Shadow Work Tarot, Karmic Ties and Spirit Guides: November Specials

I’ve been awaiting inspiration for a November Special. Although a few ideas crossed my mind, none of them grabbed me as “the real deal,” so I just trusted that the offers would reveal themselves at the proper time. Meanwhile, I kept hearing the message to do my own inner work and then take note of my most valuable keys to healing. Those would then become November’s offering.

As regular readers of my blog know, I have also been conducting The Forgiveness Experiment, which includes radically forgiving myself and others. I say radically because I don’t normally hold a grudge — at least not on a conscious level. Since my freshman year of college way back in 1991, I recognized the power and necessity of forgiving others to free oneself. To the best of my conscious ability I continued to practice that on a regular basis. The Forgiveness Experiment involves something deeper. I felt called to release any and all attachments, judgments, fears, complaints, and misperceptions. On a conscious level, I didn’t even know what some of these were; however, some uncharacteristically stuck areas of my life indicated I must have some such resistance running in the background.

I surrendered and released the situations to the angels and gave them permission to engage whatever and however would produce results. In a year of mega-healing, this past week stands out as especially fast and deep. My biggest tools have been past life awareness, inner shadow work, and an even closer working relationship with my guides. I always connect with them for sessions and throughout the day, but this week I feel their constant companionship and support. It makes such a difference!

I awoke this morning with an inner knowing about some unique November offerings:

Shadow Work Tarot to Heal Karmic Ties

This one hour phone or in-person reading features my interpretation of a special tarot spread, combined with my ability to tune in to multiple past lives and the patterns they create. I’ve received such positive feedback regarding each of these services, but I had never thought to unite them in a single reading. Having received the idea, though, I immediately recognized its power. The cards never lie, and they help us to get in touch with archetypes that structure our reality. Using the Major Arcana to understand our shadow side –including those lifetimes for which we may still be punishing ourselves or others — allows us to integrate that shadow and ultimately release it into the light.

I was told to offer this special from today, 11/8/11 through 11/30/11. You may purchase it at any time during that window, but you do not need to schedule it prior to the 30th. That said, given the energies on this planet right now, my guides suggest sooner rather than later, as the more people address their shadow side, the more active Lightworkers we have holding a positive vibration for the coming transitions. $111 for the hour. Please email me for an invoice and to schedule. brunoleaf at yahoo dot com

$77 Spirit Guide Readings

This half hour reading may also be double booked as a single hour long discussion. We all have Spirit Guides and invisible support systems, but not everyone knows who these are. I’ve also noticed the need for discernment to make sure that whoever you’re asking for help has the Highest Good of All in mind. I sometimes find people have accepted tricksters or malevolent entities as “guides,” not unlike the way a narcissist will create “problems” just so s/he can “save” the person and create a sense of obligation. These false guides can then drain energy, cause confusion, and separate the person from their natural connection to Pure Source Energy. More often, I notice that clients feel they need to take quantum leaps of faith all alone. They might quasi-trust the Universe to support them, but they long for a more intimate relationship with real helpers.

A person’s Spirit Guides often turn out to be the main nudge for someone booking a reading with me, but I’ve never offered a separate service just to help people identify and connect more deeply with their guides. These may include angels, devas, faeries, leprechauns, animal spirits, Ancestors, or phenomena like rainbows. You won’t learn every single guide in a half hour or hour discussion, but you will learn (or have affirmed) the ones most appropriate for your current challenges, as well as the ones who’ve taken a special interest in you throughout your lifetime(s).

This offer runs from today, 11/8/11 through the end of November. As long as you prepay by 11/30/11, you may schedule anytime after you’ve paid. Your guides will give you a sense of what feels right in terms of timing. Again, please email me for scheduling and an invoice. brunoleaf at yahoo dot com.

Since I have many international clients, please do include your time zone/location and any preferred time/date windows when you query. That saves a few steps! Many Blessings, Much Love and Peace to you!

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