Letting Go

I’ve been cleansing the entire month of January, which always makes for exciting intuitive sessions as well as major shifts in my own life. One thing I’ve noticed lately as a global and personal trend is an increased urgency in the need to release what no longer serves: relationships, jobs, self-imposed limitations (aren’t they all?!), anything that tugs against the intended direction.

For so long, “hurry up and wait” has created inner tension between visions/intentions/desires and the seemingly endless status quo. People ask me, “When? When? When?” just about every single day. I ask, too. Patience seems in short supply. On the other hand, the world looks very different than it did even two years ago. Despite things taking a long time to line up in their “final version,” the last two calender years have produced more relocations, divorces and sudden shifts in career and lifestyle than I ever remember seeing. On a global scale.

Relationships, careers and situations that felt, “OK” or “not ideal, but good enough,” became mysteriously intolerable or unacceptable, almost as though whatever mitigating force the Universe had provided to keep things going got sucked away and redirected to other things.

Actually, that’s exactly what I sense happened. The Universe’s priorities shifted, requiring a redistribution of energy, people and resources. It’s still a free will planet ruled by Law of Attraction, in that these redistributions tended to answer long held and often silent cries for “a way out” or “a way in.” In either case, most of the people experiencing the sudden shifts admit that things really did need to change.

If you got blindsided, and feel like life just “happened” to you, then you might want to reread my article on Kali: Goddess of Destruction, Time and Change. As Hafiz says, “Love sometimes wants to do us a great favor: hold us upside down and shake out all the nonsense.”

But Love never calls without any warning. A great deal of behind the scenes and inner work takes place in order for just the right circumstances to arise. I decided to write this article because I sense quite tangibly that we’re in final stages of a prep phase. Do I think the end of the world’s upon us? No. Emphatically no.

I do, however, feel a massive amount of energy growing like a weather front about to sweep across the planet; I’m also noticing another round of purging during sessions. Even after the big purges of late 2008 through 2010, some dead weight remains. For awhile, the Universe seemed to say, “Ah, let’s just focus on the big stuff; we can deal with the details later.”

Well, it’s Later. And people are finding that the dead weight they couldn’t bear to release six months, two months, even a week ago, will need to detach in order for them to accelerate at the desired speeds. For some people, letting go of dead weight feels even more difficult than taking those initially bold leaps of faith. Even though much of this planet has already begun its dimensional shift, the thought of intentionally laying aside those old things feels “harsh,” “selfish” or “sad.” Because this dimensional shift moves us into lighter, more rarified energy, though, heavy feelings like guilt and shame become less and less compatible. They simply can’t transcend in the same ways as love, joy, and gratitude!

If you’re committed to your path, or at least to your own evolution, I suggest you allow yourself to feel those emotions and move through them. Conscious people tend to be kind people, and no one wants to inflict unnecessary pain. I understand this; it’s a major reason I opt for a vegan diet, and I attempt to move through life leaving everything and everyone at least a little better than I found them. But … and this is a big but! There comes a time when we need to step back and look at the bigger picture.

When we focus on remnants of the old to such an extent that these attachments prevent or dramatically slow our progress towards experiencing the new, then we need to factor in how many people or situations we’re actually hurting by not allowing ourselves to shine. If expansion means expanded ability to serve the planet, to serve and empower others in bigger and more potent ways, then the small attachments and over-attention to old details, end up creating more harm than good. Sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to let go — not just so that we can then receive, but so that our hands are now free to give in larger and more healing ways.

Our current time feels like a bunch of people have boarded a plane, about to leave the gate. It’s not the only plane that will ever take off, but this is the one that this bunch of people have decided to board. Take-off will occur, and some of the people have already strapped themselves in, ready for the ride of their many lifetimes! Others fret about people who seem not to have made it onto this flight. The fretters do have options, at least until this plane leaves the gate: they can’t make other people or situations get on the flight, but they still have (a little) time to deboard.

Or, they can choose to take the ride of their lives, trusting that others can catch another flight if they really want to and make the effort to procure a ticket.

In some ways, the increased urgency is an illusion. Yes, this plane is about to take off, and no, the Universe will not continue to delay and delay and delay everyone on this flight just on the off chance that your old situation or old lover or old job might possibly want to join us. The Universe has waited as long as it can for this particular flight. It will provide another flight, but if you really don’t feel you’ve said adequate goodbyes and you just can’t bear to leave those people or things behind, then now’s your chance to deboard.

The Universe will provide other flights, but timing matters. THIS plane is due for take-off. Whatever you do not have with you on the plane will not arrive with you. It may arrive on a later plane, or your old “baggage” might get lost for good. If you’ve intended a fabulous destination for yourself and have spent a long time anticipating the flight, it’s nearly time. Are you ready? Do you still like your intended destination? This is a final boarding call for this particular plane.

My own personal sentiments? You bet I’m ready. I love my intended destination. I love the people I see on this plane. I love what they’ll bring to the journey and the destination. Woohoo! As Mr. Mojo Risin’ himself said, “Break on Through to the Other Side!”

4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Giacinta on January 16, 2011 at 8:28 am

    Thank you, Laura for another wonderful blog entry! πŸ™‚ There are indeed amazing things happening. One of the things that I’m reminded of every day is how evolved so many young adults are. Children are a given but to watch folks in their late teens and twenties share with such incredible clarity concepts of deep care, compassion, spirituality etc. etc. is such a testiment to what’s really happening! and you know, patience no longer means you have to wait, it just means it’s a good idea to embrace the process to the point where what you think you’re waiting for is actually right there in front of you! Namaste, love and infinite blessings and continued bliss, love, compassion and beauty! πŸ™‚ oxo ❀



  2. Thanxoox Laura, love your blogs …this is special…i was gripped and spellbound…’letting go’…see you om the plane one day πŸ™‚ xoox!



  3. Posted by laurabruno on January 17, 2011 at 3:45 pm

    Thanks so much for the feedback and love. Blessings and love to you both! xo



  4. Posted by Bryant on February 1, 2011 at 2:05 am

    Beautiful post! Timely, supportive yet challenging.



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