Oracle Report for April 19, 2012

Thanks to Gillian for bringing my attention to today’s Oracle Report. Judging by all the emails I’ve spent time answering this morning, this energy is alive and well today. Here’s some assurance that you’re not crazy, and you’re not alone in feeling this way:

Oracle Report

Thursday, April 19, 2012/Balsamic Moon Phase

Today’s energy finds us concerned over how and where we feel safe. We take notice of the reality that we live in “the matrix” most of the time and we recognize the limitations therein. We question where and how we fit in or how to move toward something that is better for us. The energy is unsettling, so we need to find some serenity and comfort in things that enrich our lives – friends, family, animals, nature, children, and people of like-mind. Some will respond to this energy by exhibiting narrow-minded attitudes and feeling stuck (no place to go), but the proper way to handle today is to find contentment and allow things to be just as they are today – even if they are quite uncomfortable or are making you unhappy.

Leave those things to the side and ask the Universe to take care of them. Switch your focus away from what is disturbing or distressing you and onto whatever enriches you. Paddle away like the swans in today’s picture. (Note: You’ll see I have added the twitter icon to the bottom of this page. I’ve created an account and will use it to communicate if anything important comes up in between daily posts – like solar flares or other events. I will also use it as a back-up when my site has technical difficulties. So, if you are inclined, follow me on twitter @oraclereport)

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