Door Number 3: “Tree of Life” aka “The Daphne Door”

Some of you know I’ve been in Evanston all week, painting a door rescued by my friends Wendy and Matthew. They left it for me in their laundry room on their way to Peru to swim with the pink dolphins and pirahnas. (I’m really not making this up!) I have a key to their apartment and an open invitation, so I arrived here the day after Spring Equinox to find keys (to the laundry room) and a giant, antique door that possibly weighs more than I do. Wendy’s downstairs neighbor helped me haul it upstairs and I worked on it all week while listening to sacred chants and wearing a moldavite pendant. Lots of energy shifts!

This one looks more like a painting than the other doors, but it is actually even more “coded” with Runes and other symbols. I just worked many of them into the textures and decorative details. The main theme is a “World Tree” or “Tree of Life” with the wood nymph Daphne turned into the Laurel Tree. Apollo loved Daphne and when she became the tree, he created the laurel wreaths/crown of laurels for poets in honor of her. At the top right, is a Celtic Butterfly, and the bottom quote reads, “Wherever you are is the entry point. –Kabir.” Some people will also recognize the Chakana from Schizandra and the Gates of Mu. I had so much fun inserting Runes and other details, but there are too many to tell here, so I’ll just post the photo below.

Please excuse the, um, less than professional look of these photographs! I lost my in-house professional photographer when I got divorced and moved to Chicago, so these are BlackBerry images. I’ll eventually replace them with better quality photos from a wide angle lens, but I wanted to share them now.

Tree of Life

Celtic Butterfly Detail

Daphne Detail

Chakana Tree


Oroboros in the Parted Red Sea--Detail

Viewing doors as portals, I always paint some kind of mantra or Scripture on the back of them. Payuurteel has the Moola Mantra on
The Other Side, and The Alchemy Door now features the Gayatri Mantra. The Tree of Life has a version of Psalm 1:3, along with angels named in the First Pentacle of Jupiter from Solomon’s Keys:

copyright Laura Bruno

Several people have asked if I plan to sell these doors. The short answer is, “No, not these particular ones.” They are very personal for me, and I want them in my home; however, I do intend to create more doors for sale. LOL, I am running out of room in my apartment for all these giant doors!

I’m also available for private commissions if you already have a door you’d like painted and coded for particular intentions or feelings. I especially like the idea of creating different effects for people as they enter or exit rooms. Thresholds are powerful energetic points, and you can literally invite transformation into your daily life by having the door and images coded with subconscious symbols, Sacred Geometry and images that speak to your particular intentions, hopes and dreams. Runes are the building blocks of creation, so including them in an intentional way, operates on the subconscious ability to manifest your heart’s desires. In my experience, this actually works incredibly fast! That’s one reason I don’t wish to part with my first three doors. 😉

Price per door varies, depending on size, desired degree of detail and whether you would like images on both sides. In some cases, I’m willing to travel to you, but that’s on a case-by-case basis, depending on my schedule, available accommodations, number of doors, and your location. If you’re interested, please feel free to email me at brunoleaf at for more details.

Many Blessings!

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  1. supercharged spiritual potency and magical beauty, laura. thank you for sharing. i have always loved this iconic image of a woman turning into the tree…sometimes i wonder if it is truly one i want to reinforce, though… certainly more longevity in a tree, and that lovely humic, leafy earthiness, and the stillness & patience….while also – lack of mobility, no more freedom to go! and embody intention in adventure. flesh vs wood….what do you think?


  2. Posted by laurabruno on March 29, 2010 at 4:13 pm

    Well, I thought a lot about those ideas when this image kept coming to me. 🙂 If you look closely, her feet are like a dancer’s on top of the parted Red Sea and oroboros, and the branches are kind of like her arms. There’s a kundalini yoga technique where you shake your arms and wrists really rapidly above your head and it completely regenerates your nervous system. With the Chakana on her belly in the tree, I kind of got the sense that she only seems trapped or wooden in this moment because the Chakana provides an opening to all time and all space. It’s sort of my female version of The Hanged Man card. She’s not upside down, but she’s momentarily suspended.

    In Chinese traditions, Wood is associated with the Spring, new shoots, new birth: That’s more what seemed to want to come out of this image, at least for me. Thanks for commenting! Love, Laura


  3. LOVE it, the painting is alive, the idea is awesome. I want all my doors painted now. portals. wow just love it, amazing insight idea. cor my mind is alive with expansion, imagine the power of the loft door!! whoaa. Bless you for sharing with us and for exciting our creativity.! Celebrating you syster! as spirit carries you into deeper bliss and opening. xxxxx


  4. Posted by laurabruno on March 31, 2010 at 2:40 pm

    Thanks so much, Ruth! lovexxxx


  5. All joy to you, you are welcome. xxx


  6. I like that compassionate dragon website. Wood element: new life… Lovely, and timely. Oak tree/acorn: death and renewal…pluto…phoenix…


  7. […] of laurel wreaths, this door also seems to tie in to Door Number 3, the Daphne Door/Tree of Life, which also features laurel leaves and a woman (in that case with only her feet dancing). In tarot […]


  8. […] arrangment. You might recognize the butterfly on the right as the same one that appears as Etain on Door Number 3, the Daphne […]


  9. […] She looks kind of like a psychedelic rock and roll flower child faery, with orange and black, Celtic butterfly monarch wings (edged in silver) and a yellow heart […]


  10. […] The word Payuurteel ties Door Number 15 back to Door Number 1, the painting that began the portal door series, and the heart amplifies the mysteries of Love associated with the Payuurt Rune, more commonly known as “Perth.” Shaped like a dice cup, this Rune adds an element of chance and Divine revelation. It evokes the energy of secrets coming to light, or something hidden revealing itself. The Eel Rune is known in other traditions as “Man” or “Algiz.” The meaning varies with each tradition, but all of the Runic traditions I know emphasize a sense of Divine inspiration and protection with this Rune. In the Runes of Elfland, this Rune represents the sword that holds peace so long as it’s never used. The door on the World Tree holds all of these energies and more as a prayer for peace, love and transmutation of our world. It also ties into Door Number 3, “The Tree of Life, aka the Daphne Door.” […]


  11. […] Because this event springs from a Native tribe in New Zealand, I sent the link to my Kiwi friend, Wendy, who immediately responded that “Grandfather Macki,” whom she studied with, was of the […]


  12. Beautiful creation! I like the Chakana !

    Love and light


  13. Thanks much! Love and light to you, as well


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