Divine Feminine, Dark Goddess and the May 20, 2012 Eclipse

These topics keep arising in sessions with clients, my own mini-downloads, and also during last night’s Raph (aka Archangel Raphael) Channeling Event in Madison, so I thought I’d share them here.

You can find loads of information about the May 20th Annular Eclipse, as people in all walks of life are writing about it and honoring it in various ways. The direct path of the eclipse runs from Mt. Fuji in Japan to Mt. Shasta in the US, with a pass over Pyramid Lake, near Reno, NV. People in these and other places are performing activations, meditations and rituals to honor the passing of the Moon in front of the Sun. This type of eclipse does not completely block out the Sun; rather, the darkness that covers the Sun becomes haloed by a “Ring of Fire.”

OK, the Johnny Cash didn’t come up in the channeling event, but I couldn’t resist. I love this song! The topic of Love did arise, though. “It burns, burns, burns … the Ring of Fire.” Think of the effects of fire. It can burn the skin, burn things down, but it also lights the way. We may see some destruction with this eclipse, but the fire of Love will destroy those illusions that needed light. The visual of the eclipse will also remind us that even if things look very dark, a halo of heavenly light surrounds them:

Annular Solar Eclipse from October 3, 2005

What keeps coming through in sessions is not so much the light, though, but the potential of the dark, specifically, the Dark Goddess energy. 3Dality presents us with a world of duality, in which we polarize light and dark. Light=good; dark=bad. White hats=good; dark hats=bad. Forget gray areas. Forget the Tao (yin-yang symbol) in which each polarity contains a spot of its opposite. 3Dality aims to polarize. Traditionally, the Sun represents the masculine side, whereas the Moon evokes more “feminine” qualities like intuition, emotions and “lunacy.” The Moon also represents our Shadow Side. Unable to emit its own light, the Moon can only reflect the Sun. We live in a culture so afraid of the dark, that our internal Shadows have grown into major monsters in the form of false flag events, global economic collapse, martial law and any other boogie men fears growing on the periphery: death, destruction, the occult, conspiracies, eeeeeee-vil. In our fear of things murky or unseen, we have turned away instead of turning inside.

We have forgotten our roots, which, coincidentally, grow well in dark dirt or rotting compost. Roots reach down into the darkness and manage to extract exactly what they need — water, minerals, a firm anchor. Plants need sunlight and roots. If the roots dry out, or fail to establish themselves deeply enough, then a rainstorm or drought can easily destroy the plant. Most weeds grow very deep roots, one of the factors that makes them so difficult to eradicate. Like ’em or not, weeds replenish the soil by pulling nutrients to the surface from far below. They grow strong through this process, far stronger than the unnatural monocrops we call “lawns.” What makes something a weed, though? Doesn’t it depend on perspective?

Stinging nettle will burn, burn, burn if you disrespect her, but last year, I actually invited nettles into our yard, giving them prime location in a raised bed out back. They nourish our garden bed and provide us with fast growing, mineral-rich leaves for smoothies. Nettles remind me of the Dark Goddess energy. Tonight, David and I will attend our second annual Wild Edibles Gourmet Dinner at the Wildwood Institute. I always remember herbalist Kathleen Wildwood saying, “Nettles like to be noticed.” If you acknowledge and respect the nettles in your midst, you will rarely, if ever get stung. You can also crush the leaves and use their juice as a antidote for the sting — if you dare. Most people, once stung by nettle want to get as far away as possible, not realizing that the cure for the pain comes from embracing the nettle even more closely. If you avoid the nettle’s juice, the ring of fire on your skin may last for days.

With the highly honored place in our yard, our nettles have no need to thrust themselves into walkways or woody paths, unlike those I’ve noticed in places where people ignore them as ugly weeds. I’ve seen stinging nettles create prickly, burning barriers right along public trails, practically screaming at passersby, “I am here, and you will notice me, even if I need to sting you so bad you never forget me again.” Dark Goddess energy functions much the same way. Ignore the Dark Goddess at your own risk; she likes to be noticed, demands respect and will sting at seemingly inopportune times if you continue to trample her or keep her on the periphery. Honor her, and she will shower you with unexpected gifts.

“When in doubt, use nettles.” This herbal maxim reminds us that nettles can improve just about any physical condition, from bladder issues to mineral deficiencies, poor blood to hair loss, detoxification to tooth health. Kathleen Wildwood compared the benefits of nettles to spirulina and other blue gren algae “superfoods,” making note that yes, the blue green algae do all these wonderful things, but when you get down to it, “You’re eating pond scum.” I’ve got nothing against pond scum, by the way. It’s another Dark Goddess gift from the murky shadows at which we tend to wrinkle our noses. I mention things like pond scum and algae in connection with the Dark Goddess energy, because all of these offer enormous gifts if we can humble ourselves to accept them. (Word count at that sentence kept hovering on 911. Hmmmmm. Speaking of false flags bringing gifts … ) The Dark Goddess energy rules decay, destruction and darkness, but if we can bring ourselves to value those things, we can experience their benefits instead of just their pain and trauma.

If we consciously cultivate the rejected qualities, then we can work with the Dark Goddess, nettles, weeds and pond scum in order to heal ourselves and our world. The May 20, 2012 Annular Eclipse offers such an opportunity, and I’m happy so many people feel the pull to honor this moment. Not only will we get flooded with love and photons from the Pleiades’ Alcyone as it directly aligns with Earth and our Sun, but we will also feel this alignment in context of the Dark Goddess energies temporarily obscuring Earth’s patriarchal solar paradigm. Will we notice and respect the darker aspects of ourselves? Will we honor the power that comes from digging deeper than we ever imagined possible? Will we accept the gifts of our Shadow Side? As you ponder these questions, I will leave you with wise words I found in an article called “Charge of the Dark Goddess”:

“Wisdom and empowerment are the gifts of the Dark Goddess of Transformation.

She is known to us as Kali, Hecate, Cerridwen, Lilith,
Persephone, Fata, Morgana, Ereshkigal, Arianhrod, Durga,
Inanna, Tiamat, The Morrigan, and by a million, million other names:

Hear me child, and know Me for who I am. I have been with you
since you were born, and I will stay with you until you return to Me
at the final dusk.

I am the passionate and seductive lover who inspires the poet to dream.

I am the One who calls to you at the end of your journey.
After the day is done,
My children find their blessed rest in my embrace.

I am the womb from which all things are born.

I am the shadowy, still tomb; all things must come to Me and bare their breasts to die and be reborn to the Whole.

I am the Sorceress that will not be ruled, the Weaver of Time, the Teacher of Mysteries. I snip the threads that bring my children home to me. I slit the throats of the cruel and drink the blood of the heartless. Swallow your fear and come to me, and you will discover true beauty, strength, and courage.

I am the fury which rips the flesh from injustice.

I am the glowing forge that transforms your inner demons into tools of power. Open yourself to my embrace and overcome.

I am the glinting sword that protects you from harm.

I am the crucible in which all the aspects of yourself merge together in a rainbow of union.

I am the velvet depths of the night sky, the swirling mists of midnight,
shrouded in mystery. I am the chrysalis in which you will face that which terrifies you and from which you will blossom forth, vibrant and renewed.

Seek me at the crossroads, and you shall be transformed, for once you look upon my face, there is no return.

I am the fire that kisses the shackles away.

I am the cauldron in which all opposites grow to know each other in Truth. I am the web which connects all things.

I am the Healer of all wounds, the Warrior who rights all wrongs in their Time. I make the weak strong. I make the arrogant humble. I raise up the oppressed and empower the disenfranchised. I am Justice tempered with Mercy.

Most importantly, child, I am you. I am part of you, and I am within you. Seek me within and without, and you will be strong. Know me. Venture into the dark so that you may awaken to Balance, Illumination, and Wholeness.

Take my Love with you everywhere and find the Power within to be who you wish.”

Author Unknown

Wishing you a powerful eclipse and transmutation! Blessed be.

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  2. Posted by seattle72 on May 19, 2012 at 6:22 pm

    Great timing, as usual. Yesterday during an energy body reading with a friend in Perth, Kali came through and offered a teaching, which was unclear to us both until I read this post. Thanks so much!!


  3. Posted by laurabruno on May 19, 2012 at 7:09 pm

    Kali has been very active lately! Hugs and blessings …


  4. I love this post! When I heard “Ring of Fire,” I also thought of that in reference to giving birth. Right before the baby emerges, the birthing mother feels the “Ring of Fire” and knows that what was once in the dark will soon powerfully emerge as a pulsating glow of life ❤

    So synchronistic (as always!) that we have also been majorly tuned in to the energy and medicine of Nettle lately. Any wild plant with thorns definitely guides us to take a step back and appreciate its essence with conscious engagement! Thank you Nettle for showing us how to be more respectfully aware.

    Lots of Love to you Laura!


  5. Ooh! And have fun at the Wild Edibles Gourmet Dinner! Wish we could join you there!


  6. Posted by laurabruno on May 19, 2012 at 8:46 pm

    Lots of love to you, too. Oh, you would love this Wild Edibles meal! It was my favorite event for 2011. xoxo


  7. Posted by laurabruno on May 19, 2012 at 8:46 pm

    And yes, big birthing happening for Mother Earth!


  8. Posted by laurabruno on May 19, 2012 at 8:50 pm

    This new Oracle Report goes right along with what I keep sensing:

    Oracle Report ~ May 19 – 20 2012
    Posted on May 19, 2012 by Gillian
    Oracle Report | Balsamic Moon Phase /
    New Moon Phase – Solar Eclipse

    There is much ado about this weekend’s New Moon/Annular Solar Eclipse, called the Ring of Fire, including alignment with the central star in the Pleiades. We live in an electric Universe and these conjunctions will certainly effect the electromagnetic fields of all things. But most of the discussion takes our minds off-planet and into the ethers of the galaxy. This is destabilizing to our psyches and causes us to become ungrounded with our mother – the goddess embodied as Earth. Earlier this week I talked about how the common belief that ascension takes us into so-called higher, cosmic realms is a trick of dark forces that stand against humanity. To ascend, we don’t look up; we look down. This eclipse isn’t the big deal everyone thinks it is, unless you consider a reign of madness a big deal. The really big deal is the upcoming Venus transit of the Sun on June 5/6 but more on that another day.

    For wise old owls, the story about this weekend’s New Moon/Solar Eclipse is that it is going to enable those who have attained a certain level of discernment (those who are “awake”) to see what others miss. You may feel disconnected from the dominant energy as if you were outside of a fish tank looking in. You will see what is going on around you because you are outside of the swirl (the ring of fire) that others are intimately engaged in. Over the next month, you will find yourself puzzled by the behavior of others. You’ll say “what were they thinking?” This is because there will be an acceleration of mass insanity. When light is either turned up or blocked, people lose their minds. Wise old owls have learned to operate in the dark and they are not tricked by distractions of dark forces.

    This New Moon/Solar Eclipse squares Neptune in Pisces and conjuncts the South Node in Gemini/opposes the North Node in Sagittarius. The cross shape is completed by a wide square to Mars in Virgo. This means an imprint on our emotional bodies. Be on guard! Be discriminating! Don’t buy into anything that takes your focus off of your connection with the Earth. We need to maintain emotional grounding and not fly off into the cosmos with fluffy talk about beautiful energy entering the planet. It isn’t. It will be used by Archontic (the term used by the Gnostic seers to denote negative beings at odds with the evolution of humanity) forces to knock us off balance with the coding of the Earth. We just had an amazing direct re-alignment with the planet and we don’t want all of that hard work and energy to be siphoned off and devoured.

    Admittedly this is a strong statement to make. Some readers may be turned off by this report. But we are all in this for wisdom not illusion and we are engaged as spiritual warriors. Keep your owl eye wide open with laser-sharp focus.



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  10. Bonjour Laura,
    Much Love from rainy Paris.
    Thank You so much for this beautiful and up-lifting post.
    Love, always,


  11. Posted by laurabruno on May 20, 2012 at 12:30 pm

    Bonjour, Caro! Love to you, too 🙂


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  13. Laura, may I put the link to this article please ? I would love to post it, if you are ok with that 🙂
    Plein d’amour,


  14. Posted by laurabruno on May 20, 2012 at 6:02 pm

    Yes, please feel free to post it, linking back to the original article. Lots of Love from the US to u in Paris. 🙂


  15. Will copy the beginning and then do a “read more here”, and hoop it will go to your website 🙂
    Much Love from “gay Paree” this expression comes from our friend G. I think it was from a film or so… She told me, I forgot…
    Cool, merci beaucoup,


  16. Noooo, not hoop (whatever this means) hopp ! This is what we say in Geman, like et voilà or “there it goes”… Hoop means tire… bloody automatic correction 🙂


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    So much excitement about the energy and potential changes that this eclipse will bring. Thought this was a great post.


  18. Posted by laurabruno on May 20, 2012 at 11:26 pm

    Thanks and blessings!


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