Mars Retrograde in Virgo: Insights from Electra Jung

I’ve already shared some information on Mars Retrograde in Virgo, but here we have the lovely Electra Jung weighing in from a professional astrological perspective. I’m personally feeling these energies, and I know so many others are, too. Many thanks to Electra for her insights and clarity:

Mars Retrograde in Virgo

Jan. 23 – April 13, 2012

Free Yourself

“The moment you can visualize being free from the things that hold you back, you have indeed begun to set yourself free.”


Mars is known as the God of War, the Passionate Warrior, and the Red Planet of desire, action, competition war and conquest. Mars is also the planet which rules instinct, ambition and power…the will to overcome adversity at all cost.

Mars is absolute action fueled by passion and anger providing the focused energy to achieve.

Mars in retrograde is energy turned inward rather than outward. Pressure becomes volcanic when Mars energy is restrained or when anger is internalized. There can be covert activity, hidden agendas leading to resentments and even paranoia.

The enormous expectations you have for yourself, coming from others, open and hidden agendas (yours and others), sexual conquest and the desire to be noticed and admired. All this falls under the realm of “Mars” and the desire to achieve. When Mars is retrograde there is a noticeable lowering of vitality, loss of direction and frustration bordering on anxiety.

This just in from an office employee:

“I do feel this lack of motivation – I can’t force myself to get my work done! It is frustrating and I want to know how best to utilize this delay. I have a paper to write and my notes are all there, the thing is half-written, and I can’t force myself to even look at it!”

Mars retrograde is the opportunity to free oneself from binding, controlling memories from the past, psychological vampires, personal incarceration to in-authentic life patterns. This means the self-imposed restrictions and boundaries you have placed upon yourself after a lifetime of being conditioned, regimented, manipulated and criticized for unorthodox or individualistic behavior.

This is the opportunity for deep re-evaluation of personal motive and begin to honestly come to terms with how authentic your life has become.. .or is there something inside your own mind holding into a pattern of false being. The experiences for renewal and regeneration are born from intense encounters of one’s Shadow…long buried dreams suppressed deep within.


… freedom from the expectation of others, freedom from worry, from the future, from the things that tie you to the past and weigh you down.

Mars retrograde in Virgo brings the inclination to begin healing through closure, severance of ties and over-due endings. These ties from the past continue to manipulate and control nearly every aspect of your present life… physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual.

Now is the time to turn energy with-in and begin acknowledging every superficial social activity which drains and exhausts your vitality. Witness your own life from a point of detachment and honesty…discover who you are…is this who you really are or the result of expectations and restrictions.

Deepen your understanding of current barriers, re-active patterns grown rigid and predictable …begin to thoroughly watch yourself and your false life action toward your inner-life and begin to acquaint yourself with your authentic-self.

Consciously decide to release yourself from emotional barriers brought about from previous experiences. These patterns no longer serve your Souls progress nor do they serve your mental health. You do not even need to know what they are.

All worldly gifts are available to you immediately if you remove blocks and open yourself to receive. It takes time…and this is the time.

“Don’t cling onto anything of the old; enter the new completely free and unfettered. Be open and willing to accept new ideas, new ways, to accept that all things are possible, that
 you can change and can change now, that you can leave all the old behind without any regrets and move forward with real joy and complete abandonment.”

-Eileen Caddy

Now is all we have… and this Mars cycle is a very Spiritualizing process to discover your own desires within…not the approval from without. The time is now to replace fear and doubt with trust and faith.

Outer activities which drew your attention now fall to the side as the all-important task of re-moving blocks of anger, jealousy and low self-esteem issues can be rooted out by the inward journey of Mars and released by the power of the love and light or enlightenment.

We all need to stop blaming ourselves for the unhappy, draining circumstances we may find ourselves living with. The psychological weakness continues through projecting our goodness onto others and expecting a return of the same quality… truly a Virgo “service oriented” expression.

Virgo is said to govern the hands, abdomen, intestines, spleen and central nervous system. Mars retrograde in Virgo influences one to obsessively worry leading to stomach and bowel troubles, ulcers, inflammation, headaches and skin rashes. This requires attention to your immediate and personal health needs.

Focus on strengthening your body and healing the immune system with natural health remedies involving herbs, acupuncture and detox formulas.

Use any delays and set-backs as the opportunity to research into foods and nutrition specifically for you… memory, weight-loss, sleep patterns, adrenal fatigue, and food addictions… all these areas can now be addressed for personal re-balancing. Virgo energy always provides the way to physical, emotional, spiritual healing… especially when the Mars retrograde provides the inner-directed course of action.

There is so much more to the extensive and beautiful energy inherent in the Virgo Mars as it relate to healing, cleansing and attending to the specifics of our personal and psychological freedom…along with the autonomy inspired by the Aquarian New Moon. We are evolving and in need of peace and rest!

We hold the power to create whatever we desire. Our ability to manifest the changes we desire depends on the depth and passion of our beliefs and on the focus of our attention.

“Every moment of your life is infinitely creative and the universe is endlessly bountiful. Just put forth a clear enough request, and everything your heart desires must come to you.”

— Shakti Gawain

Holding on to any form of negative emotion or resentment requires a great deal of energy…energy that is not available during this retrograde cycle. Use this time wisely and focus on your clearing your “house”…your Spiritual house.

Always Loving Life,


(928) 451- 1809

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  1. this is totally all i have been intuiting and channeling in the last couple of days and putting to practice! love it…can you say synchronicity? LOL



  2. Reblogged this on Tania Marie's Blog and commented:
    Loving the synchronicity continuously flowing. Definitely “in the zone” of things. I was just in the last couple of days intuiting, activating and processing the same energy related to the Mars Retrograde in Virgo that we are experiencing, as Laura Bruno shared in her blog through Electra Jung’s astrological insights. Felt this was so important to share because it so speaks to the focuses needed to activate freedom, cleansing and healing at this time and to really allow us to create the new. A lot of good info in this blog that I couldn’t have shared better myself. My favorite being:
    “Don’t cling onto anything of the old; enter the new completely free and unfettered. Be open and willing to accept new ideas, new ways, to accept that all things are possible, that
 you can change and can change now, that you can leave all the old behind without any regrets and move forward with real joy and complete abandonment.”

    I’ve been currently working on totally being in the present and closing doors, saying goodbye to all non-resonating and non-reflective energies, things, people, experiences, patterns in my life. I lovingly am releasing them, but they have no place in the new experience of life I am intending and I DO have the ability to choose that experience, unfettered and uninfluenced or drained by anything. Maintaining necessary boundaries with loving, responsible realism.

    Thank you Laura and Electra for sharing!



  3. Posted by laurabruno on January 29, 2012 at 12:16 am

    Speaking of Mars Retrograde in Virgo and getting rid of parasites! … If anyone is wondering what the heck’s happening with the financial system and all the trickery and exploitation there, David Wilcock has written a comprehensive expose, backed by leaders in high government places, as well as a publicly documented lawsuit:

    I have known much of this for many years and felt called to reveal some of it earlier in 2011, as I sensed it would start coming out soon and rocking people’s worlds. I’ve since taken down most of those blog posts, as I prefer to focus on those things I do want. David does an excellent job of providing history, motivation and a spiritual slant, so that Lightworkers and others can use this information to help them regain self respect and control–as countries and as individuals. I especially like his discussion of Shame at the end of section one. Kudos and appreciation to David Wilcock for risking his life to get this information out there.

    Some of it is difficult to comprehend, but ultimately freely.



  4. Posted by laurabruno on January 29, 2012 at 12:48 am

    LOL, Tania! Definitely on the synchronicity train. 🙂



  5. I’m feeling this one, too, digestively and otherwise. And so many of my friends have been “dragging” without knowing why. This really explains it.

    I so appreciate the wise encouragement to use this period for cleansing away negative energy patterns, emotional vampires and outdated relationships. Good riddance! Considering Mars is retrograde in Virgo, I’m thinking of it like this: A massive, full body, energy-field colonic! Flushing out the stagnation, to allow in the new energies of the coming Spring…



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