Lee Harris March 2012 Energy Forecast

Thanks to Tania Marie for letting me know this was out! As usual, I find Lee Harris expresses just those things I’ve been noticing for myself as well as repeatedly with clients. He focuses on self-nurturing, especially with regard to taking care of the body and establishing appropriate boundaries with others. “Can you trust that what is right for you is also absolutely perfect for those around you?” Sometimes saying no takes all the courage and tough love we can muster, and yet it remains the balanced response. Lee addresses people who feel others’ needs tugging on their heartstrings but who themselves need to honor what keeps them in a harmonious vibration. Whether you work in the healing field or simply care about those around you, March brings with it an intense need for centering.

Lee’s suggested Affirmation for March: “I will love and nurture myself, body and soul. I will honor and enjoy myself, body and soul. I will love and remember those around me, for we are all brothers and sisters. I will love and nurture my original mother, the Earth, just as she nurtures my life.”

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