Human Evolution: Healing Bitterness and Betrayal

Issues of bitterness and betrayal continue to reappear in various guises, both on collective and individual stages. With all the recent and pending revelations about banks, government, medicine, and general corruption of “trusted leaders,” many people are awakening into a nightmare, rather than from the nightmare. Those who’ve spent decades (and lifetimes) trying to do the right thing are suddenly finding that the “right thing” had almost nothing to do with compassion, spirituality, honor and love.

Once the veils of denial begin to drop, shock, fear, and anger quickly follow. If the leaders of this world have their way, so would WWWIII. That’s why it’s so very important right now to process through the emotions of betrayal before these, too, become manipulated and before they harden into bitterness. Enough Lightworkers and would-be Lightworkers now know that they must hold the torch of truth. But the question becomes, which truth? Do we mumble platitudes and pretend nothing’s wrong? Do we scream warnings and ignite fear? Or do we heal and create the world in which we want to live?

I vote for the last option. Yes, we need more than New Age fluff bunnies and platitudes, but the warnings have become mainstream and embodied enough that Lightworkers won’t be able to change the problem at the level of the problem. While I sensed that was a possibility at one point, with all the recent and pending laws in Congress and the increased centralization of power, those latent and isolated problems have metastisized. It’s not unlike when I see a severe illness hovering in someone’s aura as a possibility, but not yet manifested in the body. If those people choose to empower health, wholeness and integration before the illness drops into 3D, then they can gain the lessons without the illness, or with a much milder form of illness. In the past two weeks, this planet and its ruling systems have chosen to discard the warnings, and that cancer has solidified and appears to be winning.

Appears being the operative word! Just as someone with a severe illness or injury can choose to revel in the diagnosis and focus all attention on what’s wrong, we have that option, too. We can look at the doom and the gloom of our world, the seemingly terminal state of affairs, and we can aggressively fight what is. Or, we can choose to ignore the rapidly spreading tumors across the Earth, leaving them to devour both Gaia and ourselves. Neither option heals. At best, the first option buys a bit more time, and at best, the second option speeds an out-of-body shift. The more balanced and healing option involves an honest assessment of the illness/situation, evaluation of what sorts of inner healing will manifest as external health, and a focused, determined, unrelenting empowerment of that inner healing. As within, so without.

When a problem becomes terminal, yet we want to survive, we need all our precious energy for healing. This does not mean to ignore the body, or ignore the Earth; rather, it means that whatever attention we place on the 3D will most benefit us with a nurturing, gentle, soothing and restorative focus. On the individual level, think salt water baths, massages, walks in nature, living foods. On the collective level, think free energy, beauty, picking up trash on your walks, embracing more eco-friendly habits, allowing yourself to feel how your choices ripple outwards. Imagine peace, both within and without, and allow yourself to move through anything that stands in the way of wholeness and integration.

For many people right now, two biggies stand in the way: bitterness and betrayal. They often arrive close together, especially when someone we loved and trusted severely disappoints us. Of all the past life issues that bleed through into this one, betrayal by government ranks very high, especially among Lightworkers. So many of us have been burned at the stake, persecuted and tortured by religious and/or political authorities! When someone dies suddenly at someone else’s hands, they do not have a chance to process those feelings of betrayal while in body. Yes, they get a “life review,” but some things are much easier to comprehend when surrounded by pure Source energy. Reincarnating into another body limits that awareness, and so those old feeling of shock, fear, anger, betrayal and bitterness often come out sideways. Of course, our world also finds so many ways to overlay new versions of those feelings on the old traumas! A spiritual practice helps, but most Lightworkers still have enough humanity in them that they continue to feel the pain — even if it comes out sideways.

I see this happening on a global level right now. In some ways, this article continues to expand upon the earlier articles I’ve written about the individual and collective Shadow. Today I want to focus on some individual steps that can ease our way into a softer reality. Bitterness is a hard emotion. It contracts and hardens things like unexpressed grief and explosive anger –two of the most common feelings when we realize someone has betrayed our trust. Emotional bitterness poisons the blood and hardens the gall bladder. It inflames the liver and slowly destroys our life force energy. If we allow ourselves to grow bitter about betrayals, then whoever carried out the betrayal need not have worked so hard! We will destroy ourselves without their interference.

Forgiveness heals. Period. We cannot forgive those things that we don’t realize have even happened, so revelations do hold a place on the forgiveness continuum. When we get stuck in revelations, though, we postpone the Forgiveness. There comes a point in which we “get the idea.” We realize, “OK, I was a sucker. This person, or this government, or this religious authority really pulled a fast one on me. Wow! I get it. It’s way worse than I thought, because, wow, I never even would have thought of doing some of those things. Ever. If I think about it, I can’t even believe it now. But wow! I really want to move beyond this, so what red flags can I take from this situation that will ensure I never repeat this pattern again? What can I learn from what happened, so that I can finally let it go?”

As soon as we begin to focus on the learning, forgiveness flows easier. We move from victim to student, and we can accept responsibility for attracting perhaps a much harsher lesson than we could have had. When we get to a point of gratitude, we have truly begun to free ourselves. We liberate ourselves from the need to judge and be judged. We step outside the paradigm. If we want to create a pre-shame world, then we need to stop projecting our shame onto others, which causes bitterness, and stop embodying guilt, which shuts down the ability to manifest any good things. If we want to “get back to the Garden,” then we can start by healing the Devil within ourselves. Did you know that “Satan” means “the accuser” or “the adversary”? Think of that! If we want to feel free, natural, loved and loving, then we can take a huge step in that direction simply by replacing judgment with love. Stop the self-accusations and watch your world transform!

On the physical level, we can also move through bitterness by supporting the liver and gall bladder. Replacing transfats, fried foods or GM soybean and canola oils with things like coconut oil, olive oil, and avocados will help your liver know what it’s processing. (Just as we feel difficulty forgiving what we do not understand, so our organs have trouble digesting bizarre and newfangled oils.) Dandelion tea, dark leafy greens, burdock, lemon juice, red grapes, apples, garlic, ginger and turmeric all send the liver and gall bladder some extra love. They help normalize the flow of bile, and resonate with the message, “It’s OK to feel a flash of anger. Just remember to let it go once you’ve identified the trigger and the lesson. Don’t get stuck there. Don’t let it harden.” We have a word for stuck, hardened outrage: gallstones. Will they always cause a problem? Not necessarily. But they can, and when they do, it can be very, very painful. Even if they don’t cause overt symptoms, they result in less than optimal function and living.

Personally, I feel this period of human evolution is all about optimal function and living. It’s about reclaiming what it truly means to be human. When people say, “I’m only human,” they don’t know how much power they’re abdicating. The human organism contains amazing potential for things that most people consider sci-fi or fantasy. It’s all there, though, if we can override the negative programming of society. We have reached a stage where that’s increasingly possible, but if we let bitterness (or fear of recognizing active betrayals lest they turn to bitterness) limit our potential, then we will get stuck in a rapidly metastisizing world. We can heal ourselves and our world. We can start anew today. We can release those things that no longer serve. We don’t need to fixate on them; we can simply acknowledge their passing, then celebrate the health and wholeness in their place. Yes, it can be that easy. And magical. We can embrace the next dimension right here, right now, as time collapses and we realize that yes, truly, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

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  1. A beautiful, wise and timely post, Laura. Thank you!



  2. Posted by laurabruno on December 25, 2011 at 7:54 pm

    🙂 You’re welcome.



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