Waking Up the World: Wisconsin

Another inspiring update from my Uncle Brad. This one shares some major breaks and leaps forward — reminders of what happens when people keep focused on what they know they want and need. Thanks to Brad Palmer for his tireless efforts and cheerful reporting:

Greetings, Believers–A very good day, indeed.

The rallies are daily now, in nearly every town on the map in Wisconsin. I went to Baraboo tonight to participate in a rally for the rights of working families. It rained, it was 34 degrees (Fahrenheit), cloudy and gray, a damp, windy chill in the air. Yet somehow, 60-75 showed up, most with signs, all ages, to march around the square, which is similar to Madison’s, though a fraction of the size in accordance with Baraboo’s population of 12,000.

Nonetheless, we marched some 10 laps around in bad weather, united, undaunted. Cars honked in approval as we walked. The local press was there for interviews and photographs. My friend, Scott, marched with us, despite a condition that made every step painful, to continue his participation in the cause of freedom for working families. Baraboo, like Portage, is no political town like Madison. There are no waves made there, no boats rocked–until now. And this demonstration has given rise to the next, for every alternating week. And it, too, is what democracy looks like.

News travelled rapidly amongst us about the good events of the day. Judge Sumi continued the temporary restraining order, preventing Walker and the Fitzgerald gang from executing their disgraceful plan. The Supreme Court election on Tuesday next looms large in our minds as a referendum on Walker’s arrogance. The Republicans admitted they may not have enough support if they now re-vote their workers’ rights eradication. The courts are awash in moves not only questioning Walker’s legality, but requesting the ringleaders of the senate to testify, since they are named as defendants, despite their heretofore advantage of immunity, which they still employ. One of the Republican districts has turned in its petitions, having garnered enough signatures for recall a full month ahead of deadline. Another district is calling for all petition volunteers to turn theirs in for submission.

Our district is VERY comfortable in its progress, with ongoing efforts the next two weeks. Volunteers are increasing, people are driving distances to get petitions signed. At least one other district is claiming proximity to goal. Other districts continue their work, none of them wanting to divulge their progress and weaken the momentum from complacency. And when we have enough by May 2, the REAL work begins. We must slate candidates, campaign, and win the recall elections in unprecedented numbers never before seen in Wisconsin. We are, indeed, writing history as we go. Posterity will read about these two years, the
actions of the people to re-claim their rightful ownership of government, and the unification of cause. And next we recall Walker with over 500,000 signatures required statewide–then the trash will have been taken out of our state.

A Chicago company has decided not to build its wind farm in Wisconsin — that would have created jobs, something Walker campaigned on — laying blame directly on the governor’s and legislature’s refusal to cooperate. Apparently, jobs for working families is not a priority, only Koch Brothers directives to employ low-waged labor.

Our support continues from all locales, foreign, local, and nation-wide. Sister states like New Jersey, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Iowa, Texas, Maine, and others whose rights are disappearing, like Tennessee and Oklahoma, carry signs saying, “We Are Wisconsin.” I want them to know this–we will succeed in Wisconsin, we will lead in Wisconsin, we will stampede in Wisconsin. And when our hard work is realized, and our state again truly becomes “The Badger State,” made of laborers, professionals, technicals, homemakers, volunteers, and all the other honorable professions here, and our schools are reinstated to quality institutions of education, and the corporations are required to pay their fair share, rewarded with the highest quality and ethics of working Wisconsinites, then WE will carry signs, saying, “We Are ALL Ohio,” “We Are ALL Indiana,” We Are ALL Michigan….”. History will write of Wisconsin, her battle to resist tyranny at the state level, the courage of her people to abjectly REFUSE to succumb to corporate takeover and scandal, who REFUSE to be sold in this second decade of the twenty first century. And every defiant face against Walker and the Kochs, whether in Wild Rose, Baraboo, or Madison, is our strength.

All the towns, villages, cities, and rural areas of Wisconsin are ringing with the unification of residents. Baraboo came out today, and will return with bigger numbers in two weeks. We have and will continue to out work Walker’s gang and their misinformed, dwindling numbers. I was amused when one of the Directors of the Recall Luther Olsen office told me the best news of the day to him was — Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Prosser, the current and soon-to-be-retired Wisconsin justice. Additionally, Prosser’s campaign co-chair — former governor Patrick Lucy — not only resigned today, but endorsed Prosser’s opponent, Joann Kloppenburg. These events come 4 days before the election. He also related that Wild Rose, population 734 and at the northern-most of our district, produced 300 recall petition signatures. Do you think Luther Olsen is cleaning out his office?

I believe the Republicans are suddenly concerned that our resolve is NOT imagined, that we will NOT go away, that we will NOT accept anything but accomplishment of our goal — take out the trash, make liars pay the penalty, and even more frightening to them, derail a nation-wide transparent plan to eradicate the middle class and make America a corporation. They are reminded, this government BY and FOR the people may have slept, but is now wide awake. And we’re not sleepy anymore.My hope is to be in Madison tomorrow, Sunday, and perhaps Monday (the latter being designated a “Day of Action,” though I may be unable to attend.) If so, Kathie will attend and her report will continue the reverberations of the Rotunda. (“Echoes,” versus “Report,” as you’ve correctly surmised, is dependent on my location; The Rotunda Report itself is always from Madison, Rotunda Echoes is from outside Madison.)

While the major networks, controlled by corporate news management, would lead one to believe the cause is fading by failing to report it, you all have proven you’re not so gullible. The net, progressive radio, similar reports like this one, web sites like http://www.MoveOn.org, http://www.Alternet.org , http://www.defendwisconsin.net, http://www.dailykos.org., are sending out the truth, and ALL of you are hearing it. That’s why our strength increases, why the rallies are more numerous, why the numbers of demonstrators at Walker’s speeches are larger than his audience, why the success of people like us–through toil, work, knowledge, networking, participating in any way–grows hourly. We will accept no less than the reinstatement of our rights and the removal of the perpetrators of this corruption. The Koch Brothers may have $43 billion. But they don’t have us. And that is their Achilles heel.

The 75 faces in Baraboo tonight were no less determined than those of 150,000 in Madison. The faces of Baraboo reflected the knowledge that we are just and right, that what we do not only affects the rest of America, but our children and grandchildren as well. Those cold, wet, shivering faces that refused to lower their signs an inch were warmed by your support, your work, and the continuous endorsement of class strugglers in Poland, England, Canada, Ireland, the rest of Europe, perhaps further.

Tell your relatives, neighbors, and friends, Badgers, that Tuesday is MOST important. We MUST vote to remove Prosser, the Walker puppet. Thank you for your work.

Stand with Wisconsin.
Remain steadfast, fearless, strong.
We the People–Solidarity!


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  1. I have just begun to learn to blog, am trying to stay on this issue because it is so vitally important. Want all the info I can get. This is very helpful. In my 72 years I have never seen anything like this open attack on American citizens by their own government. It is just plain scary. Truth is ignored and drowned out not just by Fox but by a cacophony of uninformed, overpaid commentators all over the broadcast and cable networks. I find myself up late at night after I get off work at 8:00pm (yes, I have to work at age 72) combing the net for dependable facts so I can blog into the wee hours. Walker and cohorts all across the country appear to believe that they can do whatever they like and their power base, the billionaires and their unlimited, anonymous money will make it possible for them to win. I do not like that arrogant confidence. It is unsettling. We have to beat them. We just have to. Everything depends on it.



    • Posted by laurabruno on April 3, 2011 at 5:07 pm

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I agree, people need to wake up. Some are, but it will take more to make the kinds of shifts that will keep life enjoyable and free at all. The first part starts with the individual — opening our eyes and hearts and daring to imagine and ask for something better. Blessings to you!



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