Stay Curious

David and I found this delightful little TED talk tonight, which coincides with so many of our recent topics of discussion. We had to chuckle at our synchronous world, especially as it relates to “Questions No One Knows the Answers to.” Sure, some people claim to know those answers, and yes, I have my own theories and experiences of parallel universes, past lives and unusual communications, but can we really know it all in a definitive way? One sometimes fun aspect of 3Dality remains the element of surprise and new learning. As we observe and co-create our world, perhaps we “Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle” it ad infinitim. For some reason, I find that refreshing! Anyway, here’s the video. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did:

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  1. I had a big synchronicity recently. I was watching my nephew. It was raining heavily and the weather said thunderstorms were on the way. I had something important to do, but I have a fear of driving. (Which suits me because riding the bus is cheaper.) I didn’t want my nephew to get all wet in the stroller. I was afraid I would have to miss the important thing.

    So I asked God to help. While my nephew was sleeping the weather cleared up a little. When he woke up I decided to risk the weather. Not only did I not miss the important event, but I was able to walk around downtown. I stopped in some stories and when I looked outside it was raining heavily, but by the time I got outside it was a light drizzle. This happened four or five times!

    The bus was even late (I didn’t ask for help with buses), and we were outside a long time waiting, but still only a light drizzle.



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