Friday the 13th: Overcoming Superstition

Are you one of the millions of people who feels a little (or a lot) superstitious about Friday the 13th? Does your rational side tell you you’re “being ridiculous” but you just can’t shake the nervousness? Have you actually had terrible luck on this recurring “holiday”? If so, how do you break the cycle of fear, expectation, and confirmation?

Here’s how not to do it: trying to rationalize away your fears almost never works.  Fear and superstition work on subconscious levels.  When you repress them, they don’t go away; they just get the ability to run unchecked.  One of the scariest movies I have ever seen is The Skeleton Key with Kate Hudson.  That movie had me on the edge of my seat because it showed perfectly the power of fear and the mind.  It showed the power of voodoo and the inability of the rational mind to overcome superstition and expectations.  I won’t ruin the ending, but if you’ve ever had an interest in how to harness the power of your mind, this movie provides some good case examples.

A basic premise of the movie is that you can’t control that magical little moment of when you do or do not believe in something.  It just sneaks up on you.  This is true for faith as well as fear.  You can keep yourself in “a good space” and minimize fear vibrations around you, but that doesn’t guarantee you’ll avoid believing bad things can happen to you.  In a world where you participate in creating your own reality — especially if you believe in subjective reality, this can create some complications.  Worst fears can easily become self-fulfilling prophecies.

It can take years to undo that subconscious programming. OR …. you can make a tiny shift that takes very little time at all.  Instead of trying to rework your entire fear complex, you can harness the tremendous force behind it and turn it to your advantage.  Fear’s an emotion, just like love, just like anger; sometimes fear can be an incredibly strong and powerful emotion with lots of force behind it.  Why waste that energy? 

If you catch yourself feeling overly superstitious or fearful, you might find benefits by creating “a reversal spell.”  What exactly is a reversal spell?  It’s just a little something you do, either energetically, through intention, or just by association, which tells your subconscious mind that anything “bad” coming towards you will transmute into good.

Since your rational mind knows there’s “no such thing” as luck or curses, you’re not trying to convince the rational side.  Your rational side thinks this whole premise is ridiculous, so it has no problem saying, “sure bad luck will become good luck; negativity directed at me will become positivity; hatred, rage and fear directed towards me will turn into love before they hit me.”

But … the subconscious mind works by symbols, mythology, association and proxy.  When the rational mind lets that message through to the subconscious mind, curses and bad luck become powerless against you.  Instead, you experience a shower of blessings and love and abundance — or whatever you’ve “programmed” yourself to receive.  (Make sure you only have this go one way, though.  You still want to receive “regular” blessings, love and abundance!) The reversal spell or what I sometimes call “reverse voodoo” just allows you to harness those fears and superstitions and turn them around in wonderful ways.

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!

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    After a morning dealing with texts from people experiencing “a run of extremely bad luck” or “black magic,” it’s time for a re-post all the way back from 2009 when, believe it or not, a crazy person in the UK called and emailed my friends demanding they participate in HER Friday the 13th black magic ritual to rid the planet of MY evil influence. Fearing Friday the 13th usually doesn’t involve such overt attacks, but even so, I’m still here. This post shares how to set up a “reversal spell,” so that the superstitious (or legitimately intuitive) part of you worrying about today’s energies can return to ease and joy. I often thank that 2009 attacker, because all that energy funneled towards me fueled some awesome shifts I probably wouldn’t have had the energy to make otherwise. When you know how to filter and shift energy, it doesn’t matter what life throws at you. Thanks to William Lee Rand for the original idea to create a reversal shield. 🙂



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