Thrive Full Length Video — Free Online Starting April 5

More fabulous news from the maker of “Thrive” … They’ve recovered their cost of making the film and beginning April 5, they will be making the film available for free online:

You can check out their resource-dense website by clicking here. I’m so pleased they’ve decided to do this. Back in December, I actually spoke with a friend of Foster’s, who asked me please not to keep the free version of “Thrive: What on Earth Will it Take” on this site. I explained how I had thought they meant for the message to spread as rapidly as possible. The friend, in turn, explained that they had originally needed to recover the cost of making the film. They thanked me for sharing the video and directing people to their site. I’m so pleased they’ve met their costs and will share this video directly on their website. You can still order the DVD for group showings, but this free access will help share information in a rapidly shifting world.

Many of those people who’ve always scoffed at you for your wild ideas will soon find themselves craving such information and explanations. Thrive offers one way to share some of the darker details of our failing society, along with a huge message of hope for a free and beautiful future.

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