Raw Food DVD’s

Some of you may remember Chef Mia Dalene from my earlier two-part interviews (here and here). She’s a fellow brain injury survivor turned raw food chef and educator. Yesterday I learned that a landslide had wiped out her Seattle-area yard, leaving her home uninhabitable right before the holidays. Mia and her children and partner have been evacuated and are staying separately with some friends and relatives, since people don’t have room to house all four of them at once.

Mia is not asking for charity to deal with this natural disaster; however, she did let me know that 50 purchases of her raw food prep DVD would allow her and her family to move into a new home. If you or anyone you know would like some extra instruction on delicious raw food recipes from a professional chef, please see the specials Mia is running now. What a great way of supporting health while paying it forward at the same time!

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  1. thanQ divine laura xoox! for you and your divine raw food goodness! V girl never looked so good 😉 xoox@xoox!



  2. awesome stuff …hope wisconsins working out…xo



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