Technosophy, Orgone Energy and Remembering Where We Come From

I just found this description and video on Ann Kreilkamp’s site. Fascinating stuff that dovetails so beautifully with so many messages and nudges I’ve been receiving! Below, you’ll find Ann’s observation, followed by Alexander Barry’s incredibly articulate, fast-paced and imho, worth-a-multiple-viewing video:

Thanks to, I just discovered an extraordinary 18-minute video by Alexander Barry, an esoteric Steineresque thinker who not only articulates the hints, clues, colors, rippling, morphing forms and visions that I have been immersed in for decades, but also presents an origin myth through which we can understand both the brilliance and the destructiveness of our technology which, he says, once we transform into “technosophy,” will reconnect us with the living cosmos.

Alexander Barry talks fast. Every word is worth absorbing. I will need to listen to this multiple times. From my initial notes:

The history, mystery, of technology, where it’s come from, where it’s going:

The earth is a living being. One can imagine there was a time when plants, animals and minerals were not distinguished from each other, but there was a constant flow, in and out, between dimensions. A giant flow of moving life. As time went on, a separation between the dimensions; plants, animals, minerals became locked into forms, separated from each other and from other dimensions.

Technology depends on the use of dead materials. You can’t manipulate something when it’s alive. As we went out of synch with the cosmos, then the appearance of corpses, the appearance of form devoid of life, appeared all over the earth . . . The appearance of death separated things.

Feminine versus male technologies. . . angular male bodies vs. curvilinear female bodies. . . .

All our industries repeat and combine processes that Nature has done for millions of years . . .

Vast, cosmic processes, great archetypes of creation, exist inside our own bodies that we never see, and do not understand . . .

The wisdom of nature knows that every creature on earth is serving a purpose beyond, in trying to relate the cosmos to the earth. . .

The Pacific Ocean is like a vast lens, which concentrates the energies of the cosmos.

The future of technology, what I call technosophy. Technology: “that which made us comfortable when we are no longer comforted.” When the spiritual forces gradually withdrew and left us on our own. Technology is the substitute. But if we follow it blindly, technology will turn the entire earth and every being on it it, into a machine. Technology is ncredibly clever, but in a one-sided, calculating way, a cosmic autistic psychopath. It’s a drug, a very powerful addiction, because it is so brilliant, such a concentrating of cosmic memories into mechanism.

Technosophy: not about comforting us. Technosophy comes about when we remember where we came from. And realize we can regain it in a new way. So use shapes, forms, to draw cosmic forces into the earth. The earth is not a rock flying on the sun, but a seed waiting to be germinated, a seed out of which infinite worlds will appear, which exist in us. When the earth has gone into us, then a new world will come out of us.

This may be the richest, most evocative 18 minutes I have ever spent. P.S. I googled Alexander Barry, and basically came up with nothing but this video! Thank you, rense!

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  1. Outstanding. Great thought provoking material. Once again, so timely. Also validating. The thought crossed my mind a while back that our technological advances in some ways mirrored our energetic development. This idea hit home for me especially when cell phones really took off – mirrored our increasing connectivity and ability to receive/send info instantaneously, and much more. I began seeing technological advancements as a kind of yard stick or mile marker of our development (or ability to access what was already there, our awakening maybe) psychically, energetically, spiritually, etc. This had me further ponder the evolution of our technology from the 19th to 21st centuries, but this guy really takes it to a whole new level or 6 or 7, lol. Thought I was reaching but nice to know it’s not as far fetched as I thought. Fascinating stuff. 🙂 Agreed, need to watch this many times, it’s packed with info!



  2. yes!!! xoox



  3. Reblogged this on Tania Marie's Blog and commented:
    This video and post so expresses in the words I cannot articulate, the things (as Laura Bruno shared as well) all the things that I have come to know, feel and understand, as well as reiterates the message I focus my work on, which is that of “a return to natural harmony.” Alexander Barry brilliantly demonstrates esoteric concepts packed with layers of potency, even in the short 18 minutes he shares about “The history, mystery, of technology, where it’s come from, where it’s going,” as Laura stated. He also explains the concept of “technosophy.” It is definitely something to re-listen to, to absorb. Thank you Laura for sharing.



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