sweat and felt faint. I told him not to worry, that we had just entered a faery portal, but that alarmed him rather than calmed him down. He had trouble catching his breath and started shaking. Even though he had claimed to want to experience the faery world as I do, when it began to happen, he moved quickly into fear. The change from “normal” was just too dramatic for him to integrate.

After about 15 feet or so of walking very, very slowly due to his physical condition and my reluctance to leave the amazing space, I felt us shift through the other side of the faery portal. The moment I felt the shift, my friend stopped shaking and sweating, took a deep breath, and said, “I’m OK now. I feel better.” “We just crossed back into ‘the regular world,'” I said, “Careful what you wish for next time!” šŸ˜‰

I share this story as a reminder for people that we all go at our own pace. For some people, actually seeing a faery or angel show up “clear as day” in front of them would completely freak them out! My friend had been talking about faeries all week and even had me paint a faery portal door. Nonetheless, just entering faery ground had him really spooked. Faeries and other Elementals are shy. They don’t seek human contact, unless the humans prove themselves compatible companions.

Fear never helps any friendship, so focus on Love and self-acceptance. If, instead of seeing with your physical eyes, you simply feel an inner giggle, a sense of holiness in nature, think you see flickering lights from the corner of your eyes, or you catch some colorful orbs in photographs, allow yourself to feel grateful for the experience. There’s no competition in the spiritual realm, and the less judgment you have, the easier you can access your intuitive faculties. As my friend Diane says, “Life’s a journey. Participate!” And, please, enjoy the ride…. faeries do love fun!

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  2. Posted by Lucy on July 24, 2012 at 12:50 am

    I’ve seen a physical fairy 3times now. She comes to me when I sleep, and perhaps I accidentally jerk awake.. But I see it, about 3inches tall. And pink, no less!! šŸ™‚

    But then probably she felt I was scared or perhaps I scared her, it flew up into my ceiling. I heard the wings.. And I saw it fly up. I am truly blessed.



  3. I am no expert on fairies, but perhaps it wasn’t fear that had your friend feeling so bad. Does he eat meat? The energy of the fairy might have drawn out the guilt his soul felt for the animals he eats. Maybe the guilt was so extreme the body reacted in pain.



    • Posted by laurabruno on July 25, 2012 at 3:48 am

      He was in the process of going vegan at that time. I had two weeks prior had him do a complete dietary overhaul, cleanse, etc. He had been gradually weaning himself for months, but yes, he was in an intense cleansing period, having quit smoking as well. LOL, people get more than they bargain for when I come to paint portal doors and stay for three weeks!



  4. Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:

    More people keep asking me how to see faeries, so I’m reposting this 2012 article, along with a video. Also, check the comments for another good video. šŸ™‚



  5. Loved this Laura šŸ™‚ ā¤

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