How Many Universes Are There?

Multiple timelines, parallel universes, everything happening all at once: if you feel trapped, perhaps you’re just suffering from option dilemma. 😉 As my friend Toni says, “Take a breath of God,” look for what you’d love to see in the world, and choose wisely. Portals between such universes are very active right now. Much love!

2 responses to this post.

  1. I love your idea of “jumping timelines,” too, Laura. Been working with this one a lot, lately. Seems it’s all in how we frame things – events, behaviors of self and others – that determines how we end up viewing them, both in the present moment and historically, in memory. Our perceptions needn’t be determined from outside “facts” – rather, they are a choice. All we have to do is remember, and choose wisely. ❤



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