June Specials

Happy Lunar Eclipse and Venus Transit! I’ve finally got a few free moments to post these new specials. I hope you enjoy this month’s mix.

Avalon Oracle Card Readings

These half hour ($55.55) or hour ($111) readings use Colette Baron-Reid’s “The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards” as springboards for deeper discussion. Regular readers of this blog know I have a strong resonance with Avalon and the faery realm, but I’ve not offered regular sessions with this deck before. Divided into “Messengers of Avalon,” “Animal Guides of Avalon,” “Guides of the Faery,” and “Sacred Journey Markers,” this gorgeous deck honors the Mystery and parts the veil. This month’s readings combine the synchronous selection of cards with whatever the guides choose to share through me. They offer a different yet powerful glimpse beyond tarot, designed to awaken your own sense of mystery, mysticism and delight in life.

45-Minute Raph (Archangel Raphael) Channeled Sessions

Most local Madison and Milwaukee area clients know I offer private “Raph” (pronounced “Rawf”) Sessions, but people from further away have been asking if I can do these over the phone as well. Yes, yes, yes! I have worked closely with Archangel Raphael since researching my honors thesis in 1994. Although AA Raphael always advises me in Medical Intuitive and other sessions, I had never thought to try channeling until it happened spontaneously in January 2011. I had asked David to hypnotize me so I could get out of my own way to do an intense Medical Intuitive session on myself. Lo and behold, an angel appeared. Well, sort of! Raph calls himself “an aspect of what humans call the Archangel Raphael energy collective,” explaining that this entire energy could not fit within the confines of a 3D body.

Raph has an accent, a gentle and wry sense of humor, and strongly healing, loving and supportive presence. Since January 2011, I’ve offered many private channeled sessions as well as public events. As a healer, Raph’s primary intent is to connect with individuals who wish to embrace their own healing and freedom on all levels. As individuals seek, find, love, and move beyond their own blocks and blinders, they free others to do so, too. Raph welcomes questions about your personal life or global issues.

$133 for 45-Minutes, in-person in Madison or by phone. (Yahoo Instant Messenger sessions are not available for channeled sessions.)

These specials are valid if prepaid through June 30, 2012. They can be scheduled later. Please email me for availability and additional details.

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