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New Moon in Aquarius and Mars Retrograde: Releasing Anger and Energy Vampires

As part of my ongoing Forgiveness Experiment, I discovered a hot technique the other night for rechanneling the negative emotions associated with psychic vampires, narcissists, and other people who’ve flagrantly betrayed our trust and boundaries. With Pluto in Capricorn, all sorts of hidden truths have begun to reveal themselves both individually and collectively. All the deepest, darkest secrets and abuses will continue to shock and bother us as this combination of planetary energies forces the Shadows into the Light. It’s time. Carl Jung reminds us, “That which we do not bring to consciousness appears in our lives as fate.” Moving through the Shadow frees us to embrace a brighter world.

In addition to Pluto in Capricorn, some other astrological energies support finding productive ways to engage and then release our anger. We’ve got the Chinese New Year on the 23rd: Year of the Water Dragon! We’ve also got a New Moon tonight in Aquarius and beginning tomorrow, Mars Retrograde in Virgo. Thanks to Tania Marie for bringing “Let the Dragon Roar” to my attention: “Welcome to Mars turning retrograde in nitpicky Virgo! The warrior planet will be retracing its steps from Jan. 23 to April 13, and continues to energize this earthy sign until July 3. Altogether, it will spend almost eight months in Virgo, helping us channel our anger and frustration, get organized, heal ancient wounds, and find constructive ways to right personal, corporate and planetary wrongs.”

Two nights ago, I tapped into Pluto for assistance in releasing resentment. I said, “Hey, Pluto, you’re the Lord of the Underworld and the phoenix rising from its ashes. I want you to help me burn through all these emotions related to ____ and help me use them as fuel for transformation. It will save me from having to sort through them at all. I’ve determined this was a toxic relationship and whatever good I got from it was mostly due to my own determination to find the gold. Now I really want to find the gold — as in Alchemy. Rather than digging around in the muckety muck of old memories, trying to sort through the good, the bad, the ugly, the guilty, the nostalgic and especially the very, very confusing, I’m just opting to burn them all. Positive and negative emotions are powerful energy. If I burn through positive emotions, I still receive their benefit. I don’t need to worry about ‘wasting good memories’ if I’m using them for fuel. And the bad memories I can use for fuel as well. I’m tired of giving away my energy to these emotions, and I’m really tired of the emotional cords that allow ____ to continue surfing off my energy. I want my energy back. I want my life to return to the here and now. I don’t need those memories, Pluto. I need and invoke total transformation. Torch ’em!

I went to bed angry and churning over memories that have haunted me like so many tantalizing ghosts, even when the rest of life feels magically alive. No matter what I did, some memories continued to repeat at the least convenient or appropriate times — until I tried this technique as I drifted off to sleep. It’s so weird, but I can no longer access memories of many things that were formerly on constant replay. They’re just … gone … as though I burned through actual photographs in my mind. I feel energized instead of burned out. It’s working for me. I hope you find it helpful, too!

I recently found this Michael Tsarion video/radio interview, “Psychic Vampirism, Destructive Man vs Creative Man.” I think he gives one of the best explanations of the phenomenon and ways we can choose to move through it. He’s careful to distinguish between using the idea as a means of avoiding our own responsibility and the actual situation of people who purposely prey upon other people’s Light. I very much appreciate his recommendation to have fun with our process of freeing ourselves. Evolution need not be a constant drag. It need not make us feel like victims. If you’ve wondered about Energy Vampires, narcissists or Psychic Vampirism, this interview informs and inspires. It’s long, but worth the listen!

Sleep and Awakening

Just stopping by with a friendly reminder to let yourself sleep! As a Medical Intuitive, lately I’ve been hearing the same complaints from lots of people: “I’m just so tired!” “Can you believe it? I had to take a nap!” “I slept 12 hours last night.” “I’m not depressed. Not at all, actually. Things are amazing in my life right now, but sometimes I just wanna lie around on the couch all afternoon with my eyes closed.”

These aren’t people who have Lyme Disease, brain injury, cancer or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Everyone knows those folks need their rest and lots of it. The people craving so much sleep are everyday, high vibe Lightworkers who suddenly feel exhausted — and they want to know what the heck is going on. (Please don’t think that people with Lyme Disease and other injuries or illnesses aren’t Lightworkers. Au contraire! Most of them are. They just didn’t listen to the message to rest, and so Life came along and upped the urgency.) If you feel concerned about feeling extra tired lately, please take a moment to rule out the physical.

Are you getting enough sleep?
If you’re constantly robbing yourself of a full night’s sleep, then it’s no wonder you feel tired and depleted. Coffee is not a sustainable replacement for shut-eye. Find ways to nap or catch up on rest, because your body rejuvenates itself as you sleep. As long as we remain in 3D, no amount of ginseng, coffee, gaurana or raw cacao will magically and totally erase the need to recharge.

Are you eating enough high quality, raw, organic foods, fermented foods, and/or green juice?
You are what you eat, and living foods imbibe you with extra life force energy. If you do eat a high raw diet, you might also want to check the amount of raw cruciferous veggies in your menu. For some people, too much raw produce in the broccoli and kale family zaps the adrenals. For a tasty, vitamin-B filled treat, try fermenting them instead! For an in-depth article on adrenal fatigue and food, please click here.

Check nutrition levels for things like Vitamins D and B12.
A doctor, naturopath or nutritionist can easily check your levels. Especially for vegans or vegetarians in the winter Vitamin D can run low, resulting in fatigue. B12 can run low year round. There’s plenty of literature regarding these important vitamins, and I felt strongly enough about this message back in 2009 that I had an integrative nutritionist share her article about Vitamin D on my blog. I’ve also spoken and written about B12 before, not just for vegans, but as a wider issue in our society. Kevin Gianni’s interview with Dr. Gabriel Cousens describes what Dr. Cousens has found in his years of research. Please click here for that info. I’m not giving medical advice here, but in your own research you might also want to explore the works of Dr. Weston A. Price regarding Vitamin D. Shazzie is also a great resource on supplementation for vegans, especially raw vegan children.

OK, it doesn’t seem physically related, but I’m still tired!
Right. As I mentioned, I’m hearing this complaint from people who’ve already ruled out a host of physical reasons for fatigue. Most of them don’t even feel bad. They just suddenly find themselves wanting to sleep more, and feel annoyed, judgmental, concerned or curious about that fact. As a survivor of traumatic brain injury, I do understand not wanting to sleep your day away! I spent several years needing to sleep 12-16 hours per night, plus naps, and I can’t say I ever got used to it.

The same reason I needed so much sleep after my brain injury holds true for Lightworkers undergoing Ascension. The brain needs rest to heal and rewire itself. If you break your arm, you can immobilize it in a cast, but the closest thing the brain can do is sleep — or put itself in a coma. Thankfully, I’m not seeing a rush of comatose Lightworkers, but have no doubt, there’s a massive, collective rewiring in the works right now. Bruce Lipton calls it “The Biological Imperative.” Others call it DNA Activation, the Awakening, Human Evolution, or Spiritual Emergence. Lightworkers lead the way in these changes, and the fastest way to Awaken is to fall asleep. Your body and brain can rewire, troubleshoot and activate much more easily in a sleep or trance state, with no other preoccupations like traffic, sales reports or conversation.

This process of Awakening or Ascension also involves cleansing out lifetimes (yes, plural) of toxic junk, mostly emotional and spiritual. Just like a physical cleanse can knock you over with fatigue while old toxins hit the bloodstream before being processed out forever, this kind of emotional/spiritual cleanse takes energy. Our outer world simply doesn’t offer us the time or tools to sort and heal as efficiently as the subconscious naturally does on its own. We can speed up the process by accepting it and honoring this sacred shift. We can hold ourselves in a gentle space and recognize that we’re doing some of the deepest excavations of human history. As Lightworkers transmute our own feelings of shame, guilt, unworthiness and limitation, we create viable templates for humanity as a whole.

I love how Michael Tsarion describes Enlightenment. He rightly notes that most people consider it a term for growing brighter — becoming more and more filled with Light. Then he challenges us to think of the other definition of “Light.” Think of lightening our load, putting down what no longer serves. Instead of hauling around lifetimes of junk and old programming, we en-light-en ourselves by releasing heaviness. The third dimension is known for its density. If we really intend to shift into the higher, less dense dimensions, then this kind of en-light-en-ment makes perfect sense. Our subconscious carries the bulk of our weight through ancient griefs, past life issues, and a confused sense of Self. Why not let the subconscious do its thing?!

Again, we can speed along this process by going with the flow. In our natural state, humans are already far more advanced than most of the species would seem to indicate. Old programming and the barnacles of a past that no longer matters have simply gunked up our gears, slowed our chakras, and otherwise kept us tied to Ye Olde 3D World. As Dr. Joseph Murphy so prolifically explained, the subconscious mind creates reality and rules our life. We can instruct it using our conscious mind, and the subconscious mind MUST create whatever we choose to focus upon. When we sleep, we give it free reign with no interruptions from conscious “but’s,” worries or false limitations.

The subconscious mind chooses life and it chooses to expand upon whatever we direct our attention to. How ’bout we take a moment before falling asleep to ensure we get the most out of our unconscious state? If you need to forgive someone, ask your subconscious to help with that. If you need to solve your money issues, affirm that your subconscious mind already knows how and when to make it so. If you want more intuition, don’t simply request … rather expect … dreams and synchronicities to help you expand your awareness and skills. As Lightworkers we know (on some level anyway) that everything is in Divine and Perfect Order. Even sleep. We naturally evolve in the easiest and most efficient ways possible, whenever we just “lighten up” and go with the flow. If the flow encourages sleep, so be it. Some people believe 5D living won’t even involve sleep anymore. As Frauke of Schizandra and the Gates of Mu says, “We only sleep to dream.” Enjoy this time of cocooning! We’ll all be butterflies soon enough.

2012: Year of Power

Here’s Lee Harris sharing his visions of what 2012 holds for all of us. I found his 2011 predictions so spot on in retrospect that I thought I’d share his new ones here. Synchronously, I awoke this morning talking about Pluto’s influence in my chart as well as the larger world right now. I was just saying, “Pluto’s not just about rebirth. It’s about rooting out the hidden. It’s about power, so wherever Pluto makes an appearance, expect what’s hidden to show itself, expect a rebirth, and honor the power that comes from it.” According to Lee Harris, 2012 is all about power — personal, collective, how it’s used and how it manifests. One of my favorite phrases is “power to, not power over.” May we all learn to empower others and our planet with respect, rather than control. Many Blessings and Happy Saturday!

Madison Reiki Master Teacher Training Postponed Until 1/29/12

Just a quick note: due to weather events and the request of two out-of-town participants, tomorrow’s (1/21/12) Reiki Master Teacher Certification Class in Madison has been postponed until Sunday, January 29, 2012. At this point, there are still a few spots available in the class, so that’s good news for anyone who couldn’t make it on the 21st. For more information on Reiki Master Teacher training, please click here or contact me. For Reiki Master Teacher FAQ’s, please click here.

Insider Scoop on the Gov. Walker Recall

Today we have a jubilant guest blog post from my Uncle Brad, who has worked tirelessly to protect worker’s rights and recall Walker since the very beginning of the Madison protests last year. Given how people have looked towards Madison as inspiration for so many peaceful protests and mass awakenings, the results so far are quite encouraging for more systemic change. Here’s Brad Palmer’s inside scoop:

My Fellow “State Street Hippies”

One Million!!
OVER 1,000,000!!!!
That’s a ONE and SIX zeros!

My God, Wisconsin Freedom Fighters–teachers, farmers, janitors, nurses, firefighters, police, retirees, students, unemployed, homeless, accountants, professors, Occupy Madison, all walks of our state, collected over 1,000,000 signatures (we needed 540,208) to recall Walker. That’s more than any recall for an American governor in the history of the United States! Additionally, 845,000 signatures to recall the Lt. Governor, and another 87,000 to recall four Republikan state senators. We did this in 60 days. It wasn’t, as John Nichols noted, just Madison and Milwaukee. It was rural communities, small towns, little burgs….it was all of us. Organizing an undertaking like this is bigger than the Democratic Party, bigger than the unions. It was 30,000 grassroots residents of this state, braving winter weather, death threats, intimidation, attacks, profanities, anger and money. It was, in short, US! WE DID THIS! And Wisconsin’s accomplishment belongs to America as well.

When I got an email at 1:51 this afternoon from United Wisconsin — the largest driving organization of volunteers in this effort — that stated we — WISCONSIN — had collected over a million signatures and turned them into the GAB, my knees literally went weak. I headed for the locker room at work and sat on a bench, awash in emotion. In those brief moments, every memory I have of the rising up for freedom in Wisconsin flashed through my head in technicolor. I remember 30,000 of us marching in the winter. I saw the 150,000 marchers standing shoulder to shoulder with Kathie and me, my daughter and son in law, two of my granddaughters, in sleet and snow, frozen, seeing thousands of signs. We chanted. We stood and heard speakers, including John Nichols, editor of “Nation” magazine. He told us, “We can get a million signatures to recall Walker. But we have to wait 9 months.” We cheered, but we didn’t know what was ahead of us.

We heard Peter Yarrow sing for 100,000 of us. We heard Michael Moore speak on the steps of the capitol. I saw the rotunda, filled with thousands of us; an open mic, “Firefighters for Labor,” “Cops for Labor.” AFSCME, AF of L-CIO. I remember singing with the Solidarity Singers, who still sing songs of freedom and labor and protest in the captiol — “Singing for our lives.” 14 brave Democratic senators heading to Illinois to prevent FatzWalkerstan from ramming through illegal legislation, then welcoming them back to the capitol after the deed was done covertly. Dwindling at times to several dozen of us carrying signs, walking around the capitol in the spring. Walkerville — tents on the square to translate “Hooverville” of the 1930s into 2011. The drive for recall of our own senatorial stooge, Luther Olsen — gathering signatures, campaigning with Fred Clark, knocking on doors, meeting resistance and appreciation alternately. The crushing deflation I felt when we lost that recall election after all the hard work, but knowing the state recalled two of the three conspiritors of Walker’s. Saying goodbye to the foot soldiers we shared the recall campaign with, but strengthening our own grassroots organization.

We attended a LOT of demonstrations in Madison, and participated in our own Portage area demonstrations — something Portage had not seen in my 34 years here. The firing up of the recall office again, with a stronger, wiser, larger grassroots group, knowing WE were now the driving force, taking initiative, doing it ourselves, and knowing that all over this state, people like us were doing the same. Phone banks, recall signature stations, buttons, signs, getting hassled like never before, getting loved like never before. Many of our people gave up family time, weekends, nights, mornings, vacations, retirements; just to do what had to be done — recall Walker, restore our freedom. All of this rushed through my head and became a waking visual dream as I sat there. I was overcome with emotion — good emotion. This war will have many more battles. But the good guys just won one, and won it BIG.

Tonight we attended a “celebration” in Madison by United Wisconsin to thank all the volunteers who made this happen today. I estimate four thousand of us gathered in Monona Terrace Convention Center. “These are my people,” I thought, as I entered the sea of smiling Wisconsinites. We have a much bigger battle ahead. But tonight — just for tonight — was to take a breath and revel in what we’ve done. Mike Tate, leader of the DPW, thanked us and told us that what we did was not only historic, not only watched by the entire nation, but reaffirmed what the power of people can do. He admitted that during the planning stage, the DPW had decided the Satan of the Senate — Scott Fatzgerald — was unreachable. In all Fatzgerald’s arrogant haughtiness, it NEVER entered his empty puppet head that he could ever be recalled. His district is too red, he is the majority leader of the senate, and was safely entrenched. So there was no office in that district, no organization, no DPW.

But someone forgot to tell a diminutive photographer named Lori Compas. She decided she had to try. So with her own home as her recall office, she procured petitions, and went out on her own. She need 17,000 plus. She had 60 days to do this alone. Eventually, she convinced friends, family, anyone she could, to help her. She organized, she persevered, she NEVER stopped, not for a day. With two weeks left in the drive, the state noticed her efforts. Within 48 hours of the deadline, she needed 700 signatures to reach minimum, with no cushion of signatures. Within that 48 hours, volunteers from all over the state poured into little Jefferson, Wisconsin, where a recall office — an empty warehouse — was abuzz with directors, trainers, turf distributors, signature checkers, canvassers — it looked like Eisenhower’s office must have looked on the battlefields of World War II. Someone forgot to tell Lori it couldn’t be done. She got 20,600 signatures, virtually as a one-woman army. Mike Tate recognized her on stage tonight. She deserved every loud roaring cheer she got. She is a warrior. She is a Badger.

John Nichols was the key note speaker. He thanked us all. He quoted Fighting Bob LaFollette, who birthed the Progressive movement, “Democracy is not an event. It is a life.” He told us of Wisconsin’s place in history tonight. He reminded us of the demonstrations, the push back, the rising up of an oppressed citizenry. He reminded us that tonight we deserve a celebration; and tomorrow, we must begin the fight anew.

We are at war, make no mistake. The fight of our lives wages on. I hugged a lot of people tonight, most of them were strangers. One man said he’d hugged so many people he couldn’t remember them all. I told him, “We’re all one tonight.” Kathie’s only description of the event was brief and poignant. “This was awesome. We needed this.”

And as we stood at the end of the program — stood among strangers who will ever be our brothers and sisters, who don’t know “quit,” who don’t recognize, “You can’t win,” who don’t care about millions of dollars against them, who simply will not stop–the Solidarity Singers came on stage and sang THEIR signature song.

“Solidarity forever, Solidarity forever. Solidarity forever, the union makes us strong.”

I always considered that song a great tribute to labor — to the men and women who toiled over generations to till the land of Wisconsin, to build the schools and churches and houses; who worked the factories and made the goods and minded the stores. To have them and their memory corrupted and dishonored by the fiends of FatzWalkerstan is beyond evil. And it occurred to me as I stood witnessing 4.000 fists in the air in unison, singing, “Solidarity forever,” that a “union” is also a oneness of people, a connection that cannot be broken, a family of hard working people who refuse to give in to fear or threats or intimidation. Tonight that union is over one million strong. And tomorrow, we must begin preparations for the biggest battle. Can people power really defeat corporate billions? We believe it, because this is a life, not an event. Tonight belongs to us. Tomorrow is ours to earn.

The war continues. Here in my county, in my town of Portage, even now, the county board is plotting a vote tomorrow to further force sacrifices and punishment, further loss of income and benefits for county employees. Kathie is a candidate for that very board in April. Perhaps they might heed our phone calls and emails, flooding them the past two days — perhaps they may sit up and pay attention to the current state of the governor’s precarious tenure….perhaps not. But here in our county and neighboring counties, we have a grassroots organization that turned a red county blue last summer, a county that attained 200% of its goal in Walker recall signatures. Maybe — just maybe — they might be thinking of how angry Badgers can be when they’re attacked.

Fatzgerald and Grossman said, “They’ll go away in a couple of weeks.” That was in March of 2011. Kathie was asked in an interview by Channel 3 of Madison in March of 2011, “Do you think the protesters will still be here in a month?”

The push back is growing. SOPA has prompted internet blackouts in protest. Occupations continue to stand against foreclosures, continue to demonstrate, continue to occupy, the 99% continues to make a difference and to be heard. Indiana’s monarchical governor, Mitch Daniels, is being opposed by a new organization — of REPUBLICANS. They’re called, “lunchpail Republicans,” who say the current Republikan party is NOT the party of Lincoln. The lunchpailers are running ads AGAINST the Republikan administration in Indiana. Ohio gave Wisconsin a shot of adrenaline with their overwhelming reversal of anti-labor laws.

So tomorrow, we brush off our boots. We gather winter clothing and await the drive in a couple weeks to assist Wisconsin residents whose votes have been suppressed by Walker’s voter ID law. Badgers won’t be stopped. We grow, we strengthen, we unite, we organize. Freedom, democracy, rights….Fighting Bob reminds us these aren’t events, they are a life. I’ve met and connected with thousands of extraordinary people during this class war. I am honored by such bonds. I am humbled by their strength. This Illinois native is proud to be a Badger.

Forgive the emotional tone of this report. It was an emotional day for a million of us. How do we smell now, “Senator” Glen Grossman?

I encountered a five or six year old boy at the celebration tonight, perched on his father’s shoulders. I touched his arm, looked him in the eyes, and said, “Remember this.”

Solidarity Forever!
Union! Unity!
Fight back!



Reminder: Only 3 Days Left for January Special

January Special

In support of all those New Year’s Resolutions to get healthy, I’ve decided to offer specials on Medical Intuitive Sessions. Medical Intuition is the ability to access information about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health through “reading” the energy field around the body. A Medical Intuitive Session decodes the message(s) from soul to body into language your conscious mind can understand and begin to address. (It is not meant to replace traditional medical treatment.) Medical Intuitive Readings are normally $175 per hour or $90 per half hour.

Medical Intuitive sessions purchased today through 1/21/12, will be discounted to $77 per half hour, which can be doubled or tripled for longer sessions.

Please note, the January Special is strictly for Medical Intuitive Sessions. It does not include Intuitive Life Path Assessments, Soul Readings or Life Coaching. I created this particular special to encourage those people who would like insight regarding health challenges as they face the New Year and increasing energies of 2012.

Big Love!

Awakening the Heart Chakra and Taking Back Your Power

Today we have a guest blog post by a former Facebook friend and the inspiration behind 2011’s Event, 40 Days Focusing on the New 5D Earth. Thanks to Bill Ballard for these timely insights into Ascension, Light, Love and restoration. Please don’t let his title scare you. Bill shares inspiring and insightful information here, along with tips to make these times some of the most empowering and joy-filled ever.

The Final Battle of Light and Dark ~ Bill Ballard (Jan 14 2012)

What a marvelous time to be alive on Earth! We are in the final Battle of Light and Dark! This is a frequency war. All That Is (Creator Source) is frequency – various vibrational levels of consciousness. What is happening now is the final test for those choosing to ascend.

The whole battle of light and dark is nothing more than a test for each to show what we have mastered over our many previous lifetimes. As we come to the end of the Piscean Age and begin the Age of Aquarius all the old illusion MUST collapse. The soil must be tilled to plant the seeds of New Earth. This is precisely what is going on now. And watching the world collapse around you is not an easy thing, even if you are fully set on choosing ascension.

I find it fun to observe all that is going on. I love to watch it as if I am watching a play. What happened within me that allows me to view the illusion and have no fear is I learned the secret. It is shifting my own consciousness from my head to my heart. Doing so shifted my whole way of observing from a point of fear to a point of detachment and love. I witnessed a new protection, a light that surrounds and protects me through the chaotic illusion surrounding me.

What a game this is!

We will all go through the process of learning to shift consciousness from head to heart. That is the basis of what ascension is and is the minimal requirement for entry into the new 5D Earth. Truly we are only returning to a state we have “fallen” from at the end of Atlantis during the deluge that brought that civilization to an end. Many of us are having memories of that event that we must process and release to move on without fear.

The test going on (as what we thought we knew collapses) is tough for many persons to take. For me, speaking as Bill Ballard, even with years of knowing what was going on and participating in the exposé from behind the scenes – it is still humbling to witness the extent of all that was being controlled by the Illuminati. Humanity was pretty close to being in a trap that was complete, one with seemingly no way out. We have passed that point now. That is what the End of the Great Awakening was/is about – the exposé of who most thought were their protectors, their government, and what that government was doing to control and manipulate the masses.

The other part of the Great Awakening is about WHO WE TRULY ARE! We truly are great spirits having a human experience, feeding the Mind of God and our Souls. It is all an illusion, one that collapses as human consciousness expands/ascends back to higher dimensional awareness.

The Illuminati – those who control our planet – definitely do not want this awakening to occur. That is the reason for dumbing-down humanity via food, vaccinations, education, religion, chemtrails, environmental pollution, and all the other frequency-lowering control mechanisms they have put in place.

The awakening is, quite simply, a rise in an individual’s vibrational field. When you, for example, choose to return to a higher physical vibration – a higher level of comprehension of the invisible field around you – you engage in a conscious interaction with the field. Everything changes. Your perception shifts and grows into a much higher state of awareness, a multi-dimensional potential where your spiritual powers are re-membered. We always had these powers, but we were dis-membered while in the lower vibration.

This dis-member-ment of our true power is what allows others to control and manipulate us. At the end of the Great Awakening and just before the mass ascension of humanity occurs, those choosing to ascend must become aware of who they truly are, the true history of what has happened, and what must be done to prepare for ascension. It is nothing more than raising one’s physical frequency to the minimum level necessary to move to new Earth. This minimal vibratory level can be found when you shift from head to heart. And, of course, the Illuminati and powers that be want to keep you from this.

Actually we can consider what is going on like spiritual boot camp on Mother Earth. We are coming to the end of our training and the war games, the Final Battle of Light and Dark has begun. In past years many of us thought this was going to be a physical battle. However, as we begin to understand that thought and information is light, and we increase our awareness of who and what we truly are, a shift into a higher vibration of awareness occurs. The dark side does not want us to know this information as it is truly powerful when one really understands. All we thought and believed about our magical powers and abilities when we were young, is really the reality.

It was when we forgot that reality and bought into the illusion that problems began occurring in our lives. We took a bite of the apple of Un-Knowledge and stepped into the trap. By doing so we lowered our vibrations.

Have you ever noticed how happy a child is when he is still in this state? We have taught our children to believe the illusion is true and the invisible world they come to Earth with is the illusion. What a trap! As we believed the knowledge of those all-knowing adults we bought into the illusion and forgot what truly IS real. And this is how it happened. We fell for what our parents taught us. Well, most of us did. Some of us, however, kept on believing what we came here with.

Jesus stated you can only get into heaven with the heart of a child. There is no better advice about ascension than that. We must all re-member our childlike nature and those things we came to this life with. We learned ego – the false teaching that leads to separation, disconnection from source and full entry into the lower vibrations. We now must get back to that state of being we had as a child, full of unconditional love and the awareness of higher vibrations. To do so we must unlearn all we were taught was reality in this illusion. That is a somewhat difficult task for many who have ventured into the depths of the lower vibrations, separation and duality.

Right now we see the whole world collapsing around us. This “seeing” is Light, and Light is information. Information is the key to seeing through the illusion. This “seeing” does not feel good to one exploring the depths of ego. I know this for I, too, do the same thing, despite having the awareness of much of what was really going on all my life. We all go through this. However, by returning to the heart space, our child-like nature, all the illusion we have been indoctrinated into dissolves, and the memory of truth resurfaces.

Information is Light. Light is love. Love and Light are Vibration. To totally infuse higher vibration into life, we must expand our light/love vibration and enter a much higher level of comprehension and dimensional awareness. There are many different levels of light/love vibration, all attuned to various octaves of frequency known as dimensions.

This world illusion must collapse so a new experience can take its place for those choosing to ascend. This collapse destroys all the things we have identified ourselves with within the 3rd and 4th dimensional experience. Let it go! Don’t hold on! Remove all perceptions of rules which set the guidelines of reality. Remember that we create the rules we play with in any level of the illusion. Wouldn’t it be better to play with NO RULES? I guess that is a personal decision and one we each must make to define that we believe in. I personally choose not to have limitations to my comprehension. I choose to be able to attune to the highest levels of consciousness I can attain.

Now, the collapse of the old world falling away will bring up “thoughts and fears.” If this is going on inside you look at why this is happening and what you are doing. First, become aware of the focus of your attention. Are you perceiving the illusion from your heart, or are you actually in your head? If there is fear you are perceiving from your head as only love – not fear – can be in the heart.

During the time of transition from head to heart, even after the heart chakra is activated, you enter an in-between state. One aspect of consciousness is heart-centered while another aspect remains in the head. This is when the ongoing process of shifting between head and heart occurs. This process of shifting from head to heart takes time.

Consciousness is connected to All That Is, to every atom in all dimensions of the multi-verse. As a human you are continually pulling more of that higher self/ ALL THAT IS consciousness into your physical being. I mean this in the spiritual, higher vibrational way. It is difficult to put that lower dimensional physical rock into the body and enjoy it. But when you “re-member” Source or God IS all that is- that Source is ALL various levels of vibrational consciousness, then you begin to realize you truly wish to embody as much of “All That IS” or God into your physical being, bringing as much spirit (LIGHT) into yourself as possible. That realization is what raises your light quotient and physical vibration into higher levels of consciousness. That is how you become multi-dimensional.

If you are not completely anchored in your heart the collapse of the system will seem frightening. Even stepping into 5D seems frightening at the beginning levels of heart chakra activation. As you continue the process from 5D Ascension Initiation into the higher initiations, you experience deeper and deeper paths into self. All the chakras are explored as you activate, increase light, and turn ever more inward into truth. You begin to realize that is where all your knowledge and power reside. That is where the re-membering of higher power occurs.

Remembering cannot occur in the illusion! In order for a new world to be born the old 3D/4D world must collapse. And so, too, must the illusion of your personal matrix collapse so you can be reborn into higher levels of awareness.

The 4th dimensional beings controlling Earth at this time, as well as the negative ETs influencing them, are limited by ego and thought. They have not made the quantum leap to the power of the heart field. All individuals vibrating at a level less than those beings can be easily controlled by them. That is why so much is being done to keep humanity’s focus on the external – focused on the illusion rather than turned inward toward the internal reality. It is this over-focusing on the external that keeps humanity dumbed down. Maintaining that external focus is a critical aspect of the plan designed and implemented by our wonderful End Times Drill instructors, the Illuminati. The plan is to keep so much chaos in the illusion that humanity is trapped and unable to complete the shift from lower vibrations into higher, from head to heart, from ego to love. The ascending initiate must realize THAT is the game – keeping you tied to the illusion and thereby giving away of your power.

What is your choice? For indeed, we each have choice!

Mastery is the taking back of your power. I state this on multiple levels as we each create the illusion we think of as reality. Taking back your power requires “response-ability”. For mastery to occur you must be “response-able.” You must control where you focus your consciousness, thought and emotion. It is consciousness, thought and emotion that create the illusion you experience. As I have stated previously 5D vibrations allow you to create directly through thought and emotion coupled with focused intent. Creation can be done consciously or unconsciously. Either way it can and will create your experience for it is all about vibration.

Taking back your power allows you to be consciously aware and in control of your experience. In addition you must also know you are playing this game of experience with others, and that we are all vehicles for soul. Soul in the lower dimensions undertakes the 3rd ascension initiation and then the 4th, which requires Soul control rather than ego control of life experience. The 5th initiation is the activation of the heart chakra and the permanent bliss state that comes with its activation. The 5th is the first true mastery initiation where you must have the intent to manifest a certain level of vibration. You must choose your focus and remain with it for longer and longer periods of time until you successfully activate your heart chakra.

As you take back your power by going ever inward the exterior illusion falls away. Fears and old habits, all the training you received from external sources within the illusion, gradually falls away. Yes, you can get reversed and perceive from that old comfortable fear you once had, not believing that a permanent state of grace can be obtained. But that is a falsehood and a trap. New rules apply here and you make these rules. See? This illusion must be collapsed and all fears must be confronted and put into proper perspective – that of being the tool necessary to experience and transcend the lower dimensions.

When in the higher dimensions your light bubble protects you and you can walk in the middle of the most incredible hurricane or disaster unfolding and remain completely protected. Believe me!

We must all learn to recognize and master old habits. Next we must dissolve these habits to make way for our new 5D Selves of Love and Light. That is a process we all must go through when we decide we have had enough of the 3-4D games. No one can do it for us.

We have much help if we ask. This is the key to peace and happiness. It is the key to mastery of our beings in these End Times, and of having a wonderful journey as the world around us, our old familiar ways, dissolve to make way for the New. Together, all doing this, we create a New Earth as we change, transform and transfigure ourselves with higher vibrations, Light, LOVE, knowledge and wisdom.

With Unconditional Love for ALL That IS!

Bill Ballard