February 2012 Energy Forecast and a Rune for You

Last night I got an intuitive hit to search YouTube for Lee Harris videos and found this experimental one about February 2012 energies. He released this at the beginning of the month, but I decided to share it now as encouragement for everyone going through all the polarization-depolarization he’s talking about here. I’m seeing a lot of clients with fire energy issues, solar plexus “malfunction,” and unusual anger explosions. Given the astrology and energy of these times, I encourage people to go easy on themselves and allow the processing to take place in its own way and its own time.

Various tools can help ensure that no one gets hurt in the process, as it’s ultimately meant to purge all the old stuff that no longer serves. Lee shares some specific meditation techniques in the video, and I would also like to offer the Dea or Dagaz Rune as a meditation tool. The energy of this Rune embodies polarization/depolarization and a return of the goddess energies. Dagaz beckons a new dawn with complete transformation of the old. A breakthrough, as in “Break on Through (to the Other Side).”

"Dea" or "Dagaz" Rune

Notice how it resembles an angular infinity sign and think “infinite prosperity for all,” a successful conclusion to our seemingly infinite battles in duality. Dea or Dagaz helps us to move beyond polarity consciousness by embracing that very polarity. It helps us to make the best of situations even if we don’t like or understand how those situations came to be. The energy of this Rune invokes inner and outer transformation. As within, so without.

You can print out the Rune or simply focus on it in your mind. Use whichever name most resonates with you, Dea or Dagaz. Dea will have more of a goddess energy feel to it. Due to their power for good or ill, I never used to teach Runes on this blog. I preferred to share them in private sessions with people I sensed were prepared for the energy the Runes would unleash. Far more than divination devices, Runes are all potent tools to reprogram our subconscious. It seems like more of the world is ready for them, and we can certainly use some empowered reprogramming!

On that note, I’ll leave you with Lee:

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