The Energies and Astrology of May 2012

The outer world continues to simmer as our inner resentments, balance of power issues, fear, confusion and clarity boil to the surface inside of us. “Boil, purify, release, repeat” have seemed like April’s energies of the inner day. On the outside, from what I can tell, a number of big, landmark lawsuits have recently been filed regarding international money laundering, BP Oil “Spill” coverups, and various frauds committed at the highest levels of government. Time will tell how many of these lawsuits result in tangible changes, but the fact that so many have begun seems to indicate that things on the outside have nearly arrived at a rolling boil. We’ve also got “The Plan” described by Drake percolating in the background, along with highly militarized goings on in Chicago and Denver in late May. If those mass arrests of corrupt politicians, bankers and UN cronies start happening in May, it will be an interesting month, indeed!

Thanks to Lucas for the following Jennifer Hoffman post. For those people even more interested in the Astrology, I’ve got a video posted at the end, too.

The Energies of May
Jennifer Hoffman

If what is going to happen in May were happening at any other time during our evolving ascension path, I would say “Fasten your seatbelts because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.” Instead, I’m going to say that in May we are going to finally get some results from the work we have been doing since January 2012 and understand the pieces of a puzzle we have been working on for the last ten years or more. April was a month for endings and release. As I look at May I keep hearing the word ‘Start’, so it’s a month to get started. We may not even know what we’re starting, we just need to be willing to begin. With everything that happens this month, ask yourself these questions:

1. What am I learning from this situation?

2. Where is the healing for me?

3. What new beginnings are being created now?

Venus goes retrograde this month and in my experience, this brings about a value review. What we want and ask for is a reflection of our value and if you have been denying yourself something, pretending that you and your life are fine even if you don’t think that’s true, or not being clear on what you want in your life, this is going to bring light to that situation. The resolution lies in being honest with yourself, working on your value system, acknowledging yourself and having the courage to know you deserve the best, brightest, most wonderful outcome in every situation.

We also have a solar eclipse this month, which is the first of the 2012 eclipses and its degree and sign make it about karma. So expect to see an end to karmic cycles, become more aware of karmic partners and also have situations where you know that a relationship will end because the karma is over. While we may think that ending karma is a good thing (and it is), the outcome isn’t always easy because there is a powerful choice – move on together at a new, karma free vibration or separate forever. You may experience some separations this month, so thank the person for being part of your learning and healing and accept their choices, which is part of your own learning.

Expect more and bigger energy downloads too, probably extensive solar flare activity around mid-month, lots of emotional highs and lows that always accompany clearing and healing and some strong realizations that it’s time to release any limitations from the past. These are not easy experiences but we’re at a point in our evolution where we no longer have the luxury of hanging onto things that do not serve us. If we do, we’re not stepping into our power and there are consequences to that. It’s time for us to be willing to live in our mastery and to do that we need to shed our small thinking, poor self image, feelings of unworthiness and hoping that the world and the people in it will change for us. We are the change the world has been waiting for and with May’s energies our eyes will begin to open to the truth of our power and how much fun our life journey can be.

Have a wonderful month!

(Link to original article here.)

Also, for those who have more time or desire a more in-depth astrological look at May 2012, here’s a Carl Boudreau video I originally found on Shift Frequency. As Gillian describes it: “An amazing month. Tons of mutable energy, several six-pointed stars – including two different kinds, a five pointed star and a solar eclipse. A huge, overwhelming turning point of a month. Do not expect clarity. But you can expect a lot of help. As weird and wild and crazy as the vibes are, May is loaded with positive synchronicity.” The 39 minutes reveals all sorts of unusual layers in what looks to be a highly charged month on many levels:

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  1. Posted by douglaseisenstark on May 1, 2012 at 6:44 am

    Darn interesting.



  2. laura, thank you so much for posting this. jennifer hoffman is right on target.
    clearing, healing, release – let’s get it done, on every level… ♥



  3. Posted by laurabruno on May 1, 2012 at 2:55 pm

    Yep! ♥



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