A Few of My Favorite Things

Having spent the past two weeks in massive editing mode for “Schizandra and the Gates of Mu,” I thought I’d take a few moments to share some of my favorite things these days. I’m not affiliated with any of these products or services; I’ve just found them valuable or otherwise intriguing:

1.  Ascended Health Oral Regenerative Elixer. I think I found this via a link from Dhrumil at www.welikeitraw.com, so thanks, Dhrumil! I love this stuff. It even contains Lemurian Crystals and marine phytoplankton. On a recent visit to the dental hygientist, she told me she “never sees gums this healthy.”

My dentist discovered that I had some extremely old, internal cavities that hadn’t shown up on X-rays for years. Fortunately, something told her to dig, and she was amazed by what she found. “Anyone else would have needed root canals ten to fifteen years ago,” she said, “I want your protocol because you are actively reversing decay. These cavities were too old for you to stop them entirely — probably from your teenage years — but somethig has been building your teeth strong from the outside in.”

I follow the recommendations by David Wolfe in Eating for Beauty (lots of MSM, silica, and greens), and I take Jarrow’s Vegan Bone-Up, but I attribute much of the unusual healing to Ascended Health. You actually swallow this toothpaste; it’s that good for you! Shazzie first turned me on to marine phytoplankton for tooth health, so I was pleased to find it in such a convenient form.

2. VEGA Complete Whole Food Health Optimizer (the green label), available at most Whole Foods. I don’t believe this is a 100% raw product, but it does have a super nutritional profile with hemp, yellow pea, brown rice and flax protein powders. I like to mix just one scoop in a Vitamix full of greens (romaine, pea sprouts, dandelion, cilantro, etc.), a bit of fruit (banana, goji’s, strawberry or some other combo), water or coconut water or nutmylk, some Vitamineral Green and frozen wheat grass cubes. I sometimes add an avocado and extra bananas with kale. These combos feel so alkalizing, and they’re chock full of Omega-3’s and probiotics.

Sure, VEGA’s an acquired taste, probably not for everyone. I know many raw foodists don’t use supplements, and that’s fine (with the exception of B-12). As a Lazy Raw Foodist, though, I like to make sure I get my nutrients. VEGA and other supplements allow me to maintain high quality health long term without obsessing about food prep or nutritional analysis. 

3. Tiny amounts of cooked food. For years, I followed a 100% raw diet, and I felt incredible. I did have to work hard at grounding myself, though, because I spend so much time doing intuitive work. If I didn’t actively remind myself about the physical world and why I was on this planet, I would feel my soul wanting to fly off in the ethers. This was fun, but it required tons of energetic effort to stay tethered to my body.

Then I discovered that I could no longer tolerate cooked food at all. This really bummed me out, because I had originally chosen raw food for the freedom it seemed to afford. I wanted to know that I could eat brown rice or some steamed broccoli if my husband and I went out for dinner.

It took way longer than I would have imagined, but I gradually added tiny amounts of cooked food back into my still 90% raw diet. At first, I felt sick and experienced what I called “the cooked food hangover” — very black moods and fatigue after eating non-raw anything. The VEGA (mentioned above) finally provided me with a painless transition. I stopped trying to eat anything cooked, but allowed a bit of brown rice protein and pea protein into my body, mixed with tons of greens.

After a few weeks, I felt effortlessly grounded! Even my massage therapist noticed that my body “had substance; it’s like you’re finally in it.”  I still love the raw lifestyle, but now I feel like I have my freedom again. I just keep a tiny bit of cooked food in the mix, and that has allowed me to eat it in small doses without negative consequences. I just feel good. As Kristen at Kristen’s Raw likes to say, I’m HRAV (High Raw All Vegan), and I love it!

4. Breast Thermography. I had this done yesterday at the Sonoma County Thermography Clinic, and it was really interesting! Ladies, did you know that by the time a lump shows itself in a mammogram or ultrasound, it has already formed for about eight years?

Thermography allows a technician to view hot spots that may indicate future weak areas for cancer growth. My preliminary scans looked good, but they gave me some additional ways to improve, including a visualization technique: “blue boobs are healthy boobs.” Ideally you want to have cool breasts with free-flowing lymph. That’s why rebounders, non-underwire bras, and breast massage reduce the risk of breast cancer. I was already following most of their list, and the results affirmed my diet and lifestyle decisions.

5. Krishna Das CD’s. I’ve mentioned these before, but my all-time favorites include: Door of Faith, Pilgrim Heart, and Breath of the Heart.

6. Community Creativity. This past few months and especially the past few weeks have brought a sense of community to “Schizandra and the Gates of Mu.” Artist Tania Marie has provided an amazing cover image, and Traci Moore’s brought incredible editorial insights. In addition, numerous people have offered to write pre-publication revieiws and/or blurbs or to connect me with those who can. Big thanks to everyone and a special thanks to Shazzie, Dhrumil, Erin Pavlina, Victoria Moran, Karen Lang, Giacinta Vosika, and Philip.

I love when people and things come together. Schizandra shares so much synchronicity, both in the story itself and in the writing of the story. In the past I’ve commented on the importance of 11:11 and Schizandra. Well, yesterday, even more 11:11’s occurred. My hubby took a back cover photo for me, and I sent it out to two people for their take–once in the morning and once in the evening. Unintentionally, I had sent each of those files out at 11:11. I guess that’s the photo!

“Schizandra and the Gates of Mu” should be available through iUniverse in late May or June. Once I know timing and price, I’ll start taking preorders for autographed copies. Love and light to you all!


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  1. Posted by giacinta on April 7, 2009 at 7:21 pm

    Thank you, Laura for continually sharing so much helpful and important information. As I am doing my best to regain my health on many levels much of what you’ve shared over the years plays a major role in my healing. Given this additional information is an added bonus and I will keep the products you mentioned in mind. I also appreciate your sharing about the Thermography. Something to pay attention to for all of us. Congratulations on Schizandra! I can’t wait to witness the manifestation of your book! With love and gratitude, Giacinta



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