Past Life Relationships: 5 Signs

Of all the questions people ask me, determining if there are past life connections with current relationships ranks super high on the list. Here are five signs that point to yes:

1) You felt an immediate connection that was “out of this world” or so familiar you can’t believe this person ever wasn’t in your life.

This one seems obvious, but so many minds doubt what body and soul announce with megaphones. If you light up and synchronize with another person right away, then it’s a strong indicator that you’ve run into this soul before, perhaps multiple times. It doesn’t necessarily mean this person is your soul mate or that you belong together. It just means you’ve had dealings with this soul before, and the connection has begun to reawaken dormant parts of your larger Self.

2) You felt an immediate, intense, and often inexplicable aversion to someone.

Unless brought to the conscious level through remembered dreams, meditation, past life regression, spontaneous visions or a past life reading, past life memories reside in the subconscious. Your emotions help you to know what resonates or does not resonate with you, even if you don’t understand the underlying reasons. Intuitive people often experience negative first impressions of people who wish to harm them, and that does not necessarily indicate a past life relationship. Your Spidey senses might just be saving you a lot of future trouble! When a strong aversion occurs with regard to people who have proven themselves safe (to the best of your observation) or who truly love and wish to support your growth, then that aversion often indicates a background story of loss, betrayal, harm or misunderstanding. Finding the plot line(s) can help restore peace or give you confidence to part ways.

3) Your initial reaction to someone was really not what you expected, or you just can’t understand why you feel this way.

This sometimes happens with parents and newborns. The single mom who almost aborted or gave the child up for adoption finds herself unable to part with the baby, even if that means breaking contracts and having to revamp life plans. Conversely, parents who’ve eagerly awaited the birth often feel tremendous guilt for really not meshing with the newborn. They feel a strong sense of “should” or “logic” but for some reason, those pesky emotions won’t cooperate. The surprising reaction can also occur among adults — like when you meet someone you previously dismissed or idolized and have the opposite experience than you envisioned. This indicator doesn’t rely so much on intensity as confusion, especially tormented confusion. Why? Why? Why? Often, just recognizing and honoring the past life influence allows people to release the confusion and return to life in the now.

4) You feel like a different person around them.

In the case of family dynamics, you might have one parent or sibling whose presence seems to immobilize you or crumble your confidence, kind of kryptonite for Superman. Alternatively, you might encounter someone whose presence seems to ignite best parts you didn’t know existed. All the plans in the world suddenly may seem irrelevant as this “new” person completely reorients your life. The new direction may, in fact, be just what you need, or it could indicate cause for extreme caution.

In any case, if you find yourself compulsively acting in unusual ways, do take time to center yourself each morning and evening. I would also suggest The Blue Room meditation, followed by self observation: have your interests or emotions suddenly shifted back to “normal” after doing the meditation? If so, your new personality/interests/life path may have stemmed more from a perceived karmic imbalance than true guidance. Very often the compulsive aspect of relationships (or our reactions to those relationships) stems from our excitement about “getting our stuff back.” We can project all manner of energies (good or bad) onto souls we’ve known before, but what we really long for is a return to balance.

5) You feel like you neeeeeeed this person in your life.

Past life issues arise from the subconscious, where all time is now. If someone was your father in a past life and died while you were a young child, you might feel extra clingy and needy with this soul’s current incarnation. You might feel like your very survival depends on this person remaining in your life in a certain way. The subconscious does not differentiate between past, present and future. In a world where all time is now, past life bleed through represents information and feelings that may not be appropriate to this lifetime, causing inappropriately controlling or longing reactions. I see this evidenced in broken relationships where one or both parties just can’t let go, or in long term unrequited love affairs. Again, The Blue Room can be very helpful. Learning the bigger past life picture brings repressed memories into the conscious realm where they can be evaluated, understood and released. This allows healthier boundaries and a return to your own being, rather than giving energy to or trying to harness energy from, someone else.

Ideally, past lives don’t matter at all.

But when they do, they really do! If you have relationships that just won’t cooperate or that make you feel confused, “less than” or obsessive, you might want to explore past life factors. Automatic writing/journaling can help, as well as recording your dreams. If these methods don’t bring you the clarity you seek then you may want to consider help from a hypnotherapist or trusted intuitive. You came here in a fresh new body with the hope and intention of joy, freedom, growth and love. I wish you all the best in finding and reclaiming your true Self.

Want specific details about your own past lives and relationships?

Please contact me here to request a professional past life reading.

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  1. Posted by Mark Iannelli on January 11, 2012 at 10:04 pm

    I have nothing to add, Laura, but just wanted to say that this blog entry was very informative for me. Thanks!


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  3. You make some excellent points that are helpful in determining if a person is experiencing a past life connection.


  4. Posted by laurabruno on February 14, 2012 at 11:11 pm

    Thanks. 🙂


  5. Laura, you are a joy to read, practical and usable guidance and no mumble about 15d or so 😉

    I don’t think we meet many we haven’t met before, and the first part of our life is a repetition of earlier incarnations, and our infatuations are the joy of recognition, later the reality may show, as we meet those we have karma together with, what attracts people to each other.

    I have a blog where I try to show that all religions and esoteric traditions are facets in a diamond containing the full reality, just as two people standing at opposite sides of a house necessarily must tell a different story, where both are true. The religions have been created when they were needed in the development of man, and have functioned as classrooms up through time where people go, as long as they need the lectures.

    I have an article where I show the three powers that are behind all religious and esoteric systems:

    I am also interested in practical applications in the esoteric work, and what I write about I have experienced myself, I have a piece on dream interpretation in esoteric work, as not much is written about this subject, and too much rubbish is written about dream interpretation:
    My incitament to write it was the distance there were between esoteric work like Rudolf Steiners and the psychoanalysts like C.G. Jung, so I had to find out where they met.

    I hope you will enjoy my articles as much as I enjoy yours.

    Kind Regards,
    Kim Graae Munch


  6. Thanks much! Will check them out. 🙂 Many blessings to you!


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  8. Posted by Suz on January 16, 2013 at 6:58 pm

    I have been a “relationship” with a man for almost six years. He claims to be a sensitive and does possess some outstanding gifts of sight. I used to joke to my friends when God ment for me to meet someone, he would put him on my doorstep and that’s litterally how we met! Although he turned my head like no man ever, I ran three times from this man. I didn’t trust these overwhelming feelings. He kept pursuing me.
    Being psychic, he told me that our lives had been entwined through several lifetimes before. Being with him was – and still is like a drug. It’s not been the easiest path to be with him. It’s the constant string of other women. I’ve tried so hard to walk away. I stop all communications. And for whatevet reason, he will ask to see me and I’ll suprise myself by running to him. When I am around him, and especially if it’s a sexual encounter it’s like I become someone else. At the risk of sounding like a mushy teenager, it’s not just sex, he’s in my head, it’s so surreal. And afterwards my head is spinning and I’m trying to wrap my head around it all.
    Last night I asked him “what is it about us that no matter what happens, I get near you and it’s like I’m not myself anymore?” He reminded me that we are a culmination of past lives and personalities. The different versions of me are recognizing the different versions of him and the bond that has been there between us many times before.
    Not that I’m skeptical, but I’ve been puzzling over this for so long. I’ve kept a journal for years – further analyzing. I still love him, but I do not feel like I’m in love. Is it an addiction I need like a drug? Is it something deeper and karmic that makes us have to reconnect like lost souls?

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  9. Posted by Angie on March 3, 2013 at 7:22 am

    Strange met my bf on a chatline when we met we never wanted to be away from eachother we both are from native american backgrounds. But it feels like we’ve known eachother for thousands of year and its weird cuz. We fell in love after 2 days


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  11. Posted by neeta on April 27, 2013 at 10:04 am

    its wonderful laura.God bless u


  12. Suz, my apologies, for some reason, your comment slipped by me. I’ve recently written another article about past lives, soul mates and addictive relationships that you might find helpful:

    All the best to you!


  13. Angie, thanks for commenting. I wish you both the best!


  14. Blessings to you, too, Neeta! 🙂


  15. Posted by Ronald Patrick Marriott on May 27, 2013 at 6:56 pm

    I found her….. again!
    When I was a child and very much connected to the universe, I had many visions…..But was I remembering my destiny from heaven or…….

    My adventure is not all here but will be some day……The story began when I was shown my journey in life.

    I had a very tall and gentle but powerful guide leading thru my journey. I was shown how my energy discovery worked in the universe by seeing the display of its power, I was also given all of the greatest lessons and tools for life. My guide took me to the Akashic Records and showed me where my life was in this long tube of light that was broken into slices like record albums. You could use your mind to peer into these discs and see with your mind what is and to happen. I saw my future self and then stopped as to leave an unopened destiny as a surprise for me. During my journey I asked my guide “can I see God” the answer excited me to meet the person or entity that made all this. I was led to another place thru a foggy curtain and down a winding trail in the atmosphere to a nice but simple thrown. As I was standing there I look up to my guide and said “does he come back here often” , as I looked back to the thrown he was sitting there, I stared straight into Gods eyes and I smiled a great big grin of happiness as he did to me, I looked back to my guide and said “Can you see him too” out of concern. No only you can see him now.

    I looked back to God, he was gone.

    I remember that as if it were two minutes ago. I have never felt an connection to the universe or God since as powerful as that, but do know that God does exist. I love my world very much and want the best for it. My destiny was to bring a new energy thru my work and to promote Law Of Attraction and other universal laws to our educational systems, the real education for Humanity. To trust God and the universe to supply you with answers you have and to learn how to “Ask”. This is what is needed to be taught and provided to our children, pure love and understanding. Only until then will we understand Gods connection to us…..

    He was pure energy, white sparks of holographic design. It had a face and body of a human-being , no hair or facial form to distinguish, a form of energy like electricity. He had solid light for eyes and mouth which formed a smile. He had hands and feet, he sat kind of side ways on the throne with one arm up like relaxing, I felt my soul being pulled towards him as we smiled and grinned at each other. It was the most powerful thing/experience Ive ever been near. Pure energy and light.

    I will never forget my trip thru eternity that Experience as time for me was not real . Im here for a reason and this true. He gave me everything to give to you.

    But now…..

    Reincarnation …..

    As a very young child I had always had the vision of a past life being a Knights Templar burned at the stake..even remember the evil little jerk that lit the fire then. I was robbed of my love to a career lied about …burned at the stake. I went back to source and stayed..angered …refusing to return….The next thing I remember was shining like a star …so brightly…and being approached to re-enter the world with a destiny greater than any human had had before… I am this man now. I missed a reincarnation that separated me from this woman..

    I found her again!!

    The memory of her was a vision of her holding a baby goat “1097 ad” … I saw a picture of her again “2011 ad” the same picture of her in the vision. I was there as a Knight (ancient Turkey)… ITS HER!!! I am the very same vibration as her, we are the same in every aspect. All details have proven true for us. Dates times and passions all coincide to bring us together again. I am in love with my destiny with her… from beyond time ❤

    I have the sphere of rejuvenation for our worlds…Mantle.. the most powerful object in the heavens… now being born aware and as a master at mind and heart knowledge… born with this destiny knowledge intact and full awareness of my future at birth… Im back ♥ MantleMan

    Marriott = builder of Churches Knights Templar reg. 1135ad (burned at the stake)
    Loving the ride and you,


  16. Posted by Cristina on June 27, 2013 at 8:21 am

    Could someone help me? I’ve loved my best friend for four  years, unrequited. We met five years ago, he’s an outgoing jock, I’m a shy outcast. I was nervous to speak to him. He used to walk past my locker every day and with his gf and he and I would just make eye contact while he walked. We had a class together the next year, his gf had it too. He talked to me every day there and sometimes ignored her. It was so obvious I liked him that the teacher put him next to me every time she changed seats and always smiled at me when he and I would make each other laugh. The next year went the same way. The year after that we had P.E. and it had about 40 jocks in it. The only girls were me and two of my other best friends. He would stare at me from across the room daily and smile, probably at my blushing. Every time he made a basket in Basketball he would look at me. (I didn’t notice until my other friends pointed it out to me because I always looked down) I just finished 11th grade. He called me pretty 7 times, once at Homecoming in front of other people. He compliments me, gets annoyed when I judge myself, stands up for me when I get picked on, even if his friends did it; cussed out a girl for insulting me and told her never to talk to him again, told me he loves me as a friend, thanked me for always being there for him, and said he appreciates me. Ten of my friends have crushed on him. When one that still does blushed and said hello loudly and enthusiastically, he looked irritated and grunted. When I blushed and mumbled it, his eyes lit up and he replied happily. He treats my friends with no respect and treats me as if I’m a member of his clique. I’m the only unpopular kid he doesn’t pick on and is actually fond of. I don’t know why. I’m not gorgeous, wealthy, or easy, all things that attract athletic guys. He recently broke up with his gf of two and a half years (dif. one from before) and told me that he wants to start hanging out as friends. He’s also protective and supportive of me. I have always been able to sense his presence without having a clue he’d be there. The strangest part is that every time I get that feeling in my body and look up, he’s the first person I see AND he’s already looking at me! My heart feels like electricity is coursing through it when I speak with him, my pulse races, my throat feels as if there is a lump in it, I get warmer, my body shakes slightly, I stammer, and I blush heavily. Yes, even after all this time. We have this creepy thing where every time we are in the same room, we stare at each other. A lot of times when I walk in his eyes are already on me so I hold his gaze until I feel my cheeks get hot and then I get embarrassed and look at the floor. At the end of the year he came to my last class a lot and out of the corner of my eye I would see him looking at me. One time specifically he did and I looked over and smiled and he did too but I began to blush so I put my head down on my arms. When I looked later, he was looking at me smirking. He tells me that his life would be worse without me in it, he’d miss me if I stopped being his friend, and that he would feel like crying. I said I feel the same about him. I honestly do not know why I am so attached to him or what about him caused it in the first place. He asked me last year and I didn’t know what to say. Every time people ask I say “There’s just something about him.” Remember how I mentioned he treats every unpopular kid but me like crap? He also pretends to like girls that he knows for a fact like him but he’s never done it to me. I wonder if we were friends in a past life. It could explain my instant attraction, his protectiveness and fondness, my odd electricity situation, the weird staring thing we’ve always done, and his total acceptance of me and amount of caring. I can’t think of any other reason why a smart, funny, charismatic, interesting, gorgeous, and cool guy would be friends with a shy, average looking, overemotional, loser. He dislikes  people who wear all black, complain a lot, are sad a lot, and that are different than him. All of these things describe me and he told me I’m the only exception. We are opposites in almost every way, people like us normally HATE each other. (My parents are divorced, Mom doesn’t love me, I have a low self esteem, I like cheap clothes, love imaginative and creative things and hate physical, I’m lazy. His parents are happily married, his Mom loves him to death, he is egotistic, he loves expensive clothes,  he absolutely despises everything creative, loves sports, and never wants to hold still.) People are always shocked to find out that he is friends with me and can’t understand why he cares about me at all. Maybe I knew him in another time and that’s why we’re so attached to each other.


  17. Hi Cristina,
    It does sound like past lives may be involved. If you would like information related specifically to you, rather than general information, then that would require booking a session. You can find out more by clicking the tab above. If interested, please contact me with your time zone and length of session you would like to book.


  18. Posted by Felicia on July 22, 2013 at 5:42 pm

    I recently found out that I was happily married and was a home maker that kept very busy with the family. This was the 18th century and I have found my husband from the past in this life but we have met only in dream time. He is here in the physical but our strong connection has caused fear between both of us and it makes it hard for us to meet. I miss him so much.


  19. Posted by Bobbie on November 12, 2013 at 8:31 pm

    I’ve never met this guy in person. But the first time I saw him, I felt like a cord was pulling me toward him. It scares me a lot. I feel like I’ve known him my entire life, even though I’ve never spoken to him. He’s been on my mind every day since the encounter. I don’t know what to think about this. Help?


  20. Hi Bobbie,
    You are welcome to book a session with me if you would like more specific information about a particular relationship. My blog provides general information. Please contact me if you’d like to sign up for a half hour or hour phone session. Rates are on the “coaching, medical intuition, etc.” page.


  21. Posted by Nina on November 24, 2013 at 12:43 am

    I can truly relate. I met my now Ex unexpectedly at school … The moment he introduced himself I knew (felt) he was THE one. I couldn’t explain it and although he turned out to be my heartbreak. I love him as much as I did the first day we met three years ago. The thing is, internally I always felt like our bond was out off this world and that we’ve known each other for ions. So when we fought and couldn’t resolve or he would say or do something COMPLETELY out of (wht I felt was) his character, I’d be left confused as if I knew how he’d respond and I knew how he felt. But the physical self I just didn’t know. I treated him based on something hard to explain. I questioned myself often because I couldn’t believe the two aspects weren’t aligned. I have never been so connected to any person in my entire life. He strangely could feel it too… although he was a jerk he always said he felt as though we were soul mates. He meant the world to me spiritually, but physically was bad news! =( This article was very helpful because I knew this sort of thing had to have existed!!!


  22. Glad you found it helpful, Nina! Yes, those past life overlies can generate a lot of confusion!


  23. Posted by Michele on February 2, 2014 at 2:34 pm

    I am so happy to have found this! I have been searching for an answer to what has been happening. A few months ago I contacted a friend of my son about a gift for my son for his 18th birthday, this young man and I talked like we have known each other forever. Three months ago I met this young man in person and I couldn’t breathe, my eyes filled with tears and I was knocked off my axis. My feelings were intense and very motherly, not attraction, I just wanted to gather him to me and take care of him. Since then he has come and stayed with us for a few days over christmas and the reaction and feelings have only intensified. The more I get to know him the stronger my motherly instinct has grown. He was raised in a bad home, rejected by his parents for being gay, this has made it even harder for me to be rational. I have had to distance myself because my reaction is way out of normal and has never happened before. When I had each of my boys my heart grew and the love for them overshadowed every other aspect of life and still does, with this young man the same things happened only there was no growth it was instant and frankly scary. I feel with all my heart he is a child of mine from a past life. It is really difficult to deal with, and has caused many many tears, and heart wrenching helplessness from my side. He is separating himself as he does with most people who try to get close, I suspect he has been on his own for so many years having a mother care for you is kinda creepy. Any advise would be greatly appreciated, this struggle isn’t getting easier.


  24. I would definitely suggest the Blue Room Meditation:

    If that doesn’t resolve the past life bleed through, then you might want to schedule a past life reading with me or some kind of a past life regression with someone who offers those.

    blessings to you…


  25. Posted by Barb on February 21, 2014 at 3:33 am

    I am so glad to have found this site…I thought I was mad for so many years with the thoughts feelings and dreams.
    Have recognised myself as Malcolm Canmore king of scotland c.1057 AD..the worst thing about it is the vision of drowning a women in a well.He instigated this as a punishment for women while men hanged.This vision chills me to the bone.why am i recollecting this?I cannot see the purpose of this .


  26. You are probably trying to work through your guilt over it so that you can release it and move on. You may also have lifetimes in which you were the murdered one that this memory is trying to help you release, too. Without tuning in and doing a reading, those are just guesses to likely patterns. Blessings and healing, Laura


  27. Posted by Zaran on April 24, 2014 at 2:29 am

    I know who I was in past I feel I see it very clearly
    I was singer in 1920’s as far as moving from it
    Now I write songs of that era and I sing also.
    I realize that she was always been apart of me a big part
    what makes me. There are instances
    where you are the past life reborn I believe.
    You can believe me or not. I am finally comfortable
    with myself after all these years.


  28. Great!


  29. Posted by John on April 29, 2014 at 7:26 pm

    I know I have met my soulmate from a previous life. All the signs point that way. Can that bond be lifted?? It’s just so strong!!


  30. 🙂


  31. Posted by Maria on May 19, 2014 at 12:01 am

    It has been so strange since i was a little girl. As all girls i liked to play with dolls and loved dresses, but there was always something else. I was always drawn by airplanes and the military, as well i was about snow. As i child i wanted to play in snow and always missed somehow that part of my life. But why? I dreamed and always felt so atracted to snow and icy mountains. I am from Portugal.Not a snow country. I am 30 years old and i only went to snow when i was 18 years old and it felt so familiar. I wanted to dress myself as an soldier with the age of 5. I actually went to the military for some years and the experience was something i lived before. Like i had to do it and live it throught!In my dreams there was intense experience about being a soldier young man, and i dreamed i was looking at the mirror and there was a young but sad blond guy, (me?) When i went to Scandinavia i felt it i a bit “home” i cannot explain. I still do. It is apparently something missing in the picture of my life and my childhood. i have memories that poped up in my head of a war airplane glass cockpit and the sun shinning up in it. And then there is my best friend.Soulmate im sure! “You might feel like your very survival depends on this person remaining in your life in a certain way.” We have this great bond as if we are brothers, sharing absolute thought chemistry. We cant be without each other. And then…We always had this feeling that somehow we dont belong here for some reason..He shares the same longing for snow and long winters as if itwas a part of him…can be these past life memories?


  32. Posted by Maria on May 19, 2014 at 12:16 am

    The way those strange memories pop out its strange but it has been so since a young child. I was fascinated by military cerimonies as a little girl and the same goes for snow. I was (and am) kind of hyperactive and adventurous little girl. I grew up to be a mountaineer also and a soldier, for a couple of years (until i ran out of money i travelled drawn fascinated tomountains as if i felt i needed to experience back something lost). Memories of playing in the snow, so strange…Once a friend borrowed me a book to induce some auto-hypnose. I tried and let things flow. I am not sure if i did it well but somehow things started to flow in my mind. I remember entering a cave and there was a room with old books. There was the blonde young guy, dressed in uniform, back to me. When he turned back he was sad, pale and dripping blood. It was very intense and emotional!!!
    I am today a saddened person, mostly because of the financial crisis. That relentless spirit of adventure is now drawn back to my room and i feel i cannot move. Its like that is the present crisis together with the “past life unsolved business” be increasing some burden? Same goes to my soulmate. And when he is sad i am sad to like if i feel his pain. Can this be also related to past life, being pushed to “fight” another kind of “war”? .


  33. Beautifully stated! I agree with every single point! Thank you! – Jacqueline


  34. Posted by karan on June 25, 2014 at 9:57 am

    i think i am through such experience but does it happen.


  35. Yes, it is possible these are past life related.


  36. Hi Karan, yes people do get through this. 🙂


  37. Thank you, Jacqueline!


  38. Hi Maria,
    Yes, past life bleedthrough can affect lots of things, including us feeling more strongly triggered by events than we might otherwise think would be “normal.”


  39. Posted by Karin on July 17, 2014 at 5:09 pm

    I really feel as though my boyfriend now was my son in a past life, even though we are the same age he has called me “mom” by accident so many times, and calls me mama regularly. I feel this, immense , inexplainable amount of peace when he lays on my chest (and drools lol) to fall asleep, and I adore him so unconditionally. I don’t understand it, ive even dreamt of a past life regression where he was my child. Weird, beautiful thing.


  40. 🙂 Very possible, indeed!


  41. Posted by bria on October 5, 2014 at 7:44 am

    My boyfriend and i have been together for awhile and we met from a social network. I feel Exactly like this. I feel like im tied to him some way and i can’t imagine myself without him. Its like iknow him from my past life or one of them. We kinda look alike too but we’re no where near related.


  42. Posted by Arsha on October 14, 2014 at 3:03 pm

    I had a crush for lord Krishna since my very young age.I loved his stories,learned his songs and everything…When I attained my adoloscence all my pals went for finding a bf,but my love for Krishna increased.My mom is also fond of Kanha,but she wished me to see him as a brother,something which is impossible for me…
    Days passed and my love for him increased day after day.I felt i am guilty for doing so once and thought of forgetting him fully.I tried every ways to do so,but stronger I thought of forgetting,faster it again took root in me again.Over one year,I forget him fully,but when i came for hols in my home,I had a very strange dream of me lifting water from a river.I ignored it,but the days followed never gave me a sound sleep.I dreamt myself to be a gopi near Krishna!I was involuntarily going to him every time.It cannot be fully called as a dream,because at the same time i could feel the strip of my blanket and the fine green grass i used to sit with him..!Morning I couldn’t get up from my bed…a feeling of extreme weakness though I had a very sound sleep after the dreams(actually the sleep succeeding the dream is just like going unconscious)..Yesterday night,I could feel a hand wound over me,though i sleep alone.That time i was fully conscious though i was in my mid hours of sleep.But I couldn’t open my eyes.I felt Krishna’s hand,I don’t know to interpret it….Is it something due to my past birth as a gopi?


  43. Posted by Michele on November 2, 2014 at 6:17 pm

    Found this and omg weird it fits


  44. Posted by Ann on November 8, 2014 at 1:39 pm

    Thank you.. I’m happy to have found your blog on a perfect moment.. Ann 🙂


  45. Posted by lisa on November 9, 2014 at 5:11 pm

    In 1993 I went to a local bar with some friends..A man was sitting in a chair ,,, i approached him,,,I had never seen a person look so out of place,,,but such a familiar feeling with him I felt,,,he was not talkative,,,nor drank alcohol ,,,in 2000 I moved i to another town,,,am at the grocery store,,I have a man in line ahead of me,,,it is him,,,as he turns to see who was behind him,,we locked eyes,,,the was an intense feeling ,,,for me,,,that is,,Then the dreams start happening,,,it is him and we are on a sandy beach spilling our love for each other and happy to be together again,,,throughout the years we have bumped into each other,,,we actually are only a few miles from each other,,my problem is,,,I can not fall in love with anyone or date because I love this man so deeply,,,and he does not know this,,,but I don’t know why I feel this strong deep love for him… I have the same dream over and over,,,please help me!


  46. Thanks for sharing your story. This article is for general information purposes, but if you’re looking for a personal reading, you’ll need to book a private session. You can explore my services listed on the tabs of this blog and/or use the contact page to set up an appointment. Blessings, Laura


  47. Posted by Ree on December 28, 2014 at 1:32 pm

    My husband and I truly believe we were somehow related, possibly twins in our past life.
    Both of us were born on 24th August 1981, and we were born only a minute apart!
    Our mother’s both share the same first name.
    Their mothers also share the same first name.
    We went to highschool together and were very drawn to each other.
    After highschool we went our separate ways but still thought of eAch other. 4 years later we met up, left our current partners that night and were married 6 months later and we have now been married 10 years.
    The feeling between us was electric, an instant connection that night, like nothing either of us had felt before. We just HAD to be together. We have been inseparable ever since.
    We have never encountered any other people who have these uncanny coincidences.
    We are going to see a hypnotherapist to see if we can uncover anything, and I really believe we will find out some very interesting info that will put all the pieces together.


  48. Posted by lily9004 on January 6, 2015 at 4:32 am

    Hi I am a 24 years old girl from Sri Lanka, which is an Asian country.I had a crush on a boy since I was 12.Don’t know why but I was really attracted to him and he also treated me very nicely.Some times I felt that he also liked me in return but he never told me.We had shared similar ideas towards certain things but he never tried to take our relationship to another level.I have caught him looking at me from distance and even I heard from my friends that he asked about me when I was not around.How ever time passed by and we grew up and we had chosen separate study paths and eventually we drift apart.But I was never able to get him out of my head.I was attracted to other guys but I never felt the connection I had with him with any of them.Neither did I felt that strongly for others.I kept on comparing him to who ever I met.I was not ready to start a relationship with anyone else because of that and from what I heard that he never started a serious relationship either.

    We met again after some years and I was 21.Almost 8 years had passed but I felt the same excitement from the first day I saw him.He had come to know that I liked him from some one else and he asked me about it.Then I had no choice but to confess what I was feeling for him.To my disappointment he told me that he liked me only as a friend and a sister not the other way around.But I didn’t believe him,cause he didn’t sound very convincing.Any way I had no choice but to forget him.I cried my eyes out and tried really hard to forget him and forget all the hopes.

    Over time I was feeling ok. But in my subconscious I kept comparing and seeking the qualities he had within other people I met.I am now a university studying for my BBA.I am a Sinhalese which is the major race of my country.There is this guy who is a Tamil which is the 2nd major race in Sri Lanka.I knew he was interested in me and I really liked talking with him and sharing my ideas with him.Surprisingly I didn’t compare him with the earlier guy.He also had extremely nice qualities and was very courageous and had visions,purpose and targets for life and he works really hard towards that,which I appreciate the most.He is a Catholic and I am a Buddhist and he is 16 months younger to me.In both our cultures these issues kind of play as a restriction to a relationship.

    But I prefer to be with a good soul regardless of his race, ethnicity and religion.After 1 1/2 years of talking we started a relationship.But I was afraid to have high hopes on that cause of all the inevitable restrictions we had due to the cultural and societal aspects.I needed a steady relationship not a time passing relationship I told him that and he was not ready to let go of me.I felt so relaxed when I was with him and his smell made me feel like no other one ever was capable making me feel of.I was afraid of a heart break because I knew that if I had to endure a heart break once again in my life I will be really disappointing.He and I shared some similar ideas towards the important aspects of life and we had our differences too.

    Eventually his parents came to know about us and he had to face so many problems because of that.His mom insisted on that over her dead body hat she would allow him to marry a Sinhalese.This came on as a real pressure to him and he was failing to concentrate on studies and me too.By that tie I was in love with him and I didn’t want him to suffer because of me,so we agreed and had a mutual break up.

    It’s been 3 complete months and I am unable to forget him.Even I tried to get back to gather with him but he is not willing to do so because of the uncertainty from the homes.Ever since I have been soo weak and I can’t study or eat or do anything properly.I keep feeling his smell and even seeing him in my dreams from time to time.I feel that I will never feel that strongly for any one else like that.It’s like an obsession,I go to sleep thinking of him and wake up with the thought of him and rest of the day I keep remembering him.No matter how many people are around me I feel the emptiness of him not being there with me.

    It’s the same way I felt about my first love and it took me 12 years to feel that way again.I really don’t know what should I do.I would really like to listen to some advice.

    Thank you.


  49. Hi Lily,
    Sounds like some past life connections, but in order to have me really check into them, you would need to schedule a session: . Also, do check monthly specials, as I sometimes have past life sessions on discount (as I do this month):

    This article is just for general information, not for readings in the comments. 🙂

    Wishing you clarity, love and peace,


  50. Posted by Lonny Kimmel on January 10, 2015 at 8:55 pm

    I was going to post this on a group on Facebook but decided to put it on your site..

    Have any of you ever met or ran into someone that you felt you knew quite well, but couldn’t figure out where you both knew each other from? I mean really truly knew them (spiritually) with no possible explanation. We were from different states, didn’t know each others names, no relatives, no school or employment field similarities, no mutual friends, absolutely nothing in common with the exception of a mutual realization that we knew each other. There was no doubt about it. I think soul mate describes the experience best. We even went so far as to discuss the situation at great length as it was so baffling for both of us. It was a bond I have never felt with anyone ever since. This happened to me 39 years ago before all of today’s technology. I still think about this quite often. I feel pretty certain we will be meeting again someday. As for now, it’s still an unsolved mystery.


  51. Thanks for sharing!


  52. […] met on earth, I can’t pinpoint any past life baggage at all, we’ve got none of the infamous past life signs Laura Bruno writes so lucidly […]


  53. Posted by Meera on April 27, 2015 at 11:47 am

    Hi I am a girl from India.I believe in pastlife love and relationship.
    BUT,there is a cruel side for this ‘so called’ pastlife.You know why?My experience made me tell so.I discovered a person with whom i had relationship in the pastlife.But that person couldn’t identify me at all..As stephanie Mayer wrote in twilight,his thoughts have become a drug for me now…I am suffocating to get rid of them,but I can’t.The worst part of my story is that the person i mentioned before has no concern for me at all.Think of the situation of a woman having uncontrolled emotions for a man day and night because she was his pastlife ‘someone’.My pastlife is still playing this cruel trick on me….I am wishing if i couldn’t have come to know about him!


  54. Hi Meera, there is probably more to the story than what you’re aware of or you would be able to release it. Wishing you healing and insights.


  55. Posted by Meera on April 27, 2015 at 5:06 pm

    Thanks Miss Laura for replying me…I will tell you the whole story.Two years back i got admission in a college distant from my home.being away,i had to stay in hostel.
    One day ,a few of my senior boys bullied me forcing me to put a ‘garland’ in a dog as a symbol of ‘marriage’…We consider marriage as holy,so i couldn’t do it.I just told them a lie that I was already married.To make them fully convinced,i added that my ‘husband’ and myself are staying in our own houses,and we had decided to live together after me finishing my studies.My senior boys believed it,but they asked a nasty thing : “the photo of my husband”

    I said them i will show it later,but they insisted they need it within an hour.I agreed,went back to hostel and called my sister for a solution.It was her who said me to type some name that comes in my mind in the facebook search bar and randomly select one.i typed so and selected a man.i copied his pic and showed to them.The senior boys were convinced.

    But real trouble started afterwards.I started developing strong feelings for that man.I dunno why…i don’t even see him in my present life but i was quite sure i knew him in the past.To be frank,i even started to see his name written in everything i see…I felt I should make the man know about it.Facebook was the only media of conversation because I belong to southern most part of India and he is from East.
    So we started facebook first he heard my words but later he said : Please go away from me.I obeyed because i know i am nobody of him in the present life.
    Many days have passed since we last spoke.Still I am caught in his thoughts.The more i avoid thinking,the more i will dream at night.I tried to forget him so hard,but i couldn’t.i tried to involve ina lot of activities but still he is there.His face comes to me even if i dont want to remember him.
    No one can realize how painful it will be if we are living with the thoughts of a person.And even with a single photo i developed this much intense feelings for him….thats why i said pastlife is a misery for me😢


  56. You might want to consider hypnosis. I don’t offer that, but it might give you some relief if you can gain closure in some way. Wishing you healing and peace.


  57. Posted by susan on June 24, 2015 at 1:47 am

    I’m sorry…I have a question…. there is this guy I met…any time I’m with him I always feel shy. I had a crush on him from the first day we met… but the thing is I’m scared of him…. I can’t even look him in the eye because when I do I get so scared….do u think it cause of a past life? I have not seen him for two years now but o still think of him and get scared when I see his picture…and I’m not dat type of person…please I need your opinion


  58. Hi Susan, it’s possible, but I wouldn’t be able to tell you that without doing a private tune-in/reading. I only do private tune-in’s as part of private readings, which are a paid service. All the articles and material on my blog are free, but if you want something beyond public, general information, then you’d need to book a session. 🙂


  59. I think that in a past life my husband ,boyfriend or someone I loved(male) died, and once in a while I will get like a reminder in a way about him, like a memory or a glimpse of him in my dreams and I will start crying ,then it gets harder to breath and it hurts really bad, but I’ve never even met the guy. Is there any explanation you can think of?


  60. Probably past life.


  61. This article tell me of my previous experiences. Thanks you.
    One more things i like to ask you about vision that I have been seeing almost everyday when I go out. I see the local rubbish truck everyday and whenever I goes out or driving around. I have a very strong energy when I saw them, but it is not a positive energy. I see them for few years now. I am a normal healthy person. These trucks are real track on the road. These are really annoyed me, and I am also see the numbers in lots of times in whole of my life like 111, 1010, 1000, 1111. Especially on my digital watch or cars plate ect… I don’t know what to do. I know these are Angel signs but what should I do. I need help to sort it out with these answer. Please help.

    Liked by 1 person

  62. Hi Nyo Nyo,
    Thanks for your comment. I would suggest checking out Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers, but if you’ve already done so then answering your question specific to you would require a session. If you’d like to set one up, please use the contact page on this blog and list your time zone and the length and type of session you’d like. Then we could set up a time.
    Many blessings,


  63. Posted by kat on January 21, 2016 at 12:46 am

    Hi Laura,

    I’ve recently experienced something unexplainable and wondered if you could help.
    I’m a student, and met a teacher for the first time last week and felt this absolute sadness for her.

    I only spoke to her briefly and also had to leave class early, but just seeing her and speaking to her made me feel this incredible despair. It’s so intense that I could actually cry, just at the thought of this. It makes me not want to even see her because I feel this so deeply.

    I’ve been searching for answers, to see if this has anything to do with any past life entities? Could something have happened in a past life where I somehow connect with this persons soul?

    I believe in past lives, and hope/believe we have a life after death so I’m just wondering if you could help, even if you’re unsure.

    Thank you


    Liked by 1 person

  64. Hi K,
    Thanks for sharing some of your story here. It does sound like you probably have some history with this soul. This is the sort of thing about which past life readings can provide a lot of missing clarity; however, my tuning in and commenting upon your specific past life encounters would require booking a half hour or hour long past life reading with me. You can use the contact page on this blog to send me a private message, along with time zone and desired length of session. Here’s some additional information:

    (I offer the type of past life reading that looks at overall patterns from the mosaic of individual lifetimes. You could also look into a past life regression, but that’s not a service I provide, since I’m not a hypnotherapist.)
    Blessings and peace to you,


  65. Hi Laura
    I really enjoyed your post.

    My Baby cousin was born in September last year, there are 23 years between us and ever since I laid eyes on him i’ve felt a very strong connection, in some ways we are eerily similar, appearance, tendencies and temperament. I had always wondered what it meant to have such an intense connection with this tiny person, At times i feel as if ive known him before and also feel the need to step in and remove him from situations, as if i am subconsciously placed into the role of his keeper.

    I don’t entirely know what this means but I m pretty intrigued to find out more.



  66. Hi Natalie,
    Thanks for your comment. That does sound like a likely past life relationship. If you’d like to book a session, you can do so through the Contact page on my site, which will send a private email. You can also ask for a dream, and see if anything comes through that way.
    Many blessings,


  67. Posted by SANTHOSHKUMAR S on June 26, 2016 at 10:31 am

    I started working in a bank. I get close relation with the chief executive of the bank having an age of 56 yrs. My mind get continuously attracting him thinking he is my father. I cannot live without seeing him a single day. I even thought that he was my father in my past life. I joined in another bank for the past 3 yrs, still my mind is with him. He also likes me a lot. What is the reason behind it. Please help me.


  68. Posted by Priya Dey on November 22, 2016 at 2:58 pm

    M in relatnshp wid a guy whom I met 10yrs ago. Before any formal introduction, we hv witnessed each other svrl tyms but nvr spoke to one anthr…we were in same school bt diff classes. We nvr took ne sort of minute intrst towrds each othr bt aftr a suddn introduction I felt a strnge attrction towrds him. We finally bcm frnds and fell in luv within a week….the first thing we both said to one anothr was that ”i feel lyk I hv knwn frm thousands of lyf tyms…it may sound filmy bt I feel lyk sumthng is connctd btween us…I hv nvr laughd out in joy evr bfore”… its strange bt true, v stil feel the same fo one another… most of the tym we can understand wats goin on in each other’s mind… strngest fact is dat we evn fall sick togethr… wenevr I miss him, I automatically gets a phn cl o a txt frm him n the same happns wid him too… v evn tried to split up sevrl due to family issues n tried to get engaged wid othr guys bt v both faild.. severl tyms v came bck into realtn after long gaps I still dnt knw dat its a connction of past lyf o its our true love fo one anothr


  69. […] helps make sense of nagging concerns or old wounds, opening possibilities for forgiveness and ease. (If you’re not sure of a past life connection, here are 5 common signs.) Sessions must be prepaid by 12/31/16; however, they can be redeemed whenever you feel you need extra […]


  70. This is very intriguing to me. Okay just have had a piffany. I’m very in touch with my higher self and messages I’m getting by simple prayers and meditation. Not so sure I’ve ever been carnated before but I know what God promised me and it’s worth waiting a whole other lifetime to have my prize . I still thank GOD for the greatest gift I’ve ever received .

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  71. Posted by brandy on December 29, 2016 at 3:31 am

    Informative, thoughts to ponder.

    Thank you.

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  72. There is a person who has never been anything but nice to me. However, everything in me shrieks when she’s around. I practically panic. Thank you for shedding a bit of light on that, I wonder if she pushed me overboard into the North Sea, or if she’s the one who snitched to the abbot…and got my lover and me separated and killed.(I’ve found him in this life, but saying “Do you have memories of being a monk?” would be a weird introduction)

    Liked by 1 person

  73. Hi Angelia, yes, that would be a weird introduction! Perhaps it will come up in conversation, though. Past lives have a funny way of synchronizing themselves with this one. 🙂


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