Earth Shifts and Human Evolution

Strange, exciting and occasionally traumatic times this year: I continue to send much love and light all around the world, especially to Japan and anyone affected or soon to be affected by the radiation leaks. We are All One, and events like this certainly remind us of the interconnectedness of all things. What affects one part of the Earth affects us all:

“And I say the sacred hoop of my people was one of the many hoops that made one circle, wide as daylight and as starlight, and in the center grew one mighty flowering tree to shelter all the children of one mother and one father.” ~Black Elk

I find it interesting that in late November, while packing up my Chicago apartment and thinking of anything but blogging, I suddenly felt compelled to write this post on TSA, Radiation, Miso and Seaweed. The article quotes some history about survivors of the World War II atomic bomb, and how miso and seaweed allowed people to walk barefoot among the rubble without themselves attracting radiation poisoning. I do not suggest reckless abandonment of all precautions; however, history itself reveals that we humans can protect ourselves: we do not need to stop living life in order to protect life. So much depends upon our attitude — what lessons and opportunities we opt to extract and embrace from the cosmic soup presented to us.

In the past two weeks, I have received many emails, session calls and Facebook messages from friends and clients wondering what the heck is going on in our world. From worldwide political explosions to revelations about the dark underbelly of the FDA to Esoteric Agendas of government officials to Monsanto’s continued encroachment on our natural rights to eat real food: wow! Resentments, shock, and calls to action keep bubbling to the surface. No wonder we experience earthquakes, tsunamis, solar flares and now, nuclear explosion(s).

I personally find these times filled with overwhelming potential. Yes, chaos appears to rein. And yet, amidst the chaos, some patterns appear. Patterns create and recreate order. None of the recent revelations about the FDA, TSA, robber-baron nature of the IRS, and fascist (corporate) control of America is really new. I’ve had these things on my radar for years, if not decades. I scrupulously avoided politics and news because I did not like the intuitive information filtering into my brain. I feared finding more evidence of its truth, and so for many years I stuck my head in the sand. I didn’t doubt the information, but I wanted a different focus until my awareness could effect more than my own individual frustration with “the way things are.”

Yes, we create our own reality, through intention, vibration, asking and receiving, but we do all participate in a collective reality on this planet. Much of my work involves helping people to find and live their own truth — the one they came here to live, as opposed to the default teachings of those in power. We are not weak! We are not evil. We are not broken. And we DO have influence. In evolution of any species it takes only 4-5 % of a population to make an evolutionary leap. We have not been this close to 4-5% of humanity making a leap in a very, very long time, if ever.

T.S. Eliot once said, “Human kind cannot bear very much reality.” Well, Mr. Eliot, with all due respect (and I do love you dearly!), humanity in the early 21st century has come a long way since “The Wasteland” days of the early 20th century. I contend that we CAN bear increasingly greater amounts of reality, and the very recognition of this reality will catalyze creation of a new one. I stumbled upon some apt paragraphs channeled by Sanaya Roman (“Personal Power Through Awareness”):

“You do not have to go through pain and struggle to grow.

“The doorway to deeper truth is awareness. It is paying attention to, and holding up, the vision of truth. The more you act from integrity, the more evolved you become.

“Every situation in your life that requires truth from you, that requires you to reach into a deeper level of your being, is an opportunity to grow. The more pain and struggle you experience, the greater the amount of energy you clean up when you come from your deeper level. Thank those situations in your life that seem difficult or painful. Know that they are opportunities to reach a deeper truth. Not a truth that will separate you, bring you anger, vengeance, or justification, or make the other person wrong and you right, or vice versa, but a truth that will allow you to connect at a deeper level. To raise your energy higher, go inward and ask if you are withholding from yourself the truth of what you feel or think about the other person. If you do not let yourself see the truth, you will have another person and another sent your way until you do get in touch with your deepest truth.

“… Every time you act and speak from truth and integrity, you lighten your energy. You aura is like a fog. Each time you speak the truth the energy around you becomes finer and lighter, until the sunlight is pouring through it into your body. Every drama in your outer life is a reflection of a drama in your inner life. Every person you interact with in your outer life symbolizes an interaction that is going on within you. …

“…Every person and event offers you an opportunity to clean up your energy, evolve yourself, and move higher. The greatest reward is that once an issue is cleared up you will never have to deal with it again. You cannot be hurt by another person unless you are hurting yourself. You cannot be betrayed, undervalued or unloved unless you are doing it to yourself by not valuing and loving yourself.”

Powerful words. I invite each of you to look deep within to explore and release the ways in which you keep yourself in check. What inner chains bind you? In what ways have you oppressed your own spirit? In what ways do you feel that spirit bubbling forth in ever bigger, insistent ways?

I cannot remember how long I’ve felt the idea of a nuclear disaster somehow connected to human evolution. Let’s just say, it’s been a long, long time. For this reason, I have never let my own seaweed supply dwindle, and just prior to the nuclear issue in Japan, I got a very strong intuitive hit to “go buy more miso. Now.” I always have some on hand, but I was told to “stock up.” I returned from the store to find Facebook friends posting about the nuclear reactor problems. What, if anything, could this possibly have to do with human evolution, you ask?

I don’t claim to have a definitive answer. Ideas have just rolled around my brain for many years. It is starting to become more common knowledge that humanity has 12 strands of DNA, with 10 of those lying dormant –unactivated. Radiation destroys DNA. We can protect ourselves against that damage via miso, seaweed, herbs. [David Wolfe mentions these: kelp, ginseng, ashwaganda (recently found to regrow nerves), chlorella, zeolites, fulvic acid, nascent iodine, reishi mushroom, sea salt (also salty miso), botanical (plant-derived) or lipo- vitamin C, magnesium (chlorophyll), selenium (brazil nuts), coconut butter, Megahydrate, Crystal Energy. Spread the word.] On the other hand, perhaps …

We could simply …


Cancer doesn’t suddenly happen. It creeps into the energy field with lots of alarm bells and choice points along the way. The state of our world has not suddenly happened either. To shift cancer naturally, it takes a leveraging of everything in the mind, heart, soul & spirit to shift the body. Healing is possible, but if we don’t shift things fast, radical surgery will be required on this planet.

In context of 2012 prophecies from most indigenous cultures; in context of the massive hidden truths currently bubbling up for recognition; in context of solar flares and our crossing of the Galactic Center; in context of the potential destruction of sea life via Corexit and the organic dairy industry via GM alfalfa and the moves to make any seeds but GM Monsanto seeds illegal — in context of three volcanoes exploding right after the giant earthquake in Japan, and now, a leaking nuclear reactor whose radiation will eventually drift across the entire globe … Well, in light of all these things, perhaps we really will need to activate those extra tendrils of DNA.

What does it? Love. The love vibration touches more areas of DNA than any other. Fear is the perceived absence of love. “Perfect love casts out fear.” “Do not be afraid.” As Carl Jung reminds us: “The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves.”

“There is too much corruption in government agencies. How do we stop this when our own regulators won’t investigate?” My answer: We shift ourselves. We, collectively, stop buying into the illusion and when enough people decide that the current reality is an illusion, a new reality begins to emerge.

“There is too much chaos on the Earth right now. How do we survive, let alone thrive under such circumstances?” My answer: This is seriously the coolest time ever to be alive on this planet! Loving it. As Joan of Arc so beautifully put it, “I am not afraid. I was born to do this.” We all opted in here during this time. We were all born to do this.

Namaste. Nam-ahs-frickin’-day! Let’s bring it.

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  1. Laura… love you, bring it! ♥

    Miso soup with seaweed for the thyroid. Vitamin E supplements: highly radioprotective for the rest of the body. Along those antioxidant lines, cacao can’t hurt! Do what we can… and keep loving what is.

    Ever gratefully…in JOY and prayer, Diana



  2. Posted by laurabruno on March 16, 2011 at 2:30 pm

    Love to YOU! ❤



  3. […] I’m not particulary religious(although i do believe in a supreme being creator), but i thought this video made some good points. There is a global elite set out for world domination and depopulation. And they are very religious. Using prophecies in the bible and other acient texts as there guide to fulfill their own agendas. Yes they do plan on depopulating the world signifanctly. Its all about control and domination. Video Rating: 4 / 5 For more on this topic you can read: In addition you can check out this related post: Additionally you can check out this related post: You may also find this relevant: On the same topic: […]



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