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As a Medical Intuitive, I have spoken and written before on Diabetes and the importance of allowing ourselves to receive the natural sweetness of life. The following article by guest blogger Kristina Ridley offers a more practical, physical level approach. When treating any disease, especially chronic conditions, I find that multi-layered strategies work well. Our energy bodies interconnect on all levels; emotions and thoughts affect the physical, while body chemistry changes our perceptions and the ways we experience life. With Diabetes in epidemic proportions, I welcomed Kristina’s offer to provide this preventative information. Hope you enjoy!

See How Easily You Can Prevent Diabetes Through Blood Glucose Test

By Guest Blogger Kristina Ridley

The pancreas is a body part which Type 2 diabetes affects. When we take in food, the sugar in it turns into glucose then goes into the blood stream. When it gets in blood cells, the pancreas lets loose insulin that allows our body to use up the glucose like fuel. People who have a Type 2 diabetes condition will find it difficult to make as well as use insulin. Your body contains plenty of glucose; however your cells are unable to find it.

The American Diabetes Association has the duty of looking for information regarding this important medical condition. 23.6 million individuals living in America currently have diabetes, and because of this the country is seen as very unhealthy. Ninety percent of this figure has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Diabetes and the tendency to be overweight usually run in the family. If there is too much glucose in your body, it could result in serious internal organ damage and affect one’s nervous system.

Living with Diabetes

The easiest and the most efficient way to treat your Type 2 diabetes is through healthy living practices on a daily basis. Among these practices include eating healthy and engaging in exercise. The healthy practices that you regularly do will have an enormous lasting and positive effect on you.

To avoid health complications, many doctors have recommended that you ensure that the glucose levels in your body are within the appropriate range. The blood glucose level in your body can easily be monitored simply by using the finger prick test. Such a test is as good as an HbA1c test when it comes to checking and tracking your glucose fluctuations.
This HbA1c test is able to determine the levels of glycated hemoglobin in your body, as well as know if the glucose levels are on the high side. The average level which diabetics maintain, as per the A1c test results, are at seven percent. One can experience a 40% reduction in the possibility of developing risks if people simply ensure that their A1c levels are kept at seven percent.

Over-Controlled Levels

A lot of studies nowadays indicate that keeping one’s A1c levels lower than seven percent could actually be a bad thing. There was one study which was done in Seattle’s Lancet and Swedish Medical Center that found out that there is a higher death risk for people whose levels are median at best and people who take insulin. On the other hand, other tests show that a seven percent A1c level is still quite healthy. While physicians take into account their patient’s medical history before the planned treatment, a 7% level of A1c is still good according to endocrinologist Matt Davies.

About the Author – Kristina V. Ridley writes on glucose meter , her personal hobby blog focused on helping people get free information to prevent diabetes and test blood glucose at home.

For a multi-layered look at Diabetes or other chronic health issues, please feel free to schedule a Medical Intuitive Session with Laura Bruno.

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    • Posted by laurabruno on April 24, 2010 at 11:27 pm

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  2. Posted by globaldruginfo on August 24, 2012 at 7:19 am

    Exactly right!!!! We can rectify diabetes through natural way by following proper diet.



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