Healthy Skin: Some Medical Intuitive Observations

I’ve been having a “rash” of Medical Intuitive clients complaining about acne, rashes or other unpleasant skin issues. Although many people face these issues, calls about them have become more frequent lately. It seems that rounds of doctor visits, natural or steroid creams, water or juice fasts, visualization and liver cleanses have not managed to alter the symptoms.

I find this very interesting! It’s not the same rash or the same location, and these clients live all over the world, so the same environmental factor seems unlikely. I do sense some similar root causes, though, so I thought I’d share the most common observations here.

1 ) Check Your Superfood and Beta-Carotene Consumption. Although getting too much vitamin A through diet seems unlikely on a SAD or SUKD, in the realm of raw foods and superfoods, it does happen. High sources include: goji berries, spirulina, carrot juice, AFA algae, mango, spinach, kale, beets, and many seaweeds. People who load up on antioxidant rich foods can easily slip into a beta-carotene  glut in which they’re consuming many, many times the recommended daily allowance for vitamin A. Unlike B-vitamins that we excreet through urine, vitamin A goes into the liver. Too much can cause a strain.

I have had many raw food clients call me complaining of excessive skin dryness, flushing and/or a burning itch that seems to creep under the skin. In most cases, once they backed down high beta-carotene foods for a few days the itch completely resolved. Depending on severity, they may need to avoid seaweeds, mango, goji and spirulina for a few weeks to a few months, but I’ve yet to meet anyone that hasn’t been able to work some of these back in with time.

2 ) “Face” Your Fears of Increased Visibility. Skin represents the face we show the world–the wrapping on the package of our soul. So many of the most visible people in our society have suffered severe battles with acne, rosacea, or other skin issues. In many cases, the fear of people seeing their skin kept these folks in the shadow much longer than was natural for them. Having suffered mild acne myself, I totally understand the urge to think, “Oh, I can’t possibly teach about health if I don’t look perfect. No one will listen to me if I have a zit. They’ll think I don’t know what I’m talking about.” This attitude kept me from putting myself “out there” as a medical intuitive until 2006, even though I had been a practicing medical intuitive since 2001.

I get it. When skin issues present themselves, the last thing people want to do is increase their visibility. But sometimes that’s exactly what needs to occur in order for the symptoms to resolve. My own skin cleared as I grew more courageous about admitting what kind of work I do. Each time I feel challenged to raise that visibility a little more, I still experience an occasional blemish. I know from working with so many other leaders that this is extremely common, so now I just roll with it. The more people can embrace the beauty of what wants to flow through them and allow that message whatever size stage it needs, the more the acne or other unsightly things seem to resolve.

Even when it does not resolve right away, the energy takes over. I know many people who have acne who routinely get told how radiant and beautiful their complexions are! Sometimes they want to argue with whoever bestows the compliment, but in reality, they are living more honestly by letting their gifts and energy flow. Other people perceive that as beauty.

3 ) Look to the Past to Understand the Present. As one of our major detox organs, the skin offers an easy exit for all sorts of things we really don’t want clogging up our system. Many already understand the importance of cleaning the colon and liver and how that can affect the health of the skin.

From an intuitive standpoint, the colon represents control and the liver houses anger, especially anger stemming from frustration. Just as the body will release toxins when it feels strong enough to handle them, so it will release old emotions or issues when it senses enough of a support system to process these away. Skin offers a dramatic way of “coming out” about formerly repressed or embarrassing events, feelings or issues.

On a global scale, many people are getting ready to release their gifts into the world in huge ways beyond what they dreamed of doing.  In preparation of this next level of visibility and awareness, we’re going through a global purge on this planet and as individuals. I believe this accounts for why so many people who “never” have skin issues suddenly do. These rashes and other challenges represent a call to look very deep and to send compassion to ourselves in earlier times when we did not have the necessary tools to handle trauma or disappointment.

By way of example, I’m experiencing this in my own life right along with so many of my clients. I have had an odd rash on my right thigh for the last couple months. I found it fascinating because it exactly traces my “bladder meridian,” which is an energy channel in Chinese medicine. While recovering from my brain injury, I learned that fluorescent lights would “blow out” my bladder meridian. It would just short circuit and leave me hopelessly fatigued and unable to function until my holistic doctor “reconnected it” through energy work and some herbs. “How interesting,” I thought, “that I’m finally at a place where my body can let the rest of that go.”

When the rash continued to creep its way down my leg in a straight line, I contacted a dermatologist. She gasped because she had “never seen this in an adult before.” She biopsied it and found that it was, in fact, a childhood rash, which usually occurs at age 3. Hmmm … even more interesting! My paternal grandfather died when I was 3. He was my absolute favorite person in the world, my very best friend. I have memories of drawing with him when I was 2, as well as vague memories from even earlier than that. I vividly remember the day he died. I also remember a quick recognition (especially for a 3 year old) that other people were hurting and that my grief would only upset them more.

Over the years, I’ve done a lot of work around that grief, and it certainly helps to have so many intuitive gifts of communication! Still, my reaction — that stuffing of the grief and shock that someone could just disappear — had left a mark on my inner terrain. The dermatologist urged me to use a steroid cream, even though the rash typically resolves on its own. It’s not contageous, infectious or in any way dangerous. It just looks like a red line running down the limb. If the location and diagnosis (Lichen striatus) did not so obviously tie into old trauma, I might feel worried or frustrated. But in reality, I see this as a celebration that my soul feels ready to release those traumas in a final way before moving on to the next level. I opted not to use the steroid cream, since that only represses the symptoms. If this is an old drama coming to the surface after 33 years, then it feels right to let it play itself out.

I’ve seen this pattern so many times in clients. Sometimes dietary shifts or creams help, but sometimes the skin simply announces progress — making visible what occurs beneath perception. Sometimes “ugly” skin makes us infinitely more conscious of our inner pathos, vulnerability and beauty. And whenever that happens, I rejoice.

Peace to you!

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  1. Posted by Anna on May 28, 2009 at 9:22 pm

    I’m a little confused about your comments on vitamin A. The vitamin A in vegan foods is actually a pre-cursor–beta-carotene. This may or may not affect skin in certain ways, I don’t know, but it doesn’t have the outright toxicity of the pre-formed vitamin A found in animal products. Can you clarify? Do both have the same effect on the skin? And why is Retin-A used to clear up skin, then?



    • Posted by laurabruno on May 28, 2009 at 10:54 pm

      Hi Anna,
      Thanks for stopping by. Yes, the vitamin A in vegan foods is a precursor beta-carotene, which is usually very hard to get too much of because the toxicity levels are minimal with normal foods. When taking lots of superfoods, though, some people have problems. A naturopath in Sedona first clarified my suspicion. He had checked vitamin A levels in people who consumed abundant amounts of wheatgrass juice and blue green algaes but were having the itchy, burning skin. He found the levels were in the toxic range. Even without superfoods, some people turn orange from drinking too much carrot juice and need to back things down. As mentioned above, this would normally be a very, very rare consideration in vegans, but some superfoods contain exponentially high amounts of the beta-carotene.

      The people I’ve encountered with the itchy skin are not the same ones concurrently having acne problems. It’s a very distinctive burning, itch, and if you had it, you’d know it. 😉 Yes, vitamin A is part of retin-A, as well as accutane, both used to clear the skin of acne. I have found that people who used accutane in the past tend to have a higher incidence of trouble with the high beta-carotene superfoods, but that observation is purely anecdotal.

      Nothing on this site is intended as medical advice, just observations. In sessions, if something comes up as a likely cause, I mention it as something to research or have tested, not as a “diagnosis.” Same with my articles.

      Good questions!



  2. Posted by Anna on June 2, 2009 at 1:29 pm

    Aha! Now I see. Makes a lot of sense 🙂



  3. Posted by giacintavosika,LMP,RMT on June 2, 2009 at 3:34 pm

    Dear Laura, Thanks for this interesting post. The information on the vitamin A is a good reminder and helps to expand my awareness. I will keep it in mind for myself and others. I also really appreciate your sharing about skin conditions in relation to circumstances that put us in the public eye or gives us greater visibility and exposure. I work with several people who have issues with their skin. One of them has had reddening of the skin on her face. She hasn’t been able to get to the bottom of what’s causing it or how to address it permanently from a medical stand point. It makes sense now that I read your post since she has been embracing opportunities to be more social but also has been asked if she would like an opportunity to head several groups. I will relay the information to her as well as send your blog. I appreciate your positive and enlightened perspective. I too think that many skin conditions are a form of deep detoxing and letting go on a variety of levels that can indicate growth and movement. I have found this to be true with myself and many of my clients. Taking this perspective not only helps us to understand the gift but also helps us to embrace it in a way that gives us an opportunity to support the process. Thanks again for the great post! Blessings and love, Giacinta



    • Posted by laurabruno on June 2, 2009 at 5:13 pm

      Thanks for sharing your experiences here, Giacinta. I’m glad to be able to help you help others. Blessings and Love, Laura



  4. Posted by Joanna Rossi on June 14, 2009 at 2:15 pm

    Interesting article, Laura! Thanks for sharing your insights!



  5. Very interesting post. Thank you for sharing with us.



  6. […] Skin Flare-Ups These often have to do with visibility issues and the “face” you show the world. I’ve written more extensively on skin issues here. […]



  7. Posted by ginalaverde on July 22, 2009 at 2:28 am

    You have just made me feel so good. so beautiful so wonderful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I was drawn to this… not even searching for this info but just clicked from Twitter. I needed to hear this. !



  8. […] Skin Flare-Ups These often have to do with visibility issues and the “face” you show the world. I’ve written more extensively on skin issues here. […]



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