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Wow!!! Just found out that my YouTube account has been terminated due to supposedly repeated copyright infringement and account violations. Given that all material I’ve ever posted on YouTube was my own talks without music, and that I have never commented on other people’s work, I can only assume that this is due to some of the material I have posted on this blog regarding 9/11 truth, BigBanks, Obama’s Department of Precrime, and other things. Holy cow!

My videos were about Synchronicity, Intuition and Intention as well as the story of my recovery from brain injury and a quick video about Runes and the doors I paint. I have never once even received a warning from YouTube that I was in violation of any of their policies. Given that all content was my own, I find their complete shutdown of my account completely unjustified. Craziness! Welcome to the New World Disorder … chaos before reverse entropy. If YouTube’s censoring me for my videos, then something is seriously insane about this world!

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  1. […] regarding my YouTube account and YouTube censorship. Please click here for details. These videos are no longer available. I will see if I still have copies of them to […]


  2. You are not alone. There are others who are posting findings that are shedding light on the strings being pulled from the shadows in the collective. Most of them just hint at this and are probably not even aware of what they are saying. LOL

    Here is one I just saw. http://youtu.be/sgZ7OkVfmeE


  3. Posted by Tim Kilgore on September 13, 2011 at 6:37 pm

    OMG !! Yes Iam wondering what is happening also as I have heard others are being wiped out gone with no trace… Almost like Fahrenheit 451 .. I am so sorry it’s terrible as I feel I have been robbed of this valuable information that I can no longer access and enrich my intellect.. Make s you want to back-up and have your own servers..


  4. Laura,
    I did a web search on Google and found this gentlemen’s blog on how to get around censorship on youtube. He posted this in May regarding some posts he had censored that were video’s in the UK showing people displaying civil disobedience. I thought you and other’s might be interested.


    These are silly and ridiculous times. The illusions are really try to claim they are real as they are fading into nothingness!
    Love Dawn


  5. Posted by laurabruno on September 13, 2011 at 7:11 pm

    Thanks for the input! I will see what I can do. Given that my computer crashed earlier after posting about 9/11 and the need to reboot our world without that “Trojan Horse,” I am not sure if I still have the videos. Perhaps on a backup hard drive …. Yes, silly and ridiculous times! It does coincide with the message I’ve received that the nature of my business is radically changing. Perhaps I am through talking about my brain injury, Lyme disease and intuition. We. Shall. See. Much love and Goddess Bless!


  6. Posted by Salomão on September 13, 2011 at 8:47 pm

    Internet is a trap!




  7. Posted by Mark Iannelli on September 13, 2011 at 9:47 pm

    Wow, Laura, that IS weird . . . Like you said, makes you wonder what other things they’re censoring . . . Scary . . .


  8. If you find the videos, can you post them on Vimeo?


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