Reiki Master Teacher Class Nearly Full + October Past Lives Special

Hi folks. Wow, that was fast! The October 28th Reiki Master Teacher Certification class I announced a few days ago is already just about full. I am so excited about this group of students! Per request, I will probably teach some of the earlier levels of Reiki in late 2011 and early 2012. In addition, I am looking forward to offering some of the “Special Topics and in Reiki” classes I used to teach in Reno/Tahoe and Sedona. These were lots of fun and allowed us to cover valuable details about symbols and techniques beyond what’s typically included in a certification class.

If people express interest, I may also start offering Intuition classes, on both old and new topics. Past classes have included: tuning into your own past lives, introduction to the chakra system, medical intuitive awareness, intuition 101, and others. If you have specific topics you’d love to see covered, please let me know. For now I’m looking at offering these classes in Madison, Chicago or Evanston, IL; however, I’m open to traveling for groups under certain circumstances.

Please feel free to contact me via email (brunoleaf at yahoo dot com) if you have questions or want to be on the waiting list for the RMT class. I have one space left, which is tentatively taken, but not yet confirmed. I know from previous Master Teacher classes that there’s always a magical selection process and synchronization that seems to determine who attends, so don’t be afraid to launch your request if you’re determined to be there. Although we’re nearly at capacity, I’ve seen bigger challenges rearrange themselves for this level of certification.

In other news, I do have an October special running through Halloween. Here it is as announced in my newsletter:

October Past Lives “Costume Party”

OK, it’s not a traditional Halloween Party, but this Special lets you explore whatever old costumes you’re still wearing and any skeletons in the closet. Ideally, when we pass from one life and into the next, we forget what roles we played before. Ideally. But not always! So often in cases of long term illness or injury, difficult finances and troubling relationship patterns, I find that past life events causing extreme emotions, especially trauma, continue to affect people’s lives right now. More details on that right here. You won’t learn every single past life you’ve ever had — at least not in a single hour! The information that comes through tends to be relevant to your biggest current challenges and goals. When you change your perspective, though, the things around you have a funny way of changing, too. This $111 Special offers a $64 savings from my usual hourly rate. Offer expires on Halloween.

Please contact me via email to schedule your session, and I will invoice you via PayPal. You don’t need to schedule before the 31st, but the discount only runs through Halloween.

Blessed Be and have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. […] offering (or “being”) that kind of love, please feel free to take advantage of my October 2011 $111 Past Lives Special. (A $64 discount from the usual rate, valid through Halloween 2011. Email me at brunoleaf at yahoo […]



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