Serenity, Courage and Wisdom in the New Year

Happy Twenty-Ten! May we all shine!

Personally, I cannot remember a greater feeling of freedom passing from one year to the next, or one decade to the next. It seems like this planet just released a collective sigh of relief as we waved goodbye to 2009 under a Blue Moon with a Partial Lunar Eclipse. The thirteenth Full Moon of the year, this one had such potent energies, and it was exciting to know so many people opting for a spiritual New Year’s Eve.

In light of the New Year and the fact that we’re still under some challenging influences for a couple more weeks, I thought I’d write on something that keeps coming my way, The Serenity Prayer:

“God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change;
Courage to change the things I can;
And the Wisdom to know the difference.”

Reinhold Neibuhr wrote the original version of this little piece in a stone cottage in Massachusettes. It’s a simple prayer said by people all over the world every day. Although I’ve known it since childhood, for the past few months, the Serenity Prayer has become one of my biggest synchronicities. Because of the title, most people use this prayer to feel OK about their present circumstances. They ask for Serenity when life becomes too challenging and confusing to handle on their own. Courage and Wisdom often seem to take a back seat. I know they always did for me when I recited this prayer going through the Workers Comp and Personal Injury trials for my brain injury. I didn’t care so much about Courage or Wisdom. I just wanted the stress to go away!

Synchronicities with the Serenity Prayer during late 2009 have given me a different perspective, though. In November, I bought a bag of Runes and a “Healing Runes” book to go with them. I had started studying the original Runic Code after my trip to Mendocino, and this bag of mini “stones” seemed like a fun adjunct. I didn’t really expect to use the book. I just wanted the Runes. The Healing Runes, though similar, did not exactly match the Runic Code I’d been working with, so I started drawing Runes and reading the names and descriptions. I set an intention/question and pulled one whose explanation included the Serenity Prayer. I said it, expecting the issue to begin to melt into quietude. I did feel more peaceful but found the issue did not go away. Rather, it grew stronger. The more I said the Serenity Prayer the more the feelings took root with calm insistence. I had so not expected this that I drew several more Runes only to find several more variants of the Serenity Prayer expressed in the book’s explantions.

Quasi-skeptic that I am (yes, I actually do put intuitions and synchronicities to the test!) I read through the entire book to see if every Rune included the Serenity Prayer. Nope. Just the ones I happened to draw. Later that afternoon, I spoke to an old friend who just happened to say, “This just came to me for you. What’s that prayer called? You know, the one about Serenity and Courage?” When I got home, I opened a Life Recovery Bible to a “random” page: it featured the Serenity Prayer in big calligraphy as an explanation of some verses. “OK,” I thought, “Runes, an old friend who never talks this way, the Bible … all telling me to embrace the exact same prayer!”

I have continued to deepen my experience with this prayer and found not only Serenity growing, but a quiet sense of Courage and a stronger sense of how to choose a path that formerly seemed unwise. I always pray. This part was nothing new; however, the influx of Courage to take action surprised me. I really had expected Serenity and a faith that even things that felt too slow or like a compromise would suddenly reveal their “rightness” because, of course, they must be right, right? I mean, they had always seemed right before! Why the sudden upsurge of feelings around them? It must just be a letting go, right? Right?

Not necessarily. As a Life Coach and Intuitive who speaks with people from around the world, I enjoy the advantage of taking a kind of world pulse. Especially since 2008, and increasing through 2009, continuing even now, it seems the majority of people are experiencing cyclic shifts. “The Road Not Taken” has reappeared for many as a viable option. As we cocreate our universe and approach whatever shift will or will not happen between now and 2012, we’re getting a chance to use all our tools, all our skills and to explore all our possible realities. Courage and Wisdom have come up in sessions more often lately than ever before as people realize that the status quo probably won’t get them where they want to be. Radical shifts sometimes require radical actions and time, space and energy seem to compress and expand as needed before finding the desired fit.

If you do not yet have Serenity, take heart: we’re all in an intense phase of the journey. However things play out, your heart wants to lead the way. Courage comes from the heart. From Love grow the roots of Courage –sometimes requiring immediate action; other times asking us to wait. And wait.

Many people continue to express their impatience with life transitions. Glimmers of change peek through, yet I receive so many new calls from people just wanting a tiny affirmation that they’re on the right track. Oftentimes, they are. The timing just moves slower or faster than they would have preferred.

Wisdom arrives when people learn to ride the ebb and flow of time. Whether we recognize it or not, the universe shares its quiet and compassionate order with us in the form of synchronicities and answered prayers. When we learn to trust in this fluid nature of reality, we can stop trying to force our way through life. We can “go with the flow,” understanding when to coast and when to swim. Sometimes that’s easier said than done, though 😉 , so I’ve listed below some of the quickest ways to cultivate a Serene, Courageous and Wise Heart in the midst of “out of control” change:

1 ) This one’s probably obvious, but take a moment to say the Serenity Prayer, either silently or out loud. It seriously works!

2 ) Get out in nature. Let those negative ions rejuvenate you and reconnect you to the rhythms of the Earth. The more trees you can stand among, the better. Trees hold Wisdom; they dig deep and reach high.

3 ) Get creative. Painting works best for me because writing still keeps my chattering left brain involved in thought. When I pick up a paintbrush, the rest of world momentarily disappears. Other people love to sing, chant, knit, prepare food, or create poetry.

4 ) Allow yourself to dream. Naps and daydreams can provide insights and inspiration otherwise crowded out by thoughts or other responsibilities. Sometimes even meditation becomes a chore during major stress. If you feel like checking out under the covers for an hour, let yourself go. You might find your problems begin to resolve themselves. At the very least, you’ll feel more relaxed and able to face them in their proper time.

5 ) Change your routine or take a trip. Shake things up a bit. When we get in a rut, everything looks monumental. Shifting out of the ordinary encourages us to tap into the extraordinary. We also return with fresh perspective on the same-old same-old.

6 ) Eat well. Raw foods tend to provide extra clarity and elevated mood. Sometimes a little comfort food helps, too, though. Monitor your moods so that you can use food to nurture rather than sabotage. If you feel extremely tense, that’s a sure sign to opt for more alkaline foods like leafy greens, umeboshi plum, lemon juice and fresh fruits and veggies. If you find you have so much clarity that you can’t stand not taking action, a little brown rice might just take the edge off. While going through a major shift, try to honor the needs of your soul as well as your body, finding and tweaking the balance as needed.

7 ) When in doubt, remind yourself, “This too shall pass.” Because it will. It really will. And if you need some extra encouragement or affirmation, I would feel honored to join you for this leg of the journey.

Blessings and Love,

Laura Bruno

5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Peggy C on January 8, 2010 at 2:28 am

    Hi there – glad I felt drawn to check out your blog today. Thank you for sharing!! xo Peggy



  2. Posted by laurabruno on January 8, 2010 at 5:50 am

    🙂 Thanks and you’re welcome, Peggy … XO



  3. Posted by Dawn on January 9, 2010 at 7:15 pm

    Hi Laura,
    You put into words so well what I and many others have been experiencing. It’s good to know we are not alone, it’s wonderful to have the helpful hints to get us through….it really is the simple things that are so soothing, cost little at all if anything, to do.
    Thanks for pointing out the words strength and courage in the serenity prayer. Whenever I’ve read it I always spend a few more seconds on the words Courage and Wisdom. It does take courage to listen to the wisdom within, in my case courage usually meant doing something I had run from during my life or told myself I would never do.
    I remember the movie the Owl and the Pussycat, when Barbra Streisand was having a conversation with George Segal about the sun coming up in the morning and spitting in its face. It’s actually quite a funny scene as she reenacts the sun coming up while having this conversation in bed. That visual came to my thought when you spoke about strength and courage. Is wise and courageous to not spit in the sun’s face? I’ll have to give that some thought Maybe I’ll rent the movie again…see exactly what was discussed. Thank you for the thought provoking article and supporting me on my journey. Love ya, Dawn



  4. Posted by giacintavosika,LMP,RMT on January 11, 2010 at 10:19 am

    I think the things that are the most difficult to deal with are not those things that end up paralyzing our bodies, minds, hearts and souls but actually the being paralyzed. So often, if for one nanosecond we can feel the reality of where we are, we can remember that all is well. There are so many options that we’re not taught to look at and consider. I ask myself, “What’s the worst that can happen?” Often times I realize that outside of the loss of a loved one the worst that can happen falls short of substantiating losing the essence and truth of who I am and what I’m here for. There are so many options as far as helping the energy move through us as opposed to getting stuck and causing stagnation on many levels. Having the courage to explore in a creative way at times feels as though we’re exposing ourselves. Leaving ourselves open to criticism and judgement. However, often times it’s our own perceptions that bring us down the most. My wish for everyone is to be open to a new awareness of what the creative process is and to use it, not only to explore the infinite beings that we all are but also to have our truth be told and heard. Eternal blessings and gratitude for embracing this in your life, Laura and for sharing it with us. I’ve been inspired! 🙂 With Love, Giacinta



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