Premonitions, Divine Intervention, Reiki and Kundalini Yoga Saved Her Life

Hello and Happy Holidays to everyone! Although I’m taking a break to visit with friends, I just had to share this amazing story from a friend in Thailand. She Facebook messaged me a request for Reiki after a motorbike accident and then proceeded to tell me some of the amazing details. Her story touches upon so many of the topics covered in my sessions, classes and life that Siri Anand Kaur Renaud agreed to let me post this for my readers’ inspiration. I hope you find it as incredibly life-affirming and magickal as I did. Siri Anand’s words follow:

Here`s what happened … pretty incredible!

Got into a motorbike accident on Winter Solstice. I am so lucky to be in one piece! Guy cut me off on a motorbike, decided that he wanted to turn but had almost passed the street. Truck to my right, so split second decision: go right into the truck, get killed, or go into the bike, hit him and girlfriend and three of us badly injured. So I decided to go into the sand/dirt (monsoon here roads are bad) and as soon as I hit the sand I went down (no helmet on, of course!). I started sliding on my stomach. Towards a concrete wall! I could feel my belly rubbing on the road.

Kundalini Yoga training saved my butt once again!

Thought: “I`m light … don`t merge with the pavement, just kind of surf.” When I saw the concrete wall, I thought, “No way! I`m not hitting that wall! I don`t want to die!” And I pushed up into Cobra, then stopped, stood up and walked away! Holy Moly!

Shaken, in total shock and so was the guy behind coming to help me! He just looked at me like … as if to say what the heck! and I shrugged my shoulders, picked up my helmet on the ground and he picked up my bike and that`s it.

The guy who cut me off didn`t even stop. The cops did and asked the Thai man what happened. I told them someone cut me off. Not sure if the guy thought I only slid in the sand or what, but the cops just left!

Know what the weird thing about this is!? I had a dream about it one week before, and it was the left side as well and all my skin had come off. This guy was pouring water on me trying to wash away the rocks, sand and dirt. Then I did Reiki and was so scared, but the dream kept on telling me, “You can do it! You are that powerful! Just believe in yourself that you can heal!” And OMG, I saw my skin close! It was amazing! But I couldn`t shake the dream. I was really stuck in it, totally frozen in it, and was almost refusing to see myself heal that quickly. Finally I did it.

So after the accident, I drove around the corner and lifted up my shirt to look at my stomach and it was raw-like rug burns. I put my shirt down, looked at my knee and my knee cap was up and in a weird position. I did Reiki but just for a few minutes. Nothing was bleeding yet and I had a 30-40 minutes drive ahead of me as I had just forgotten my bank card in the machine so no hospital for me as I have no insurance. I needed cash, so I wanted to get going quickly in case I got to a point where I couldn`t drive anymore.

Went to the Wellness centre where I teach yoga and they fixed me up!
Nothing broken: my stomach wasn`t even pink anymore!!! Not even a tear in my thin cotton blouse or cotton pants!!!!!

My knee was the size of a football — still is as took the brunt of the fall I think but just a few specks of scabs. Top of left foot is raw and bleeding, was a hole now healing nicely. Hands pretty good … only rocks and sand in them. Three little punctures in one where we had to dig everything out as embedded pretty deep but skin had already started to close and one pin size hole in the other hand and one grazed elbow.

Forearm healed over night! No scar, no evidence of anything happening!

Received Reiki from myself of course but from a few other people and you as well. Just amazing! I am so so so grateful to everyone who helped me and to Guru Ram Das for saving my butt! And to Yogiji!(Yogi Bhajan my Yoga Master) as Kundalini Yoga has trained my mind so well and has me able to react in a spilt second. Otherwise there would be no doubt, there wouldn`t be much of me left: the front of my motorbike is broken!

Wahe Guru! Wahe Guru! Wahe Guru!

I am starting to walk better now with no pain! Just a bit of discomfort. My ribs are all healed and it doesn`t hurt anymore when I cough or laugh.

Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!

And there you have it!

So thank you again Laura and to all the beautiful amazing healers on this planet!

Merry Christmas to you,

Siri Anand

(Thank you Siri Anand for sharing this story, and many praises and much gratitude for her miraculous experience. Peace and blessings to all.)

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