Visionkeeper — Be the Calm the World Needs

The following Visionkeeper post expresses so much of what I’ve been feeling lately. Yes, seeing ugly things brings challenges, including the challenge to create beauty and calm to replace that ugliness. Very few people in this world have enough courage to look at the level of lies, corruption, and (I don’t use this word lightly) evil that’s about to be exposed. Even fewer people have the discipline and love to recognize “what is” and transmute that into something pure and good and healing on all levels.

I try. Some days I do better than others. Some days I just want to cry when I see people simply turn away from what’s really being forced upon the world “in our name.” How does one apologize for bombing an entire (innocent) wedding party? For killing children with drones and conducting night raids on women and children? For turning a blind eye to false flags like Fukushima, 9/11, 7/7, the planned Olympic 2012 nuclear attack and so many other proven “terrorist” events? Who are the real terrorists? How does one apologize for supporting –at times even celebrating — so much death, destruction and mass murder simply because awakening from brainwashing takes courage? I don’t know. America has really bad karma right now.

And it’s not just America. It’s pervasive. As people awaken, they initially feel good, and then — eventually –that growing awareness of the interconnectedness of all things reveals itself. That level of awareness is extremely difficult to handle. And it’s coming. Oftentimes, a karmic “punishment” feels far preferable to such awareness, but the energies of our times no longer support denial. This awareness will come, and it may drive some people crazy as they panic or try to shake off their own complicity in the lies and abuse.

Old structures are crumbling and will continue to do so. Now is our time — the time of the new, which is really very old. Now is the time for a return to human decency, to true stewardship over our planet, and to knowing that we are always, always connected to Spirit, and to everyone and everything. As the Hopi say, “This could be a good time!” Let’s make it so, shall we? The Divine in me honors the Divine in You. We can do this.

Visionkeeper – Be The Calm The World Needs – 12 July 2012

Judging from what I read and see going on in the world and the fast pace changes that seem to be coming at us these days, I would venture to guess we are nearing the major changes set to take place soon. Who knows what form these changes will appear in, but they are fast approaching and we will be needed to hold the love and calm the world will need amidst the possible chaos. For all of those unaware and still sleeping, things could become quite challenging and frightening in some respects. People may need direction or reassurance and we must be there to offer it.

We have been preparing for quite some time now, clearing out our own issues and learning how to hold the love and light in our hearts and live from our hearts not our heads. We have known this time was coming, it is time to ready ourselves, breathe deeply and open up our hearts as wide as they can go. No more ego or judgment of the 3rd dimension. There is no longer space for that within, and hopefully we have moved beyond that. I would imagine the dark ones are hoping to catch us off guard this summer, lounging in the sun and partaking in summer festivities. We may be enjoying the warmth of summer, but with one eye open and watching what is going on. Staying on call is critical for we know not if or when they may strike.

The present way of life is crumbling quickly now and I fear many may not realize that what they hear on the news going on in other countries may well become part of their reality on some level as well. Often they listen to the news with one ear thinking it is not important because it is happening elsewhere. They have not been able to grasp that we are all interconnected and what happens elsewhere may one day soon visit our shores as well. The continued droughts and floods are now starting to drive up the cost of food and for many any added expense is hard to cough up on their already strained incomes. Water is also getting scarce in many parts of the world as well creating concern for our continued existence.

There are serious things going on in the world, but the dark ones would rather you not know or think about them but instead focus on mindless television drivel, sports or selected news stories to become absorbed in like George Zimmerman’s trial and pitting black against white yet again to create distance amongst us all. We need to stay focused on what is working in the world and circumnavigate what is failing. For everything falling apart we can create something better that works, we must not forget that. They would have you panic that if their way fails we all fail! Not so. We don’t need them to survive!

These are the things we know and are a part of and therefore we need not panic as the world falls apart, but those who don’t know will panic. We must be the calm in the storm. We must reach out to those in panic and show them we are creating the new world where they can be safe and not feel fear. It is the unknown that brings out the worst in people but we know the truth and it will be up to us to share our knowledge with others. Now is the time to be finding ways to gather together our communities so everyone knows each other and if all hell breaks loose we can come together and we can shine our love and light and lead the way by spreading calm.

People are on edge and it won’t take much to set off panic. Look at the ridiculous brawl at the little league game the media insists on showing over and over again. One person said something another person didn’t like and the whole pack of fired up parents went berserk. People are definitely on edge and this is what we must try to avoid and to bring calm to should it arise. Calmness must prevail in these volatile times. It will be the sleepers who ignite for they do not know or understand what is going on. These are the people fighting over who should be president in 2012 not even realizing their vote means nothing! The dark ones will put in whomever they feel is best suited to push through their agendas. There is no such thing as voting for president! We are given who they choose and that is that. These are the truths the world must awaken to.

So let us stay strong and stay calm and offer assistance if chaos fires up as the ship begins to sink. We know better and we must try to remember this if the going gets tough. That will be our true test. Stay alert to what is going on but do not be sucked into the drama. Stay in your heart and think with your heart and all will be well. Be calm! Reach out to others and give them hope of a better world.

Blessings to you all,

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4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Chris Jacobson on July 12, 2012 at 7:44 pm

    Great message, Laura! It’s something that I really needed to hear.

    I especially like: “Stay in your heart and think with your heart and all will be well.”



  2. Posted by Vi on July 12, 2012 at 8:38 pm

    Very well said. Thank you!



  3. As usual I really feel such a deep connection with all of what you are saying. My theme since 2004 has been Raise the Vibe for the Tribe and have been on that path perhaps for my whole life, always living a different self and Goddess created creative life. Serving the planet and especially the animals however I can.
    All that being said, the dark ones as you call them have way upped the anty as our vibrations shift and their dying way devolves and shatters as predicted. The trick of course is to not let the crumbling walls of the Patriarchy land on us.
    Creativity and a critical mass of people who are holding the Light Vision together like a luminous protective net must keep connecting and share and offer such a brilliant energy that the fearful see that in fact there is another way and they needn’t struggle.
    Yes we need to be the beacons,like a Light House in the storm shining in all directions.

    People are feeling crazy, pained and terrified and so true when the sleeping awaken that will be a very rough time.I am not thrilled about the hard times that are unfolding but I am peaceful deep inside that we are in fact on the verge of a beautiful transition and the truth will be told and seen by all. With my clients, students as well as the animals that I minister to, I try to encourage living into the highest possible vibration and holding fast to that ,shunning those that would deplete,vampirise and generally lower their vibrations. If most of keep our vibe high we can help lift up the others as our numbers grow. Blessings dear Light Keeper from another Flash Silvermoon @



  4. Posted by laurabruno on July 13, 2012 at 7:58 pm

    Thanks to each of you for all you are doing to lift the collective vibe. The timeline shifted on Wednesday evening back to a more disastrous one, but it feels like by yesterday afternoon, the collective timeline had recalibrated itself to a positive course. Raising the vibration as an individual really helps us all. Much Love, Laura



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