B-12 Deficiency: Some Medical Intuitive Observations

Yes, I am a B-12 “mom,” always nagging people to get tested or proactively supplement, but only because B-12 deficiency is one of those things I see repeatedly in Medical Intuitive sessions. The list of symptoms is bizarre, but when I have people get checked or they just start supplementing, the results confirm the suspicion.

Note: I see B-12 deficiency in vegans and raw foodists because many of my clients follow these diets; however, I have noticed the issue in meat eaters as well. As people age, they lose intrinsic factor in the gut, which means they are getting less and less B-12 from swallowed food, supplements or pills. Someone may not notice any signs of B-12 deficiency until s/he has a severe depletion, and once that happens, the person is unlikely to consider B-12 as the issue.

These are some of the health or other issues for which people have contacted me, and which resolved immediately or shortly after taking B-12 shots or sublingual tablets:

1 ) inability to breath deeply
2 ) angina symptoms
3 ) poor memory and concentration
4 ) wanting to leave their marriage (very common with B12 deficiency!)
5 ) feeling too restricted by an otherwise terrific life (I’m not talking about when people really know they need to make a shift; I’m talking about when they’ve made their shifts and everything’s good but they feel a massive need to sabotage)
6 ) pernicious anemia
7 ) hallucinations
8 ) extreme (bedridden) fatigue
9 ) pain in the lungs
10 ) anxiety, depression, bi-polar tendencies and insomnia
11 ) poor skin
12 ) vertical nail ridges
13 ) “B-12 madness” — this is a little discussed term among raw foodists, but essentially, it refers to what happens to people when they have maxed out their B-12 stores; they literally can go mad, but they will believe it’s everyone else but them.
14 ) high blood pressure
15 ) ADD
16 ) fugue moments
17 ) feeling completely out of body
18 ) eye twitching
19 ) tingling toes, fingers or limbs
20 ) kundalini experiences with electrical currents running up and down the body
21 ) schizophrenia
22 )  speech problems

… and many, many others, but these are the highlights …

Obviously, these symptoms can stem from other causes than B12 deficiency; however, I have had clients with each of these symptoms whose doctors could not find any cause for the problem. The symptoms resolved once adequate B-12 stores were returned. Caught early enough, B-12 deficiency’s reversible, but it can cause PERMANENT NEUROLOGICAL DAMAGE if left untreated.

Even if the neurological damage is reversed, some changes in peoples’ lives may not be so easily reversed. Take, for example, the marriages and families that folded not because of actual irreconcilable differences but because one or both people just needed a simple supplement. Take, for example, the people who thought they were “following their bliss” only to have the bottom fall out in a major, preventable way; they may fear having faith again, when in fact, faith was not the problem–B12 deficiency was. I’m not saying everybody has it, although Gabriel Cousens says 80% of long term vegans do. I’m just saying that if people heard the stories I hear on a weekly basis, they would definitely supplement–even meat-eaters over age 35 would.

I have written about B-12 before as a key to human evolution.

If you live in Northern California, I’ll be speaking on Monday, Marchh 9, 2009 at Cafe Gratitude in Healdsburg’s Monday Night Live event.  Topic:  “The Strangest and Most Common Things I’ve Witnessed as a Medical Intuitive.”  B-12 ranks high up there in both categories!



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  1. AND panic attacks and speech delay in children… Breastfeeding mothers need daily sublingual supplementation as children can’t get to their stores.

    AND EFAs need to be upped at the same time as raising B12.

    Bliss u Laura, CRUCIAL post. LOVE xxxShazzleDazzlexxx



    • Posted by laurabruno on February 8, 2009 at 10:48 pm

      Thanks for the additional info, Shazzie. I agree … this is such vital information, and so easy to remedy. Love, Laura



  2. Posted by Dan on February 8, 2009 at 7:40 pm

    What is the best source of B12 if one lives on a vegan/raw diet?



    • Posted by laurabruno on February 8, 2009 at 10:47 pm

      @Dan: Methylcobalamin is best absorbed if you can find that form in a supplement. The sublingual sprays work most immediately, and most sublingual forms are also well absorbed. As a vegan/raw foodist, you wouldn’t want to rely strictly on pills you swallow or on a multi-vitamin, since you may not digest them fully. Even if the bottle says 1500% of daily recommended value, you might only be absorbing 10%. Some people use injections or skin patches as well. The injections have been shown to work, but the patches are pretty new, so to my knowledge, the research isn’t fully in yet on those.



  3. Posted by Lindsay Willcocks on March 5, 2009 at 11:40 am

    Frozen Bee Pollen is good for B12 there is a French supplier called Percie Du Sert and I am loving it because it is fresh, almost alive with B vitimins that are absorbed quickly.
    love life,
    love Lindsay x



  4. Thanks so much for this post. Raw Runner posted some VERY interesting info about this issue last year: http://rawrunner.co.uk/raw-food-14.htm



  5. This is why I will not become a vegan. It’s against our biological make-up and it denies us a full spectrum of vital nutrients (including B 12) and protein.

    Check out these articles > http://www.westonaprice.org/basicnutrition/vitaminb12.html




  6. Posted by Sue Rushford on March 5, 2009 at 9:59 pm

    VERY interesting – thank you for posting – makes me think cause I’d had several of these symptoms years ago (I blame a lot on being on the Pill for 20+ yrs), & it all makes sense – I’m so, so much better now that I went raw but still healing from years as a “french fry vegan.” My naturopath detected still some B12 deficiency in a live blood cell analysis. I’m doing a detox now & we’re going to retest using iridology next month, but I will be sure to also supplement B12. Thanks for the reminder 🙂



  7. Not to be too dramatic but I could feel my life changing within 15 minutes of taking my sublingual B12 tablets! So many issues I was attributing to other things – namely my mood and energetic state – have literally been transformed by my B12 therapy!



  8. Posted by laurabruno on March 6, 2009 at 2:58 am

    Thanks to all of you for stopping by.

    @Sebastian, as I mentioned in the article, I have also encountered many meat-eaters who lack enough B-12. Some of them also lack enough protein, since poor digestion can seriously compromise how much protein they actually absorb from their diet.

    I certainly honor anyone’s dietary choices; however, the problem with B-12 is more one of sterilization than going against biological makeup. Meat has much more bacteria, and in the US, dairy is considered acceptable as long as it has less than 200 MILLION PUS CELLS PER LITER! The less sterile the diet, the less a problem with B-12 deficiency. It’s just that most people would rather take a supplement than knowingly eat poop or pus. 🙂



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