Reversing the Irreversible: A DVD Review

I’ve enjoyed reading and reviewing Boutenko family books for years, but this is the first DVD I’ve had the chance to watch. Filmed and directed by artist and 15-year-raw-foodist Valya Boutenko, this DVD contains “37 testimonials of people who improved their health naturally.”

[Review continued below this YouTube trailer. Please note that the sound on the DVD is much more balanced than on the YouTube video. You can clearly hear Valya above the music. 🙂 ]

I found this DVD refreshingly low-key despite the dramatic stories people shared. Water scenes separate the various sections, coupled with quiet reflections from Valya. In watching the river flow over and around the rocks, one can’t help but notice how clean and serene Valya herself is. This quiet film captures what many have come to recognize as “signature Valya” — bright, clear and powerful without being flashy. Her walks in the Oregon woods between scenes underscore how natural and simple raw foods can be, and it’s easy to understand why the Boutenko’s have influenced so many on their own healing journeys.

This DVD is a must-see for anyone suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis, as it contains several stories of complete healing from this crippling and often “untreatable” disease. The cancer section also offers some stunning testimonials from people who opted out of chemotherapy and radiation and cured themselves with raw food and juice alone. Other cancer survivors mention the value of visualization in addition to dietary shifts.

Perhaps the most gripping testimonial comes from a woman who was given only six months to live — 12 if she agreed to chemo/radiation. She skipped both and changed her diet instead. At the time of filming, she continues to thrive six years past her diagnosis. She’s fifty-eight years old and runs mega-marathons, sometimes back-to-back! Another man completely cured himself of fibromyalgia: in four days.

Weight loss, mental clarity, recovery from depression, ADHD, MS, skin diseases: it’s all here. I loved the diversity of people interviewed: men, women, teenagers, seniors, different ethnicities and cultures. Whether from Pennsylvania, L.A., or British Columbia, most seemed to share two things in common: gratitude for their recovery, and huge, sparkly eyes! The degree of eye contact amazed me, and those interviewed obviously felt a nice connection with Valya as they shared their stories.

Well-known folks like Karen Knowler and Philip McCluskey share their stories. I hadn’t heard Karen’s before, and people who have come to love Philip as a speaker and inspiration will enjoy seeing him before he lost all 200 pounds. Hearing his pre-juice-feast interview gives extra appreciation for how far he has continued to explore and refine his journey and being.

This 57-minute film won the Green Apple Award at the 2008 Raw Lifestyle Film Festival in West Hollywood. Watching it will leave you inspired and feeling like you’ve just attended your own potluck with a lot of generous souls who’ve lost the lives they knew only to find and cultivate more beautiful ones than they ever imagined for themselves. Reversing the Irreversible definitely has a heavy raw food slant, but I’d recommend it for anyone who enjoys inspirational tales of triumph and love.

Reviewed by Laura Bruno, author of The Lazy Raw Foodist’s Guide.

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  1. Thanks for this, now is this available in uk I wonder? the postage and tax make buying from usa tedious. It looks brill and your rewiew is generous and full thankyou x



  2. great video !



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