Core Issues

It seems that a huge number of people have reached a crisis place this Spring, and particularly this week, in which core issues can no longer remain safely tucked away or hidden beneath the rug. If your life has suddenly spun out of control, please know that you are not alone. You are never alone! And right now, those people going through massive shifts have a lot of extra support around in the form of guides, angels, animals and unusual energy forces.

I decided to post on this topic because so many clients, friends and family members have been forced to face not only the skeletons in their closets, but the boogie men under the bed, and the creepy crawlies in the corner. Why is this happening and why so much right now?

From an astrological standpoint, Pluto went retrograde on April 7 and will remain so until September 13. You don’t need to believe in astrology in order to feel its influence. Pluto rules Scorpio, the death and renewal sign, and when it goes retrograde that death and renewal impulse grows even more intense. So yes, lots of old patterns, ways of thinking, relationships, plans and dreams are dying right now. I have clients from all over the world, and I can attest to some kind of global trend here, especially among people who have asked for spiritual growth. Ask and you shall receive, and Pluto retrograde provides some terrific opportunities for growth.

We are also living in interesting times as a planet, when lots of old modes of living have revealed themselves to be unsustainable long term. Some of the new solutions have yet to reveal themselves, so as a collective, humanity feels the pull of the precipice without knowing what lies below or beyond. Mass reality has lost some of its stability, and that perception can make even the most secure lightworker feel a bit off kilter.

How do we handle all this craziness? I’ve compiled a few tips here. Please feel free to share your own in the comments section.

1 ) Maintain your sense of humor. The Rune of Flow is also the Rune for Humor and with good reason! Laughter rolls out into the universe in the same way that our intentions, hopes and dreams do, but laughter keeps the vibe light and rolling towards the positive. Laugh well. Laugh often.

2 ) Know that there is SOME kind of plan at work. You don’t need to know all the details. Some of them are not even close to manifesting yet, but the level of synchronicity and healing that has characterized 2010, in particular this past week, leads me to feel fully confident that EVERYTHING is in Divine Order on a grand scale. There are some very cool things happening in a lot of people’s lives right now — dreams becoming reality in a big way. Yes, that involves cleaning out a lot of sludge, but the dreams themselves are shiny and brilliant.

3 ) Ask for and accept support. Through prayer, from trusted friends, a counselor or life coach, books, meditation, synchronous meetings. This is not a time to go it alone.

4 ) Fill yourself up with positive thoughts and positive feelings. As things in our lives die and decay, we need to sweep them away, but we also need to fill ourselves with something new. Nature abhors a vacuum. Having gone through the grief, anger and processing of core issues, do remember to reward yourself with elements of the “you” you want to be, the “you” you are becoming.

5 ) Know that “this too shall pass.” Limbo cannot last forever. Look for the blessings in the firestorm. Realize that life provides us exactly what we need at any given time, so if you’re feeling fire right now, then life is burning through things that need to burn. But after the fire, comes the mythical phoenix, rising from the ashes. The phoenix needs ashes in order to rise again.

Blessings and Encouragement on your Journey!

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  1. Posted by Mindy on April 17, 2010 at 2:59 pm

    Thank you, Laura. I am definitely “in the fire” right now. I will accept your encouraging words as part of my support. Two synchronicities: Just before finding your post in my Reader, I was viewing a video of Krishna Das and Deval Premal singing “Mere Guru Dev”. I’m so happy you were able to see them this past week. I’m also about to prepare for putting henna in my hair for the first time. I’m a “henna virgin” as they say on the Morrocco Method website. I revisited your henna post last night for encouragement on that.



    • Posted by laurabruno on April 17, 2010 at 3:02 pm

      Oh, have fun with the henna! That was a beautiful rendition of them singing Mere Guru Dev together, one of my favorites, and I wish you safe travels on your firewalking. 🙂



  2. Posted by Pamela on April 18, 2010 at 1:41 am

    Thanks Laura! That was extremely helpful to me. I’ve been craving the outdoors lately. Sitting on the back deck, walking on the beach, being in the eucalyptus grove…. even a few minutes seems to work miracles. I’ve been really drawn to do my meditation outside lately & it feels simply sublime. I’ve been finding refuge in small moments during this um, challenging time. And touching naked toes to the earth or sea is the (vegan, of course! )icing on the cake.



    • Posted by laurabruno on April 18, 2010 at 2:09 am

      Oh, I DO love Monterey the most of all, I think! Smells so very wonderful and that Farmer’s Market and the ocean … Mmmmm … lots of family and friends in Chicago, but maybe a visit to Monterey sometime cuz you just reminded me how much I miss it! Thanks for stopping by and lots of hugs to you …



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