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Bruce Lipton on Occupy Wall Street and Emergence

Bruce Lipton wrote “The Biology of Belief ” and co-wrote “Spontaneous Evolution.” I love the way he thinks and highly recommend his resources. In this video, he discusses the “biological imperative” and how this mass state of recognizing “something’s very wrong” leads to what he calls, “Emergence.” “Things will emerge that we have no idea about right now. …It’s time for change. …Start to consider what is the world in front of us that we can build right now.” ~Bruce Lipton

Finding Ways to Feel Good

A little Abraham-Hicks to ease you into the week: “I’m gonna do something about what I CAN do something about right now.” Enjoy!

“Life is good and it’s gonna get better. We know. We’ve seen it. Watch for it!” A-H

Medical Intuitive FAQ

Someone on Facebook asked me some questions about Medical Intuition, and I remembered I used to have an FAQ page listed on my website, before I consolidated things onto my blog. The question and answer on FB has now become the first in a series of questions. I’ll begin with my original post that triggered the questions:

Our bodies are soooo smart! It never ceases to amaze me how they can keep us alive, teach, translate the soul’s deepest longings, nudge us to grow and still manage to enjoy smells, music, tastes, visions and feelings. We live in sacred, breathing temples made of stardust and earth. Wonder-full!

I want to know how bodies translate our soul’s longing? Anyone know how this works physiologically?

This is the kind of work that I do every day: translating the soul’s messages to people via their body. I seem to have natural, heightened gifts in this area and work as a Medical Intuitive, but anyone can learn to listen more closely to what the soul wants to bring forth. A good, basic place to start would be Louise Hay’s books, “Heal Your Body” and “You Can Heal Your Life.” Studying the chakra system will also familiarize you with more standard ways the body, mind, spirit, soul, emotions, etc. connect. When you get into past lives, things get more complicated, but they also make more sense. 🙂 If you’re interested in this sort of thing, Caroline Myss’ book, “Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can” is a classic.

What’s the difference between a Medical Intuitive Session and a Psychic Reading?

In some ways, the two are very similar. Both draw upon intuition to help clarify a specific question or, more generally, where you’re headed. Some Psychics are medical intuitive, and many Medical Intuitives are also psychic.

The main difference is one of focus and intended result. In the case of a psychic reading, information is usually the goal and result. In the case of a medical intuitive session, information is only part of the goal. The real goal is healing. Information about causes or solutions sometimes forms only a small part of the picture. An effective Medical Intuitive will also compassionately assess how each unique client will hear and implement that information. S/he will sense ways to meet the client in his or her own terms and worldview, in order to help the client embrace and utilize the information. S/he will remain aware of the client’s internal resistance, and will keep this in mind when determining how to word the reading and advice.

Someone can be an effective psychic without being particularly compassionate. When dealing with people’s most vulnerable areas and health issues—as Medical Intuitives do—unconditional compassion becomes essential. Because unconditional compassion is so powerful, many people experience profound healing just by interacting with a Medical Intuitive. Even without a formal energy treatment, the medical intuitive process invokes this healing power of unconditional compassion and begins the alchemy of healing.

If part of me is sick or imbalanced does that look really ugly or gross to you?

You would be surprised how many people ask this or a variant of this question! The answer is that Medical Intuitives never “look” at you in that way. When they do medical intuitive work, they sense all of your energy, which includes your Essence or Highest Self (your true identity), with its Divine imprint. In other words, when Medical Intuitives look at you, they see you in the most beautiful, radiant way one can possibly see a person.

Nothing about you looks ugly or gross. Depending on your health issue, Medical Intuitives may see, feel, taste, hear, smell and/or otherwise sense things that don’t belong to you. These energy ripples or mutations have somehow attached themselves to your body or energy field. They might need to be removed or rebalanced, but even they are not what we’d call “ugly.” Ultimately, energy is energy. Our world pulsates from the tiniest electron orbiting the nucleus of an atom, from the imperceptible quark to the light of stars from hundreds of light years away. The universe and you, as part of the universe, have a natural vibration.

Medical Intuitives and Energy Healers consider it their job to help you reconnect your body and energy field to that natural vibration–to help you “find your song,” if you will. When someone learns to play Chopin, for example, s/he will often hit the wrong note while trying to find the right chord. Chopin composed some of the most complicated music for the piano; in order to play Chopin well, someone needs to become a pretty amazing pianist. Having a teacher or guide helps, especially when the teacher knows how the composition can potentially sound. It takes practice, over and over again, but eventually, the melody begins to come together. With even more practice, the melody becomes a song with complex chords and crescendos and rests. It begins to resonate the piano.

Whenever you hear someone play a piece exquisitely, you are hearing all the hours of practice, all the mistakes, frustration and loving correction the player has already invested in that piece. You’re also hearing the composer’s and the pianist’s shared joy in their mutual creation. Just like the pianist, we learn from our mistakes, disharmonies and misplayed notes, but that doesn’t make the original composition any less beautiful! And when we finally start to play as the composer intended? Ah, what joy!

I don’t believe in anything beyond my own experience. How can I even have a conversation with a Medical Intuitive?

You know what? We all have a difficult time believing in anything beyond our own experience! In many ways, experience is all we have–although imagination helps. Faith and doubt exist moment by moment on the same continuum. All the Saints of all major religious traditions spent time wrestling with doubt. Often, the greater the faith, the more intense their relationship with doubt. After all, faith requires leaps, and the larger the leap, the greater the chasm below. The difference between someone who lives a faith-based life in contrast to the habitual skeptic, is that the faith-full person more often chooses faith. As the great Medical Intuitive, Jesus, told his disciples, “Judge a tree by its fruit. A good tree bears good fruit.” Trust your own experience and observation. But if you’re afraid of being wrong–and most skeptics are definitely concerned about that–then I also encourage you to experiment. Experience and experiment share the same linguistic root. Scientists recognize repeat results from controlled experimentation as the only form of “proof.” If you want proof, then don’t forget to look for it!

For more information about body/soul relationships and healing, you might also like this article. For more information on intuitive readings, including Medical Intuition, please click here.

Taurus Full Moon and 11/11/11: For Your Meditation and Enjoyment

Happy 11/11/11! I’ll be blissing out, eating raw food, and feeling all the joy, love, and awakening events around the planet and beyond. Just thought I’d leave you with this uplifting music and video:

Blessings, Love, Light and Joy!

Shadow Work Tarot, Karmic Ties and Spirit Guides: November Specials

I’ve been awaiting inspiration for a November Special. Although a few ideas crossed my mind, none of them grabbed me as “the real deal,” so I just trusted that the offers would reveal themselves at the proper time. Meanwhile, I kept hearing the message to do my own inner work and then take note of my most valuable keys to healing. Those would then become November’s offering.

As regular readers of my blog know, I have also been conducting The Forgiveness Experiment, which includes radically forgiving myself and others. I say radically because I don’t normally hold a grudge — at least not on a conscious level. Since my freshman year of college way back in 1991, I recognized the power and necessity of forgiving others to free oneself. To the best of my conscious ability I continued to practice that on a regular basis. The Forgiveness Experiment involves something deeper. I felt called to release any and all attachments, judgments, fears, complaints, and misperceptions. On a conscious level, I didn’t even know what some of these were; however, some uncharacteristically stuck areas of my life indicated I must have some such resistance running in the background.

I surrendered and released the situations to the angels and gave them permission to engage whatever and however would produce results. In a year of mega-healing, this past week stands out as especially fast and deep. My biggest tools have been past life awareness, inner shadow work, and an even closer working relationship with my guides. I always connect with them for sessions and throughout the day, but this week I feel their constant companionship and support. It makes such a difference!

I awoke this morning with an inner knowing about some unique November offerings:

Shadow Work Tarot to Heal Karmic Ties

This one hour phone or in-person reading features my interpretation of a special tarot spread, combined with my ability to tune in to multiple past lives and the patterns they create. I’ve received such positive feedback regarding each of these services, but I had never thought to unite them in a single reading. Having received the idea, though, I immediately recognized its power. The cards never lie, and they help us to get in touch with archetypes that structure our reality. Using the Major Arcana to understand our shadow side –including those lifetimes for which we may still be punishing ourselves or others — allows us to integrate that shadow and ultimately release it into the light.

I was told to offer this special from today, 11/8/11 through 11/30/11. You may purchase it at any time during that window, but you do not need to schedule it prior to the 30th. That said, given the energies on this planet right now, my guides suggest sooner rather than later, as the more people address their shadow side, the more active Lightworkers we have holding a positive vibration for the coming transitions. $111 for the hour. Please email me for an invoice and to schedule. brunoleaf at yahoo dot com

$77 Spirit Guide Readings

This half hour reading may also be double booked as a single hour long discussion. We all have Spirit Guides and invisible support systems, but not everyone knows who these are. I’ve also noticed the need for discernment to make sure that whoever you’re asking for help has the Highest Good of All in mind. I sometimes find people have accepted tricksters or malevolent entities as “guides,” not unlike the way a narcissist will create “problems” just so s/he can “save” the person and create a sense of obligation. These false guides can then drain energy, cause confusion, and separate the person from their natural connection to Pure Source Energy. More often, I notice that clients feel they need to take quantum leaps of faith all alone. They might quasi-trust the Universe to support them, but they long for a more intimate relationship with real helpers.

A person’s Spirit Guides often turn out to be the main nudge for someone booking a reading with me, but I’ve never offered a separate service just to help people identify and connect more deeply with their guides. These may include angels, devas, faeries, leprechauns, animal spirits, Ancestors, or phenomena like rainbows. You won’t learn every single guide in a half hour or hour discussion, but you will learn (or have affirmed) the ones most appropriate for your current challenges, as well as the ones who’ve taken a special interest in you throughout your lifetime(s).

This offer runs from today, 11/8/11 through the end of November. As long as you prepay by 11/30/11, you may schedule anytime after you’ve paid. Your guides will give you a sense of what feels right in terms of timing. Again, please email me for scheduling and an invoice. brunoleaf at yahoo dot com.

Since I have many international clients, please do include your time zone/location and any preferred time/date windows when you query. That saves a few steps! Many Blessings, Much Love and Peace to you!

11/7/11 Morning Blessing from Reverend Angela

Reverend Angela gave permission to share this encouraging and exciting morning message:

Morning Blessing: 11.07.11
Ascend or Crash & Burn.

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” – Albert Einstein.

The Universe is very much alive. It is a sentient being, vast and continually in the process of change. As our solar system soars through different energy fields created by the universe, Gaia shifts with each field it enters and pulses differently. Presently, our solar system is moving into a field of increased subtle energy, and her pulse is growing stronger – much stronger. This week you will see it evidenced as finding it impossible to sneak anything past the process that has been in motion since the September 27th new moon. Maybe you thought there was that one teensy little thing (or the elephant in the room) that you wouldn’t have to deal with, that you could just pretend doesn’t exist. Then comes the Gotcha Moment. The Gotcha Moment is when all the forces conspire to call you into alignment and make your choice very clear. Your dodge has been revealed and what has been delayed demands immediate recognition and action. Such is the experience of the applied energies of November.

Some will feel the energy as challenging and chaotic, perhaps even feisty and abrasive making them want to hide beneath the bed covers all week. Nevertheless, for others this could prove to be an amazing week for personal accomplishments and spiritual insights. Your perception of the energy hinges on choice, intention and preparation. Try to think of the November energies as the unwavering principle that maintains alignment to the greater plan within creation, which includes your own soul’s intentions. We have reached the evolutionary turning point of our species and we each must consider how to bring truth and personal integrity into the light of daily living.

If you’re not caught off guard by the intense ripples coming off the new aura of Gaia then you can use it for support and expansion. Remember October’s theme was about using our direct organic connection to Inner Truth, Autonomy, and Spiritual Power. It has been a month of taking back the mantle of strength and wisdom we possess in order that we may better serve ourselves as we evolve into a higher Living Field of Light.

Utilize the latest cosmic support coming to the planet for it is creating the webbing needed to anchor the progress we have made thus far. Because of that fact my intention is to make this week a vortex of invocation. Focusing my attention on harmony and beauty and remaining grounded in present time. I will clearly affirm my identity as a spiritual being experiencing physical reality through a body I love and appreciate. I’ll offer thanks and gratitude for the opportunity to learn and mature in awareness. Then I will open my entire Self to Truth, Light and the superb creative energies that are employing our dimension to take the big leap into greater self-awareness. How about you, are you up for starting each day with an honoring sacred moment?

The transformational cycle of November will solidify your New field of living. It is your duty, my friends, to proceed on the path of intensity and discombobulation until we have all arrived at a new stage of spiritual transformation. You are one of the many here on assignment as a system buster to ride the cosmic waves to higher and higher frequencies of conscious awareness. The Earth is serving as a massive temple site hosting a series of great initiations that have culminated to a new level of complexity. Any initiation involves facing fears and moving through them by opening the mind to other possibilities. I assure you that your efforts are for not – the collective consciousness is sustaining the collapse of the old and given our success rate thus far the New revolutionary mind will be unified with spiritual purpose right on schedule around 2012. This is when all and everything will be seen with different eyes.

Sheltering the New within the cellular you will continue to have its physical affects. If you have felt pressure in or on top of your head, disorientation, pressure or pain in the back of your neck, a sense of intensifying anxiety or mental chatter, sleep disturbances, or a feeling of wanting to escape or hide . . . don’t panic, you are sensing the interplay of energies as they stabilize at the subatomic levels of your biology. It is going to take a strong body with a stable nervous system accompanied by fearless spiritual confidence to take on the New living field perceptions. These and perhaps other symptoms are related to the pushing of Soul to return to the body. Sometimes there are old resistant protective structures making the embodiment harder. Quite a few of us have old subconscious fears about what it felt like when more of our Essence was here in older duality times. However, what may have been created in a past story is no longer relevant. Those times are non-Essential now and cannot weave into the Soul’s creation of who you are within the New living field.

Let me affirm to each of you that you can relax. Trust that your Soul knows that the time is divinely now and that the living field of Higher, Better, New is real. You are being welcomed into your greater life, into Soul fulfillment while in form. Your Soul knows how to descend into your body, it is a natural process. More of the authentic you may be coming in now than you have previously needed this incarnation or experienced in the past since more of your Essence is required to merge within matter so that you can synchronize with the organic Living wisdom of Light. As more of your Soul merges, your core becomes stronger and most individuals feel calmer and less affected by anything or anyone external. If you are having a day or two when the Master of yourself is landing and it is taking its toll on your physical nature set aside some time to invite and allow the process.

If you feel a need for some additional support as we collectively jump into an upgraded Living field then summon the intention to be shown what you presently need. Ask to release the old structures that limit and allow divine Love to find, soften and dissolve them. Call in the blue-violet ray of Light and Lord Michael to cut away that which is inhibiting your Soul’s entrance. Implement flower essences to clear out old emotional imprinting from and the past. Treatment, or affirmative prayer, can be used to clean up old conclusions or beliefs about yourself. There is an infinite array of supportive tools available to you in each moment — all you need do is ask for assistance.

You and I R.S.V.P.’d YES! to this monumental opportunity of transcendence when the clarion call resounded across the cosmos. We jumped with joy at the idea of breaking through ancient programming while undergoing profound purification of the body, mind, heart, and spirit. We delighted in the notion of accelerating the power of the unconscious mind and expanding our extrasensory capacity. Yes, to once again be upon Earth during a renaissance of regeneration was the carrot that got you and me here. And I, for one, love every minute of it. How about you?

In the grand scheme of universal happenings there is no place I’d rather be.


There is only one life to live, one undertaking to rally towards
with all the zest and passion your heart can give. . . that life is
God’s life. I have walked through many lives, some of them my
own, and I am not who I was, though some principle of being
abides, from which I struggle not to stray. (Stanley Kunitz) The
bliss of living this incarnation is surely temporary, so I embrace
each moment while I can.

Each person must look to themselves to teach them the meaning of life.
It is not something discovered; it is something molded. That
magical skill of consciously overcoming human mentality and
stepping into the God/Goddess Light is the blueprint I choose to
follow. I establish a reliance on an all-powerful deity that fills me
from within and makes sure that all my efforts, however limited,
are nurtured, creative, relevant miracles of Spirit. This cloak of
flesh affords my Soul the opportunity to be strengthened, loved,
blessed, gifted, and caressed by that greater Self-expression within.

There are no finish lines here so I can stop looking for results and
embrace the journey as it is. The days are innumerable, and some
time in the future when looking back, I will marvel at what an interesting
life I had and the distances I covered. And how I wished I had realized it
sooner! I am the all knowing, perfect guru of the golden years and so it is.

Reverend Angela’s website: WWW.ANGELAPEREGOFF.COM

©2003 – 2011 Angela Peregoff | All rights reserved. Please feel free to copy and share these copyrighted Blessings with your friends, letting them know the source and inviting them to visit my website.

Lightworkers, Forgiveness and Narcissism: Just Find the Relief

Today I want to share with you another excellent video message from Abraham-Hicks about “relief,” and why it’s so powerful and needed right now. According to Abraham, and I’ve confirmed this so many times in my own life: whenever you start feeling relief, you get back into your flow, and your preferred experiences start manifesting in your life. When you’re used to living in resistance, pain or lack, just the slightest sense of relief has the potential to snap you right back on track for free-flowing ease.

As part of The Forgiveness Experiment, I recently stumbled upon some incredible resources by Kaleah, that have been clicking everything into alignment and allowing me to release situations and people for good. For the Highest Good, in fact, and without anymore confusion. It turns out that the reason I’ve been so able to recognize abuses happening in the world with regard to shadow governments, manipulation of subconscious mind, slavery in the form of “help,” nonstop creation of problems in order to present themselves as “saviors” from the very problems they (corporations, BigPharma, BigOil, BigBanks, BigGovernment, BigPhood) created, is because I’ve spent much of my life as a Narcissist Personality Disorder magnet.

I knew people were surfing off my energy; I just didn’t realize how or how much until this website began sounding so eerily familiar. Thank you, angels, for your prompt reply to my surrender and release of tricky situations requiring my forgiveness! Though shocking how far down the rabbit hole things go, it’s actually not surprising, given that we live in a society and world saturated with symbols, subliminal messages, religions, school systems, financial institutions, and governments promoting fear, separation, and shame.

For many people, losing their home represents a fundamentally crushing experience that destroys one’s sense of self worth. The “housing crisis” happened by design: people who feel devastated and worthless are much easier to control. Ditto 9/11: it was by design. When people feel terrified, they are much easier to control. Removing “victim”‘s money, legal rights and self-respect has allowed the ĂĽber-narcissists of this world nearly complete control by convincing us that we need them in order to survive. The actual situation is reversed. Just like any parasite can be starved by refusing to feed it, so, too can the corporations and crazy people running our world right now. They need complete soul-level rehabilitation, not another quick fix.

When we feel separated from our inner Divinity, the ego blows itself out of proportion, living from a place of fear, scarcity, and projection. We all engage in a bit of narcissism, but pathological narcissism like that practiced by those who’ve tried to control this planet and humanity, results when the separation becomes so painful and pronounced that they must project any and all ill feelings onto their “victims.” Total control and total consumption become the driving forces. You become a food source, just like in The Matrix. The more you buy into the illusion (and that movie itself contains subconscious programming), the more you feed those “person”‘s creating the illusion.

A pathological narcissist becomes incapable of compassion or empathy and will use whatever tactics available in order to procure its next fix: your energy. Kaleah’s second ebook, “Narcissism: Web of Illusion,” sounds so much like posts I’ve written all year, except she actually uses the word and definition of narcissism. Awakening to the fact that someone else is actively orchestrating suffering, confusion, pain, debt and feelings of unworthiness can become a first step to freedom. We see this happening right now with the Arab Spring and the Occupy Movements.

When “victims” start to tune out the programming, they reconnect with Source energy. This reconnection to Love creates a safe enough environment to begin exploring how their own shadow issues make them easy prey for narcissistic “abuse.” Once they begin to move outside the dance of victim/abuser, they can fully heal.

Any abuse offers within it the keys to free ourselves — if we accept responsibility for how and why we’ve attracted these things into our lives. This is just as true on the global level as it is inside ourselves. As within, so without; as above, so below. I know I have learned tremendously from my own experiences with narcissists. In retrospect, I can see how and why my soul attracted people whose actions would “force” me to tap into my gifts in major ways. I can honestly say that I would not be offering most of what I offer to the world, and certainly not on a large or public scale, if the NPD people in my life hadn’t backed me into various corners. Since people with NPD feel so much darkness inside, they routinely seek out food sources who embody great light. If you are a Lightworker, then you have most likely experienced narcissistic abuse in your personal life. If you live on planet Earth, then you have certainly experienced narcissistic abuse in some form on the macro scale.

The more Lightworkers reclaim their own inner light and connection to Source, the more powerful and pure their point of attraction becomes. The more we heal and accept our own shadow side, the less others’ projections affect us. This is a major theme of the movie Kymatica, which looks at the world as a macrocosm of the individual soul. At this key time in our Universe, I feel that Lightworkers have a special responsibility to lead the way for others still mired in self-loathing, confusion and despair. Most Lightworkers I know, including myself, have experienced unbelievable trauma, but somehow they never quite forget their true identity as sparks of the Divine. Our world needs whole, healed Lightworkers right now, more than ever.

Please, if you have any interest in upping your love vibe, take some time to explore how narcissistic abuse (past or present) may still be hitting some of your limitation triggers. If you feel unworthy of abundance, power or recognition, and you’ve already done your own “inner work,” then perhaps the remaining triggers and programming actually came from someone or something else. If you feel over-responsible for your own perceived shortcomings, odds are you’ve let a narcissist play on your shadow side. No time like the present to fully claim your intention to heal and shine! I’ve written on Rejection, Projection and Reflection before, but I highly recommend spending some time on Kaleah’s website as well. We live in times of tremendous opportunity and potential. Healing ourselves can and will heal the world.

I hope this information triggers some relief within you. If so, enjoy! Your relief can and will lead to joy. I think Willy Wonka says it best:

Willy Wonka: But, Charlie, don’t forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he ever wanted.

Charlie: What’s that?

Willy Wonka: He lived happily ever after.